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Spin of the day: Slate’s Matt Yglesias says can’t blame Obama for ‘inheriting’…himself

‘Real journalist’ Matt Yglesias admits what we’ve known all along

Journo-tool Matt Yglesias: Ownership is a myth, property belongs to The State

Matt Yglesias jokes about marking Yom Kippur by writing about pork

Economist James Buchanan dies; Matthew Yglesias dances on his grave

Matt Yglesias: Sorry haters, Obama’s kids are worth more than yours

Matt Yglesias slams Breitbart’s Army as ‘personality cult,’ happy warriors return fire

Matt Yglesias joke falls flat: Hitler did have some good ideas

  • JoeMusgo

    Only three items? Confused…shouldn’t that be a good day for him?

  • carti

    Only three?

  • Brent Guthrie

    Maybe it’s time for him to consider a career change; professional burger flippers are in demand.

  • Joe W.

    A hat trick???!!!! Good on you, Matty…….its Miller Time!!!

  • dmacleo

    oh I’m SURE he’ll have better days.
    he’s that stupid.

  • ceemack

    He wrote a column talking about we need an explicit right to vote in the Constitution, ’cause those nasty Republicans are trying to keep black people from voting by making them show ID and stuff. He forgot, of course, that the Constitution gives me an explicit right to own weapons, but I have to show ID and undergo a background check (and, in California, pass a written test) before I can exercise that right.

    He actually tweeted this: “@mattyglesias Has anyone explained how a safe haven in Central Asia would help you conduct a terrorist attack in the USA?” A few Twitterers reminded him of that whole World Trade Center thing.

    I couldn’t find number three. I was too scared to look any further.

    Actually, for Yglesias, this seems like a fairly typical day.

  • V the K

    Just when you think Matt Yglesias can’t get any more stupider… he gets more stupider.

  • V the K

    Just when you think Matt Yglesias can’t get any more stupider… he gets more stupider.

  • PeterP

    Dear Matt, that’s because you keep breaking your own record.

  • Randi Starr

    Reality sucks Matt…………