The long national wait is over! Tim Geithner is reportedly planning to write a book detailing the trials and tribulations he faced as Obama’s Treasury Secretary. But poor Tim can’t even master the intricacies of TurboTax, so how can he possibly be expected to come up with a title, much less crank out an entire book all by himself? Not to fear — Twitterers, always happy to lend a hand, are making Tim’s job a little easier with suggested #GeithnerBookTitles:

Teehee! More, please!

  • Marcy Cook

    The winner is:

    El SOOPer!!


    TurboTax for Dummier Dummies #GeithnerBookTitles

    5:29 PM – 06 Feb 13

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    “The First Leprechaun-American to Serve in the Cabinet: The Timmy G. Story.”

    • TocksNedlog

      What about Robert Reich the Third?

  • Michael Ferrin

    Vanity FairShare

  • TocksNedlog

    — The Unbearable Geithner Of Cheating
    — The One-Minute Mangler
    — The Great Gaffesby (someone remind me to re-use this one when Biden writes his book)
    — 1984: The Last Time I Filed A Return
    — All The King’s Men
    — Lord Of The Felons
    — On The Road (To National Bankruptcy)
    — Financiers Wake
    — Lord Tim
    — Errorsmith
    — Gone With The Wind: Where The Nation’s Money Went Under My Watch
    — A Handful Of Dust: What Your Children Will Have After They Pay Off Obama’s Debt (sequel to the above)
    — The IRS Is A Harsh Mistres

  • coreopsis has set in

    “Steal This Bank!”

  • Steve_J

    Forest Geithner, Only Not as Smart

  • walterc

    Duress for Success.

    The Grapes of Wrath, Next Generation.

  • Tangchung

    Money Gone with the Wind.

  • Slapweasel

    Killing Kennedy, Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Coolidge, Reagan and even Clinton.

  • Maxx

    “Memoirs of a Geithner”

  • Pundit Review

    50 Shades of Red Ink

  • G.

    “How to get away with tax evasion and still qualify to be head of the Treasury.”

  • Catchance

    Les Miserables – a study of the American people 2009-2013

  • Gallatin

    “Really the world was going to collapse if I didn’t give my friends billions in taxpayer money.”

  • dmacleo

    how to make millions off taxes w/o paying my own #GeithnerBookTitles

  • coreopsis has set in

    “The Rapes of Graft”