Major Garrett is upset about something. Like, really upset. We caught him lobbing F-bombs at someone about “shirty business.” Now, he claims the profanity-laced tweet was the product of a slow pre-State-of-the-Union Monday, but he still hasn’t clarified what he meant by “shirty business.” Thankfully, Twitterers are all over it:

Ain’t that the truth!

Better luck tomorrow, Major.



It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Major Garrett’s shirty business is also inspiring future cinematic masterpieces:

Thank you, Major, from the bottoms of our shirty hearts.



Check out the new single from Misfit Politics’ Brandon Morse. A real treat for the ear-holes:


  • Right Wired

    #replaceamovietitlewithshirty Shirty Shirty Bang Bang

    • fivebyfive

      Clint Eastwood as
      Shirty Harry

  • ExurbanKevin

    That dry cleaners new motto: #shirty deeds, done dirt cheap

  • Kevin Krom

    With apologies to Dave Barry, “Shirty Business” would make an excellent name for a rock band.

  • Sonny Rose

    Shirt You!!

  • therantinggeek

    Reading through these tweets and already I sprayed Mountain Dew all over my keyboard. I happen to have one of the above Tweeters in my TL, so I’ll ask her to send me a new keyboard. :)

  • therantinggeek

    Posted this elsewhere, but I’ll repost it here just because it’s always an instant classic…

    The shirt’s about to hit the fan.

  • fivebyfive

    These are “shirty” times we live in

  • Todd Hill

    Major Garrett’s reply was obviously to a dry cleaner which gave him shirt shrift.

  • Krazy Kent

    First it was Al Roker with a “shart” problem…now Major has a “shirt” problem….hmmmm….

  • Zimriel

    Phew. Did someone just shirt?