President Obama swung by Minneapolis today to talk about his super-awesome plan for reducing gun violence (we’re sure he’ll pay Chicago a visit any day now). During the brief presser, the Lightbringer, in his infinite wisdom, called for “weapons of war” to be taken off the streets:

Because, darn it, bazookas are just way too easy to get.

No word on whether skeet rifles — er, shotguns fall into the “weapons of war” category.

  • tjcuzns

    What I want to know is who bought Obama’s shotgun. It appears to be pricey.

    • ceemack

      Wouldn’t expect him to shoot an 870 Express or a Mossberg 500, now, would you???

      • TugboatPhil

        I wouldn’t expect him to shoot a basic, Daisy pump action.

  • douchie

    “…and get them where they belong, on Mexican streets.” — BHO

  • Right Wired

    Don’t talk about your voter base like that!

  • BlueGood

    President Obama: “Weapons of war have no place on our streets, in our schools, or threatening our law enforcement officers.”

    DANG…Just when I’m about to complete my training & licensing for an M1A1 ABRAMS with Urban Survivability Kit….

    I was expecting delivery by Feb. 29……

    • SineWaveII

      Morsi is that you?

      • BlueGood

        No My son, but here’s the one I ordered, for personal protection of course!

        Please note the “Urban Survival” attachments on front to Blaze through herds of Leftoids…..

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    Which weapons would those be? The infamous “Magazine clips” or the horses and bayonets?

  • sandyfromchesterfield

    Does that mean he is going to discontinue flying drones over law abiding citizens in the USA?

  • Maxx

    If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson. Prepare for the Zippo confiscation act.

  • ceemack

    But it’s perfectly fine for them to be in Egyptian streets, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

  • ceemack

    Weapons of war? I’d hate to have to buy the fuel for an M1A1, or even an M2.

    On the bright side, nobody’d ever steal a parking space from me again.

    And go ahead…TRY to ding my door.

  • $35072932

    Hey genius, most weapons were developed for and because of war – being overrun by Commies and national socialists tends to focus the mind.

    People didn’t develop weapons for Sunday picnics; they developed them to defend themselves their countrymen and their families.

    And as for being deadly and all that – when a gang of thugs is bearing down on your family, you darn well want something that will be deadly to save lives.

  • TugboatPhil

    Ummm, Misteezy Preezy, you do know that some countries still use sharpened sticks as weapons of war. Does this mean no more toothpicks?

  • detroit19

    Does this mean I have to park my tank, unload my Stingers and ground my drones?

  • detroit19

    Does this mean I have to park my tank, unload my Stingers and ground my drones?