Sen. Marco Rubio is earning rave reviews from Hispanic conservatives for delivering the GOP response to the State of the Union address in Spanish.

Many liberal Hispanics aren’t nearly as impressed:

But least one appreciates the effort:

  • ricsands

    What didn’t people understand when Obama said you will learn English when he was in Las Vegas.

  • conservativemama

    Well done. Watch for the media and all the cultural left to come down on this man. He’s out of line. He’s off the plantation.

    • $921254

      I Expect SNL to find a look alike for Rubio, and portray him as a psycho with a severely thick accent! Expect the liberal “comedy” circuits to recruit latino comedians to attack Rubio.The liberals will openly mock him as a “sellout” to latinos. Remember, liberals, even white ones carry a hall pass to racially denigrate minorities who are “politically confused”!

  • Marcy Cook

    But, but, but….he drank WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa Dean

      And he swallowed the water too loudly according to some people. Of course if Obama had done the same thing we would be hearing about the brand of water he drank, his medical history and how well he drank from the glass. Ok, now I just made myself throw up a bit in my mouth. :-)

  • Bristel

    Wait, GLS not doing a smug talk-down to GOPers with her comments?!

  • fanofamerica

    Puts Hillary’s fake southern drawl to (further) shame.

  • Lady 12

    I appreciate and respect Rubio’s effort, but I do hope that this isn’t the “future.” I have nothing against the Spanish language, but it is not the language of my country, and I don’t think it should be. Please understand that I mean no offense to Spanish-speakers, and also that as far as issues of today go, I view this one as relatively unimportant.

    • Mellow Melon

      I agree with you, but sometimes it is necessary to meet people where they’re at. Plus, Hispanics aren’t the only ones who speak Spanish. Many white and even black people speak Spanish fluently as well, either due to being raised in a Spanish-speaking culture or having served missionary time in a Spanish country. And besides, there is something faintly exotic and interesting about being bilingual – Huntsman got quite a bit of buzz for being fluent in Mandarin.

  • makaput

    Funny how only spanish speaking immigrants need special treatment.

  • Maxx

    Give the liberals time…they’ll accuse him of dismissing his culture because he grabbed a Poland Springs instead of a Gaseosa.

  • $921254

    These “Hispanic liberals” are all typical robots. They bitch about being ignored as latinos,cry over a lack of hispanic polititians on top posts,lack of spanish outreach, yet here is Rubio, and these same hipocrites hate him for not ignoring them,being an important Hispanic politician, and for spanish outreach……you cant make this up!