Renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson delivered a fantastic speech yesterday morning at the National Prayer Breakfast, gracefully smacking leftist politics and extolling conservative virtues. Dr. Carson impressed many with his eloquence and brilliance, but liberal Fox News commentators Bob Beckel and Kirsten Powers weren’t so appreciative of his candor:

Disgraceful? Rude? Conservatives certainly didn’t see it that way:

  • walterc

    I thought Fox News was full of right wing conservative terrorist types. What is Beckel and Powers doing on Fox News? /sarc

    • Jillane Kent

      Their liberal hires make a great case for Beck’s network and other alternative media.

      • Ben Bollman

        You need a couple of liberals there just so people can see for themselves how cuckoo they are.

        • beebop1952

          And to exercise your “mute” trigger finger.

          • Thom*


        • Patrick Dennehy

          Gotta give it to Beckel, man. In the face of irrefutable logic, he is steadfast; he cracks me up. Let’s be honest, in the dark recessess of his mind, he knows he’s wrong. I am sure they all joke about it off camera. His job is to represent the left and I couldn’t think of a better ambassador (more to your point)

  • mountaindaisy

    Obama may be President, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be waay out of his league here. That was evident and Obama knew it.

  • Jack Deth

    Since when is presenting a polite, well thought out, often humorously executed and delivered alternative, “incredibly rude’?

    Liberals do it all the time in a loud voice. Minus the politeness, thinking the topic through and lacing their words with profanity.

    • LightSabre

      No, what they, as well as the Pres. does, is accuse Repubs of being responsible for peoples’s deaths, wanting to starve children, dirty air and water; the list goes on, all of it not true.

    • Brett McMicken

      since merely disagreeing with someone became racist

      • Christian Collins

        When a half black leftist became president, that’s when

  • Jillane Kent

    What a pair of racists (using leftist logics)

  • NCRelite

    When the left is confronted by formidible conservative arguments that don’t jive with the caricatures they’ve fabricated they become indignant

  • R.C.

    Being afraid to speak the truth without a p.c. muzzle, or as K.P. puts it, “rude”, is one reason were in the sad shape were in.

  • mountaindaisy

    The Leftists saw the dramatic contrast and were angry their emperor was exposed with such class and logic which everyove could comprehend.

    • Elaine

      Obama got SPANKED in public and the best part was BO’s arrogant reaction to the TRUTH! LOVED IT.

      • Sons Thunder

        I’m certainly not supporting Beckel or Powers.Furthermore, Carson is a gifted pubic speaker and I love living in a country where one can disagree with their elected officials so publicly.

        However – I’m trying to figure out what Obama did that could be characterized as arrogant. He paid attention, laughed at Carson’s jokes and applauded when Carson finished.

        What about Obama’s reaction was arrogant?

        • Patrick Dennehy

          There is a certain smugness, to that smile, that is inescapable. The laughs weren’t “oh that is very witty and it is eliciting a reaction” or “the logic is so apodictic, that the irony is not lost on me, that everything he’s saying completely contradicts my whole agenda”.

          No, those laughs were, at best, “everyone is laughing, I must comply, can’t alienate my audience” but more likely they were “who does this MFer think he is?” or “Oh, you think, you’re slick Dr. Carson? Drone Strike!”

          • Sons Thunder

            In other words, his response was arrogant because you are able to read Obama’s mind.

            Be sure to mention your unique talent if you ever want to get out of jury duty.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            It doesn’t take “the force” or clairvoyance to see Obama for who/what he is, but you are apparently living with blinders on.

            I never said my opinion would hold up in court, but this is the court of public opinion.

          • Sons Thunder

            I saw Dr. Carson give a good talk at the National Prayer Breakfast. I saw him deliver it several feet from the president who paid attention, laughed at times and applauded at the end of Dr. Carson’s talk.

            Yet, you claim I have on blinders because I was unable to see Obama was, in actuality, cursing Dr. Carson as a MFer on whom Obama is going to order a drone strike.

            There’s plenty about Obama to criticize (e.g., murdering American citizens with drones) but, since I lack your special mind-reading abilities, I saw nothing arrogant or disrespectful in his response to Carson.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            You made your point, it’s becoming redundant. Unless, you want to hammer it home a third time?

          • General Lee

            You are precisely the reason the “O” got elected; your inability to see through his facade.

          • Sons Thunder

            I was paying attention to things like how he filled his treasury department with the very people who nearly destroyed the global economy and his extension of warrantless wiretapping.

            But now that you have shown me how to see through the facade, I will focus on his nefarious clapping and arrogant smiling.

          • diane danielson

            well than I guess you better realize most Americans love the President

          • Joe

            P T Barnum said, There’s a sucker born every minute and you’re it honey.

          • Dave Doan

            Unfortunately you may not have noticed. The Pseudopresident did not applaude any of the comments and did not shake Dr. Carson’s hand, as did many, after the speech. He was definitely upstaged by someone who is finally willing to forget PC (politically correctness) and tell the truth. He was not impolite to anyone, but got his point accross.

          • c2

            I didn’t think Obama looked arrogant either…but if you don’t think he looked seriously uncomfortable, I think you’re trying not to see it.

            I thought he looked more like a child who had to sit and listen to a father’s wisdom without the opportunity to lip off. Not really arrogant, more like a kid who knows deep inside that he doesn’t know better than Daddy, but is bound and determined to prove Dad wrong.

          • Elaine

            Nope, just looked at his arrogant face! :) BTW body language tells us this:
            “Pressed lips with raised head: Pressed lips convey disagreement and disapproval. It communicates a desire to end the discussion. A raised chin implies aggression that may be acted on if the conversation is not ended. This is also a sign of disapproval. It indicates that the person has fixed views that cannot be changed. This usually reveals an arrogant and superficial character.”

          • Patrick Dennehy

            What kind of sorcery is this?!

        • 364NKL

          Watch the speech again. He laughed at something early on, then it was that pissed off look for the rest of the time.

        • 98ZJUSMC

          Watch the body language and the facial expressions. The “applause” was forced for appearances sake only.

          • Sons Thunder

            I’ll leave that kind of high-level mind reading analysis to Maureen Dowd, Gail Collins and the other body language experts who mingle at Sally Quinn’s soirees.

            I enjoyed Carson’s speech but I don’t think Obama can be faulted for not cheering wildly. He didn’t shake his head and mouth ‘not true’ like Justice Alito. He didn’t yell “you lie” like Joe Wilson. Yet, Obama is still a villain because he didn’t applaud sincerely enough or his body language was not to your liking.

            There are plenty of ways one can criticize Obama but claiming his response to Carson was in anyway inappropriate, noteworthy or arrogant…I remain unconvinced.

          • $36544368

            You remain ignorant, not unconvinced. You choose to remain unconvinced, because Lord help you if your president were to really be behaving as people are seeing in the video of Dr. Carson’s speech and the still photographs from the National Prayer Breakfast. Most lefties are ignorant…pretend something doesn’t exist and in your mind it simply doesn’t. Change logic and change the rules…it’s like standing near of a semi truck with a piece of gauze, thinking it’ll stop the semi truck going 65 miles an hour…you’re saying, ‘come one through, it’ll stop you’…makes no sense whatsoever. People here are giving you information about body language, etc., and you ignore it.

            Wanna catch someone lying? Next time you look at their face, when they lie, they’ll quickly and momentarily look just slightly away from your eyes…I saw it in my counseling practice all the time. The bottom line is, Obama treated Dr. Carson differently than he did anyone else, because Dr. Carson dared to say something about Obamacare in front of an audience. Obama doesn’t care a bit about what ‘the people’ think of Obamacare, because he doesn’t see us and we don’t say anything negative to others about it in front of him. That’s the difference.

            “Arrogance” may not be the exact word to use, but can you honestly tell me that Obama was seriously comfortable during Dr. Carson’s speech? And what about his lack of respect after the speech was over? He has no problem bowing to foreign dignitaries, but he cannot politely applaud for an American who is making a speech?

          • $36544368

            You remain ignorant, not unconvinced. You choose to remain unconvinced, because Lord help you if your president were to really be behaving as people are seeing in the video of Dr. Carson’s speech and the still photographs from the National Prayer Breakfast. Most lefties are ignorant…pretend something doesn’t exist and in your mind it simply doesn’t. Change logic and change the rules…it’s like standing near of a semi truck with a piece of gauze, thinking it’ll stop the semi truck going 65 miles an hour…you’re saying, ‘come one through, it’ll stop you’…makes no sense whatsoever. People here are giving you information about body language, etc., and you ignore it.

            Wanna catch someone lying? Next time you look at their face, when they lie, they’ll quickly and momentarily look just slightly away from your eyes…I saw it in my counseling practice all the time. The bottom line is, Obama treated Dr. Carson differently than he did anyone else, because Dr. Carson dared to say something about Obamacare in front of an audience. Obama doesn’t care a bit about what ‘the people’ think of Obamacare, because he doesn’t see us and we don’t say anything negative to others about it in front of him. That’s the difference.

            “Arrogance” may not be the exact word to use, but can you honestly tell me that Obama was seriously comfortable during Dr. Carson’s speech? And what about his lack of respect after the speech was over? He has no problem bowing to foreign dignitaries, but he cannot politely applaud for an American who is making a speech?

        • fulljump

          His (obama) demeanor changed when Dr Carson started talking about health care, he looked down and stiffened up, clearly he was not comfortable after that moment. Go back and watch it again maybe you can figure it out, and then catch up with others who are faster than you are.

        • KansasPatriot

          No he did not applaud at the end…

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            I enjoyed the rather cold rebuff Dr. Carson gave Obama at the beginning of his speech… as if to say, ‘You’re messing up my livelihood(with Obamacare), and you’re not worth my attention.’

          • Joe

            Probably thinking, thank god it’s over.

        • Elaine

          Did you watch the entire thing? BO didn’t even applaud when everyone else did? He was pizzed and his arrogance SHOWED!

        • Deana Gardner Ray

          I’m not sure I’d use the word arrogant but you could definitely tell he was not happy. He squirmed in his seat, picked a number of eye boogers out of his eyes (I just mention that because I found it entertaining,) and stood when the speech ended and clapped because it was expected of him.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            yeah, clapping at the end of a speech, is like saying “Hi, how are you?” when you meet someone. It’s a cultural convention. It’s not like Barry gave him a rousing ovation,

      • Deana Gardner Ray

        I listened to the doctor but watched Obama. He definitely got his a$$ handed to him. He was so uncomfortable:) And I also noticed that MO stopped clapping after about 5 minutes!

  • Booker

    Oh, please. Dr. Carson opened up by saying that he wasn’t politically correct. Dr. Carson did a great job. Light humor, powerful message. The Obama Admin has been ignoring Carson for quite a while. It was so good to watch Obama get talked down. I can only imagine that after the event, chairs and glass were being thrown around in West Wing.

    • beebop1952

      And yet if he had been one of the useful white coat idiots in the Rose Garden and fawned all over the Abominable Care Action, he would be the new new hero of the left.

    • Old Grey Fox

      Would loved to have been a fly on the wall for that scene.

    • NickGranite

      “I can only imagine that after the event, chairs and glass were being thrown around in West Wing.”

      If this was Hogan’s Heroes”, somebody would be getting sent to the Russian front.

  • bonnieblue2A

    It doesn’t take the brilliance of a neurosurgeon like Dr. Carson to realize that Bob Beckle doesn’t have a brain. Kirsten Powers was once engaged to Anthony Weiner…..’nuff said.

    • ozconservative

      I wiouldn’t hold that against her, hell, Laura Ingraham dated Keith Olbermann for a while there…..uggghhhh!!!!! But Kirstens’ remark is disappointing since she’s normally a pretty straight shooter. You kind of expect it from Beckel though.

  • Howzah123

    Can we call them racists for criticizing a black man?

    • KahNayNay

      I was about to type that very thing….

    • TugboatPhil

      Dr Carson doesn’t count as “black” to them. Only guilt-ridden, white liberals get to decide who is black and who is not.

      • RightThinking1

        A quick consultation with Chris Matthews would settle the issue.

      • AdoEdem

        The Copperheads just changed tactics, that’s all.

    • TocksNedlog

      It isn’t racist to criticize someone that voluntarily put himself back in chains.

      [And no, I never use /sarc tags; however, just in case anyone was unsure . . .]


    Beckel wants all black people kept down where he thinks they belong

  • Maxx

    “They’re circling the wagons!” Oh wait, don’t want to be called “racist” for that one by pretentious liberals….how about “they’re protecting the downtrodden!” Nah, that can’t be it either. I’ll be seen as mocking the incompetent.

  • Ben Bollman

    With that many liberals in the room during Carson’s speech I’m surprised they had enough room for the fainting couches.

    • Txgirlinnh


  • Steve_J

    Ruder than Obama ripping the Supreme Court during the State of the Union speech? Ruder than Obama inviting Paul Ryan to a front row seat for his speech on the budget then ripping Ryan?

    • Canadian in USA

      To them, yes.

    • TugboatPhil

      It’s hard to be rude to President “I won so shut up.”

      • dmacleo

        pretty sure I could find a way to be rude to him.
        although I have been told I am an ahole…that may have something to do with it :)

        • TugboatPhil

          Perhaps I should have said, that you could do it all day long but he’s enough of a narcissist that he wouldn’t recognize it.

    • ozconservative

      Ruder that making the Dalai Lama walk out the back door of the White House??? Ruder than giving the Queen of England an iPod filled with his speeches??? Ruder than returning the bust of Winston Churchill???

  • Tish

    The only rudeness i saw in that room was Obama, not clapping. Awesome speech Dr, have my respect and admiration, something obama will never have

  • bidentime

    Dr. Benjamin Carson is a role model for all of America.

    Obama, not so much.

    • TitzyFritzensimmons

      I just happened upon a made for television movie about him years ago, and was mesmerized. His story is amazing and a ray of hope in this world.

  • detroit19

    Bob Beckel (which ironically auto corrects to Heckle on my HP TouchPad) thought Dr. Ben Carson’s speech was rude? Color me…yawn. Kirsten? Surprised, really surprised :-( Believed that you were so much more objective…disappointed

  • Peyton

    Obama continually attacks republicans when he knows he has an audience.

  • SAL

    President Ben Carson?

    • Thom*

      You Bet!! It would be nice to have an American Patriot for President .Mr Carson was awesome. No ranting or foul language and he got the point across. The exact opposite ofthe MSNBC Liberal Punks.

  • Conrad2010

    I think I saw Obama squirm.

    • beebop1952

      Because he does not countenance disagreement. He only tolerates the yes people regardless of color.

  • Billy boy

    Are we to be surprised at what two liberal pions have to say about this speech.. Kirsten”communist” Powers and reformed drunk but still arrogant Bob Beckel. Two little sh*ts in a sea of leftists dopes. They would be unemployed long term if not for Fox.

  • Christian Collins

    Only a matter of time before Kirsten crawled back to her master. And Beckel never left his knees. If Kirsten thought Dr Carson’s speech was rude, then both she and Jabba the Beckel are racist for criticizing a black man as white people. Both points make about as much sense…which is to say, not very.

  • Daniel Gilliam

    Remarkable speech from a remarkable man! Only point of contention was when he stated that the nation was being run by some of the most intellectual elites of our time. Haven’t really come to that conclusion myself.

    Bob Beckel has always been an idiot and is one of the most offensive people that I have to deal with when watching FOX.

    • TitzyFritzensimmons

      I couldn’t agree more, Beckel is intellectually dishonest and crude to boot. He’s the worst version of a dry drunk.

      • Old Grey Fox

        Wow!! Hit the nail on the head there.

    • Old Grey Fox

      Juan Williams comes to mind also…not to be racist though. He’s such a ‘putz’.

    • Daniel Gilliam

      offended the Liberals is that this man broke their mold – he achieved despite
      the odds (the American dream) rather than settling for a mediocre existence on
      government handouts.

  • Randi Starr

    What part of Obama is a paid servant of the people do they not understand?

  • Roxene Kimes

    These reactions expose that what is a disgrace, what is rude, what is disrespectful is based directly on what is freedom, is it of conscience or from conscience?

  • Larry Welling

    How long before Dr. Carson is out of a job?

    • NRPax

      Given how long it takes to train someone to be a neurosurgeon, I think it’s safe to say that his job is quite secure.

  • disqus_nBr9SjBhfw

    You know you did it right when Beckel starts to foam at the mouth. Well done Mr. Carson!

  • AZWarrior

    Bob is just another fat racist liberal Democrat. The only ‘good black man’ is one who is safely enslaved on the Democratic plantation eh Bob?

  • maquignon

    You can bet you bottom dollar that almost ANYTHING that either Barack Obama OR Bob Beckel doesn’t like is GOOD!!! I have a new hero in Ben Carson, a man of honor, integrity and character, all of which are sorely lacking in Barack Obama and Bob Beckel. Does anyone remember when Barack Obama was unbelievebly rude to the Supreme Court Justices at the State of the Nation Speech???? Bob Beckel is a racist for criticizing Ben Carson.

  • MoralActivist

    Who is Bob Beckel or Kirsten Powers?

    • beebop1952

      Bob Beckel is a Chris Christie sized lefty who makes his money only through the largess of Fox News. Kirsten must be having a bad day.

  • syl

    I don’t see why people think it was rude to the president, or that it was some kind of “awesome ripping” of the president either. I thought Mr. Carson was very respectful. He didn’t really delve into partisan discussion, even though you could see that he held different positions than president obama. He didn’t really try to take apart any gov’t positions directly, he just offered a few of his own ideas.

    • beebop1952

      We have become a nation where any opinion counter to the 0ne is rude or disrespectful. Fawning and azz kissing are the new norm post George Bush.

  • 1972patriot

    At one one point of the speech, Obama fell into an uncomfortable glare and had to consciously collect himself. Priceless.

  • Rob Stevely

    Obviously Beckel is a racist.

    • derekcrane

      Lefties don’t believe that criticizing a “Tom” is racist, it is only racist to attack “authentic blacks,” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Michelle Obama.

  • CatHerder

    I found it to be quite polished, actually, and done without a teleprompter as well.

  • Jim Denney

    Bob Beckel & Kirsten are both wrong, since when does any American, especially an invited speaker, have to compromise their ideals to avoid offending POTUS? Just because he acts like a king doesn’t make him one.

  • equal_rights_for_all1

    I guess the media thinks its job, first and foremost, is to lead cheers for the president. Yet since they didn’t do that for the previous president I am wondering how they see disrespect now but not a peep back when GWB was in the office. If speaking the truth is disrespectful of the office of president it should be applicable no matter who is in office, no?

  • Randi Starr

    They are offended because he spoke over their head and above their understanding.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      LOL. True.

  • ClinkinKY

    Just when you think Kirsten Powers might be “wising up”…they “pull her back in”:)

  • APW

    A friend told me last night that his mom had been a patient of Dr. Carson’s. She was very poor, in terrible pain, and Dr. Carson took care of her, free of charge. This is a rare human being who could be of great service to the country. The presidency is too brutal for such a fine person, but I’d love to see him in some sort of high office. What do the twitchy readers think?

    • BeautifulAmerica

      You betcha!
      I think Dr. Carson would consider it an honor to serve his country in any capacity. Maybe he’d like dismantling obamaocare & the department of “education” first.

    • beebop1952

      Maybe he can run that thing called “health and human services,” which as presently constituted is none of those things.

  • Bill Bradham

    Dr. Carson: “The Emperor has no clothes.” Excellent speech. :)

  • RightThinking1

    Pointing out that The Emperor is naked, is very ‘rude’.

  • General Lee

    “…rude to the President”? Like when the President disrespected the Supreme Court in front of the the entire nation and broke protocol regarding the separation of powers? What, exactly, has this loser of a “president” ever done to earn one iota of respect? Nothing!

  • TocksNedlog

    You vill not kriticise Ear Leader to his face!!!

  • SideshowJon36

    Since when are we not supposed to be rude to the president? Is he a king now?


    Dr Carson is a story of the greatness of America is one applies himself. Beckel should be flogged.

  • Pat

    Was a great speach and watching the king unsettling demeanor was a gift I want to thank him for, Dr. thank you again for a great speach that I am sure will never see main stream media

  • jrhimer

    Can you imagine the hysterical reaction and shouts of racism had Dr. Carson not been black man ? Kirsten & Bob can rest easy though, since I’m confident that President Obama paid as much attention to Dr. Carson during the prayer breakfast as he did when attending the church services of his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

  • Paul Citro

    WHAT, no racist slurs.

  • bo1921

    I wonder if these two had any problems with the iraqi “journalist” who threw his shoes at George Bush? Now that was rude. Speaking truth to the menace in the WH is not rude – it’s the truth, and aren’t people supposed to “speak truth to power”? Whatever happened to that concept?

  • bluewaternavy

    Rude? To the president whose machine stifles any free flow of though they disagree with? With a compliant media that willingly aids said president in stifling anyone that is not in lock step with him?
    RUDE?!? C’mon, I expect that silliness from Beckel-I did think Powers a bit more sensible. Would either been so bent out of shape if it had been a conservative getting taken to task?

  • Denise O’Connor

    I loved how Michelle clapped and clapped. She was appreciative of the common sense, humuorous, logical speech presented by a brilliant man.

  • $27789750

    They are upset because Bama got beaten at his schtick by a better man.

  • g-main

    I’ll say it. They’re racists! BLOW THAT DOG WHISTLE, baby! LOL!!!

  • Conservaguy

    Maybe it’s because I am a conservative and love this speech but other than having a different perspective, what part of the speech was disrespectful? Unless just having a different opinion is disrespectful in their view. The more I hear from the liberals, the more I realize we are doomed the longer they have power.

  • patricia

    Sorry Beckel…but the truth is that amazing speech hit a nerve and frankly Obama can’t handle the truth.

  • Liberals Needhelp

    Funeral for Mrs. King…..that was hours of rude speechmaking, rude comments….directed at George W. Bush, as he politely sat there in respect of a funeral and a woman he admired….that went on and on.

    Senator Wellstone funeral…….hello? recall that? Again, as Democrats bashed Republicans over & over, as they sat there in respect of a fallen fellow lawmaker…..that was rude.

    How many times while Bush attended events, did he sit there, politely while he was criticized?

    Did the media ever say, gee, that was rude?


    By the way, is it racist rude behavior if it is a fellow Ivy League educated man pointing out disagreement points to another Ivy League educated man who both happen to be black…..

    Racist America on parade again……top Surgeon in America, top medical school graduate and director….president of the united states, first lady of the united states….all moved forward, and upward in an era of Reagan, Bush, etc.


    Bob and Kirsten must negate Dr. Carson; their ‘inner Obama’ demands it.

    • RightThinking1

      It’s Battered Wife syndrome. All Democrats suffer from it.

  • 364NKL

    After listening to the speech, I can clearly see that Dr. Carson is the polar opposite of Obama. He grew up in poverty and brought himself out of it thanks to his wonderful, hard working mother. He didn’t blame anyone for the situation he was in. Obama, on the other hand, grew up with money, was given everything on a silver platter without working for it, and sits in the Oval Office being rewarded for doing nothing. What a stark contrast. This man needs to run for president. He obviously loves America unlike the commie that runs the country now.

  • Kristin Schonberg

    I hailed it as probably the best speech I’d ever heard. He spoke the truth and if some think the truth offends Obama, I guess that speaks for itself! We need to respect the office of the Presidency, but we don’t have to respect the President if he’s failing out people. The Dr. is a whole lot smarter and real than most anyone else at that table. Thank You, Dr. Carson.

  • jetch

    i believe it’s called speaking truth to power, no?? isn’t that a liberal idea?

  • Nonya

    No, the best part was another black man put him in his place and showed him how to think and lead.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    So Beckel show himself to be a racist…right? Isn’t that the same logic HE would use for those who criticize his boss, father and savior?

    • RightThinking1

      Beckel is an animal. I was astounded once to hear him say something rather hateful on an NPR show. I later went back to pull the transcript as documentation…., it had been scrubbed.

      • Frustrated Teacher

        That’s what happens. Liberals get so used to being protected when they show their hatred (unlike conservatives who get attacked as haters even when no hatred is being shown), that the shoot off their mouths, revealing themselves and have to cover their tracks. Were you surprised to see it gone?

        • RightThinking1

          Not surprised, just disappointed that I was unable grab the evidence before the ‘cleaners’ came in..

  • dabbobean

    After launching that barrage of Hellfire truths at Obama a real Drone is probably circling Dr Carson’s house right now.

  • notenoughtime

    I think we all pretty much understand Beckel’s and Powers’ mindset. Had the President been named Bush, Carson would be hailed a hero. Since the President’s name was Obama, Carson is a fool and rude. It was refreshing and heartening to hear an individual talk about our issues intelligently and without a political motive. Let’s hope Carson becomes more of a spokesperson and more like him follow suit! There is a way to stop the insanity and sitting back and complaining isn’t going to change our downward spiral!

  • 98ZJUSMC

    Dr. Carson is a an highly accomplished, competent professional, who has created two separate human beings out of one co-joined. Obama is a preening narcissist who loves to kill defenseless humans, has not a clue how an economy functions, loves him some remote control assassinations and is a virulent racist. Yeah, I can see where someone would think that rude.

  • NickGranite

    Sorry, maybe the mainstream media (sadly) and federal government functionaries have to kiss the messiah’s azz but last I looked, Obama works for the good doctor, a private citizen.

  • BillMac94

    Just googled “ben carson obama”. The search produced almost 2 million results. Went through the first 10 pages. Nothing from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, AP, UPI, Reuters, LA Times, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Huffington Post etc. It was one of the best speeches I have ever heard but according to the main stream media it never happened! Sad, very sad……….

    • George Orwell

      It may not have been one of the greatest speeches I ever heard but it was good and certainly was far better than ANYTHING I have ever heard from Obama, with or without teleprompter. His alleged public speaking skill is one of the greatest lies from the media I can recall. How do people not see this?

      • beebop1952

        They don’t see it because when they question anything about the Wizard of 0b, the left does one of two things: Vilify or ignore.

  • Jaynie59

    I hope conservatives remember this the next time they feel the need to fall all over themselves in praise of Kirsten Powers. Yes, she laments the refusal of jouralists doing their jobs in covering the Obama administration. But she’s a liberal through and through and the first time Obama is made uncomfortable on camera she considers it rude. Of course she does.
    Bob Beckel is a waste of space but he’s a very effective attack dog just as Alan Colmes and Juan Williams are.
    Never side with a liberal.

  • Bill Mitchell

    To the Left, only Leftist blacks are “black”. According to them Dr. Ben Carson is not “truly black” despite having darker skin than Mr Obama and having two black parents (of which Obama has only one).

    So in every conceivable way Dr Carson is “more black” than Obama, but not according to the Left. It’s like Global Warming. No matter the evidence, it all supports their premise and nothing else, especially the facts, are relevant.

    I would not be surprised to see a piece in the NYTimes in the coming weeks labeling Dr Carson as a “black hating racist” despite being the embodiment of a black man who came from nothing and made something of himself.

  • Lucy Chabot

    The emperor has no clothes.

  • NixTyranny

    Was King Barack ever “rude” to Supreme Court Justices during a State of the Union speech?
    Was King Barack ever “rude” to Paul Ryan after inviting him to be in the audience?

  • [email protected]

    the president is an arrogant ass . i enjoyed someone telling it like it is ..

  • Karen S

    what this president and other political leaders are doing to destroy this country we live in is far more rude and shameful and disgraceful than Dr. Carson’s speech! Dr. Carson was just speaking the truth! I agree with everything he said. When we have leaders that are wastefully and foolishly spending tax money on things like saying they paid $1,000 each on toilets, and a report I heard last night about billions being spent on a mega computer system which has now had the plug pulled and won’t be used, that should be considered disgraceful! Maybe even illegal and this spending on undocumented things or excessive prices on items needs to stop!That is what is disgraceful! Bringing attention to those things is courageous and should be rewarded!

  • George Orwell

    Was it rude and disrespectful because he dared to express and opinion different from Dear leader or because he showed liberalism’s Greatest Orator Ever what public speaking is all about without even using a teleprompter?

  • Edward Keithly

    Powers says “rude”, but somehow, I’m hearing “uppity” in there.


  • Loves2laugh

    Rude? Justice Alito feels your pain, Obama.

  • ayiteygmailcom

    So he said a bird needs two wings, left and right. That the nations needs a medical savings account-denied, a that we need a flat tax-no one cares not even conservatives and that rich people should be taxed at the same rate as everyone else because that is what the Bible said. He spoke his piece and now he is done-the only people having another… are conservatives. Obama is still president for another 4 years. Big whoop!

    • beebop1952

      Most of us here would appreciate if 0bama would recognize that he is the president of ALL AMERICANS instead of giving those of us who feel quite honestly about our beliefs the middle finger.

  • Tiredofsocializm

    This Black American is everything BO is not.. and “progressives” like Beckle just can’t take it when someone has the courage to point out thier leaders many failings. As for Ms Powers comment that Dr. Carson was rude the BO So what! Its about time BO got a taste of his own medicine!!!! Bravo Dr. Carson!! America needs more people like you of every race and background!

  • kim

    wow. so apparently, when giving a speech the president attends, one must at all costs, pander to him and endorse his every word. no such thing as free spech, Bob? Not allowed to step out of the box and have an opinion of his own Kirsten?

  • Ransomed4

    A christian, conservative, brilliant, black, doctor, spoke the truth in front of Obama. O’s arrogance will never let him hear it and O’s supporters can’t stomach it. I wonder what they hate most, that Dr. Carson is a christian or that he is black and conservative.

  • Tigers Ruledude

    Rude? Curious…Was it rude when Obama invited Paul Ryan to a speech and then accused him of not caring about poor people and wanting to hurt the elderly by cutting Medicare? Was it rude when Obama rebuked the conservative wing of the Supreme Court during the State of the Union with the justices in the room?

    We must always remember that to a liberal you may only speak truth to power those they don’t agree with.

  • nc

    Just saw a fantastic interview of Dr. Carson on the Sunday morning Fox and Friends (2-10). This man is “just what the doctor ordered.” I’m sure Fox will post the clip on their site shortly.

    You’ll be cheering.

  • jlfa

    Obama is rude and disrestectful of Americans as he shreds our constitution in his smug and arrogant way. Dr. Carson was only reminding Americans what our country was designed to be, in a very uplifting way, and this country needs to be uplifted desparately. This man is guided by God as were the founders. Thank you Dr.Carson, thank you God for him.

  • $23629333

    What is NOT “incredibly rude to the president”?

    Here is a guy many Americans would like to see in an orange jumpsuit, and some shallow talking head frets about people being “incredibly rude” to him. Yes, Virginia, the so-called Mainstream Media is useless at best.

  • diane danielson

    He was really out of place there to snidely attack our president which was childish President had no choice but to sit there and let him run his mouth like he has all the answers.And President was very polite and gracious as always

  • Guest

    Obama looked like a rabbit caught in car headlights,
    his majesty is not accustomed to audiences who have not been hand-picked,
    and told exactly what to say.

  • FuquaySteve

    Getting etiquette advice from Becket is like getting advice on financial prudence from Obama. Meaningless.

  • dv727

    If one knows Dr. Carson’s qualifications and accomplishments, one would know he has accomplished more on a bad day than Beckel (AND Kirsten Powers) combined have in their entire, arrogant existences. Beckel’s putdown of Dr. Carson was the thuggy ramblings of a has been, and Powers’ “opinion” simple proof of how vapid she really is.