Bill Clinton spoke this morning at the House Democratic Issues Conference, but his words were drowned out somewhat by the loudness of his ugly blazer:

Let’s take a look:

Can we get a close-up, please?

Slick Willie may still be pretty popular, but his fashion sense? Needs work.

“Bold” is certainly one way to put it.



  • Maxx

    Is it still considered a smoking jacket when the cigar doesn’t get lit?

  • Steve_J

    Who’s under the podium?

    • 1azuce

      Brian Williams.

  • tjcuzns

    Maybe Bubba is just trying to rock it Gangham Style. I’m sure he is a big fan of Psy.

  • thepoliticalchef

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    I think it was one of Hilary’s did anyone check his pants?

  • Jeff

    It’s not a dated jacket at all- the cut is fairly up to date. Looser than many today, but the lapels are right up with the current standard, and it’s probably bespoke for Bill, so the cut is his or his tailor’s preference. It’s probably just a herringbone tweed or something that comes across badly on a camera- this is why movie wardrobes are screen tested, and why politicians usually have the same done for shirts and ties before big events.

  • $638865

    I think he looked stunning and for those who don’t like it, it is apparent you all have lousy taste. I am a stylist and it’s my business to know what does and does not look good. Bill rocked that jacket

  • Guest

    Slick still gets more a$$ than a public toilet,
    his dress sense is evidently acceptable.

  • bluewaternavy

    Someone needs to turn that jacket off..