Sixteen-year-old Bethany Bowra epitomizes the future of conservatism. Again and again, she’s demonstrated herself to be intelligent, articulate, and unafraid to back down. The movement has so much to learn from young people like her. And to that end, Cameron Gray of NRA News took the lead in raising money to help send the conservative sensation to March’s Conservative Political Action Conference:

Twitter users immediately pitched in and took her well over her $1,500 goal:

Some idiots carped about the fund-raising efforts and received a well-deserved smack upside the head:

Haters gonna hate. But it’s Bowra who has the last laugh.

Congratulations, Bethany — and knock ’em dead!

  • peteee363

    now, can we send obama, so he might hear ways to get the economy going without raising taxes? good luck bethany, hope you have a bright future as a conservative, don’t sell out to the republicans!

  • $496051

    She might be a hit at CPAC. I just hope she won’t be renouncing her Conservatism on a liberal media outlet within a few months. We have seen this movie before with that other kid who spoke there. That was probably a set up from the start.

    • dmacleo

      thats what I was just thinking about, but what I’ve read she seems to be decent.
      all you can do is hope I guess.

  • 1azuce

    The nerve of people to emulate Romney and spend their own money to make things happen. What’s with this do it yourself mentality. Congrats to all who contributed.

  • BlueGood


    Conservatives give their money for “Worthy Causes”….

    Liebrals give OPM for “Worthless O’Bamas”….

  • Samh09

    Go, Bethany, go!