Milwaukee, Wisc.-based Palermo’s Pizza is taking heat from unions and union sympathizers following a Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) report alleging that the business illegally fired 90 employees for attempting to organize a union.

Palermo’s has a sponsorship agreement with University of Wisconsin Athletics and is a supplier of Roundy’s, a University of Wisconsin, Madison, licensee. In the wake of the WRC report, pro-union forces are calling on the University to cut all ties with the pizza maker.

According to the WRC, not only should all of the fired employees be rehired, but they should be given full back pay and be allowed to collectively bargain. Palermo’s disagrees and is firing back at critics from its Twitter account:

From a February 7 letter from UW-Madison Interim Chancellor David Ward to the University Committee, the Academic Staff Executive Committee, the Associated Students of Madison and the Labor Licensing Policy Committee:

On November 29, 2012, NLRB Regional Director Irving Gottschalk issued a decision that found the majority of the alleged labor law violations against Palermo’s lacked merit.

Also, Palermo’s has acknowledged its willingness to remedy an unresolved issue involving approximately five employees who may be extended offers of re-employment.  The university urges the parties to move toward a swift resolution for the benefit of the employees involved.

The NLRB findings noted above have been appealed, with an outcome of the appeal not completed at this time.

Good on Palermo’s for standing up to knee-jerk union thuggery.

What a radical idea.

  • Matthew Koch

    Someone needs to tell these smelly buggers to get another job if they’re so unhappy.

  • thepoliticalchef

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    Let me say if I could I would buy Palermo’s Pizza NOW

  • V the K

    And these Pell Grant Bolsheviks would be the first to whine about the increased cost of pizza if Palermo’s gave in to union demands.

  • NachoCheese (D)

    Congrats to the company! Good to see someone hit back at these union thugs.

  • Garth Haycock

    Unions are for those who are incapable of keeping a job based on merit. The rest of us understand that in order to keep a job, we have to be productive.

  • dmacleo

    still under nda so can’t say much.
    imagine an aircraft inspector faking metal testing inspections on aircraft flying in/out of JFK/LGA. I mean not doing them and writing down figures from him faking it on a tire rim lying around office..
    imagine company firing him and union getting him his job back.

    I don’t fly anymore.

  • John (it true me am)

    Wow, this makes me happy. Palermos is by far the best frozen pizza(though Totinos is a close runnerup on shear cost to taste value).

  • Kate

    Unions are just the grown-up versions of schoolyard bullies.

  • Txgirlinnh

    Mmmm Palermo’s. Best frozen pizza I’ve ever found.

  • derekcrane

    Unions will lie, sabotage, bribe, beat or murder to get their way. Only a fool would believe anything they say.

  • Lady 12

    It’s based in Milwaukee? Perfect! And there’s even a Pick and Save three minutes down the road from school. Palermo’s Party tomorrow!