The former RNC chair stopped by MSNBC today to castigate Republicans who didn’t make an appearance at President Obama’s coron- er, inauguration:

The same liberals who are embracing Chris Christie’s anti-GOP crusade gleefully embraced Steele’s stompy-footedness:

Several wondered why Steele continues to associate himself with the GOP:

Particularly when you consider the GOP’s platform of raaaaacism:

That also probably explains why some Republicans decided not to attend the ceremony, right? Clearly everyone else thought it was a momentous occasion.

  • For My Liberty

    Yup…Momentous for the FRAUD that got him IN there!

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Steele knows that he will always be welcome at the mental health facility known as MSNBC as long as he can think of some off the wall way to bash Republicans.

  • Tony Mareshie

    I think all I needed to read was Joan Walsh echoing Steele’s point to know where I stand.

  • Howzah123

    He needs an extension on his contract with MSNBC. Slams Reps to fit in with liberals

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Go to hell, Michael Steele.

  • Guest

    Can I just give this guy $100 for the strippers and have him promise to never show up in my twitter feed again?

  • Agent_Zeero

    Why would they want to stay around to listen to Obama crap on them?

  • IndySkye

    Liberals love to use the tactic of calling Republicans crazy, but since the only one they hang out with is Michael Steele, I can now see how they may actually believe it if they based their view on just observing him. Perhaps Republicans in general could admit a little temporary insanity when they made Steele the head of the party.

    • Love of Country

      And then they switched to Reince Preibus? What the heII is wrong with us?

      Want to know why Mitt Romney’s uber impressive business record never got any traction last year? Because not a single person in the last four years ever set the record straight with the American people when it came to the economic meltdown at the end of Bush’s second term.

      Because for four years, the Dems went on TV every single night and blamed the Great Recession on EIGHT YEARS OF FAILED BUSH POLICIES, right? And how many times did we hear that and how many times did GOP strategists and TV anchors respond with a collective “Aw shucks” instead of setting the record straight?

      Reince Preibus is/was the head of the RNC. And if I knew the GOP should not have laid down and taken the entire rap for the DNC/Fannie/Freddie housing collapse that caused the recession and that W actually grew the economy for a record 52 months straight with unemployment below 5% for nearly 7 years, then why didn’t Reince Preibus? (and if he knew then why did he allow the electorate to remain ignorant and brainwashed by the Left?)

      W wasn’t perfect but he did not cause the Great Recession and yet Reince Preibus (and shockingly everyone at FOX and perhaps talk radio) allowed the entire nation to believe that W did spend 8 years destroying the economy and that (as much as anything else) is why Mitt Romney lost the election …. no credibility on fiscal matters ie tax cuts grow jobs ….. unbelievable!

      How has the RNC allowed the general public to believe W spent 8 years destroying the economy when that epic DNC canard is still actively destroying our Party today? That crap drives me nuts!

      • 1SkepticalChick

        i, Hammer! Love what you just did to that nail!

      • SpinMeNot

        Well said sir. *hat-tip*

      • Grumpa Grumpus


        There is no harvest because they haven’t prepared the ground.
        They haven’t prepared the ground because they saw no need.
        They saw no need because they like where the Progressive-DNC was taking the country & culture.

        All the Progressives who so obvious were running the DNC needed to do was prevent effective organized resistance. The Progressive-Republicans, masked, were a 5th column and prevented us from either responding effectively or forming a new party to allow the Free Market Principle to work in politics. They, along w/DNC-Progressives, have in effect a monopoly.

        In the meantime, they rigged the laws on entering an election, broadcasting ideas during the important parts of an election cycle, and raising money for candidates. They tied candidates closer to the party apparatus, forcing increasing dependence on The Party Central Command. And they took greater and more complete control of the party’s bylaws… even in the last election phony-ing up a vital vote that makes the various Republican caucuses mere marionettes of the Establishment in DC.

        They’ve made sure no Reagans will rise again, and no conservative ground movement can jeopardize their positions of power from this time forward.

        To put effort into the R-party is to waste your resources.

        • Love of Country

          Well said, Grumpa ….. our chances of rising again are dwindling, illegal immigration being our toughest hurdle followed by the state run media and welfare addiction.

          I have some powerful ideas that could make the difference for our Party … too bad it’s so blind that they still have zero avenues for brilliant (but not famous) folks to contribute any ideas. Fox won’t return emails and Mitt wanted my money but wouldn’t return emails either. F ’em! I have some outstanding ideas, I tell ya ….. looks like I’ll take ’em to my friggin grave!

          Anywho … hope your doing well …. I remember a while back you had a bout with pneumonia.

          • Grumpa Grumpus

            Thank you for inquiring on the outcome of the pneumonia!

            I’m doing as well as can be expected, thank you. The doctor has said that if I’d move to a dryer climate it would clear completely… in about four months ;~)}

            Which is longer than I’ll last from the cancer. And many of my posterity are either settled here or stationed here. I also have a grandson graduating from West Point soon… though, unlike my third son who graduated from Annapolis, I won’t be there for him. He’ll be the first West-Pointer in the Family! I’ve just finished a “video congratulation” for him yesterday.

            Oh well.


            …there’s something I’ve told my young’uns I’d like to share w/you. I’m not exactly sure why, maybe it’s for you or someone reading this thread will be helped by it…)

            Every one of my posterity we’ve sent on a mission (that’s a two year LDS religious obligation that the youth attending a mission pays for by money they’ve saved & earned over the years) I have interviewed before the Bishop’s Interview. There are parts of what I say that I’ve “standardized” over the years, one of which is:

            Remember who you are and where you came from. Keep foremost in your mind The Church Standards.

            Do the very best you can.

            Don’t skimp on your daily Scripture Study and you’ll remain open to the Holy Ghost, which will influence you to be useful to The Lord in blessing His children.

            We all have trials aplenty — otherwise we’d leave this life as durable as hothouse plants in the frost — so face your trails with humor. It helps to see it clearly.

            Keep in mind that The Lord does answer prayers, but he might strengthen your back instead of lifting your load.

            When you pass from this life you’ll be amazed at the shortness of it, so don’t despair and don’t fritter your time.

            If you do these things — I can’t promise you’ll live a day longer or be a penny richer or your Life’s Load a featherweight lighter, but I can promise… even amid travails… you’ll have satisfaction and joy — both of which are of a more enduring quality than mere fun and jaded pleasure.

            If you remember most of this talk we’ve had, you’ll bring honor to your predecessors and to your name. When you pass on you’ll find these things more valuable than yachts or mansions.

            Remember always: I love you. (to grandchildren…) Your parents love you.

            Make your choices, but remember they have consequences. We won’t support choices that The Lord has taught are wrong, but we’ll always support you! You’ll always, whatever your troubles, find here a bed, a place at the table… and help that you need.

            We want to help you to stand before The Lord and hear Him say “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!”

            Again, remember: we love you!

          • Love of Country

            That was beautiful, thank you!

            I wish you the best and hope that God will shed his Grace on thee …. I’m not going to pretend to sugarcoat your significant problems but I will pray for you in earnest.

            God Bless you, Grumpa, and God Bless America.

  • SFerggie

    Oh please, Steele would you just shut up. Hemroids better then watching Obama run his nouth.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Because I’m sure all the Democrats stuck around for Bush’s inauguration in 2005. (rolls eyes)


    so, we should all freeze our chestnuts off just because Obama (a/k/a “the Billy Mays of Politics”) gets another 4 years to crew things up even more… nah.

  • grais

    Yeah; they could’ve walked with Paul Ryan and enjoyed being booed with him.

  • Red Fred

    Sorry had to get to work to support everyone’s great event. Maybe next time. :)

  • Cal

    What a tool.

  • $1014973

    What a surprising comment coming from Colin Steele.

    • SpinMeNot

      Dagnabbit, you beat me to it. I wonder if he would have said the same thing if it was Hillary being sworn in for her second term? I think not.

  • madian_kikyou

    Oh shut up, libs. I’d rather watch someone’s teeth being pulled without antiseptic. It’s much less painful.

  • auh2064

    You just can’t win for trying. If the Republicans had stayed for the coronation, they would’ve been ripped for skipping out on the Martin Luther King Day celebrations in
    their respective states and cities.

  • nc

    Really? Really?

  • emjem24

    I’m sorry, Mr. Steele, but I didn’t watch the Precious’ Inauguration Celebration. I had better things to do like:

    1) Look for a job

    2) Manage my finances

    3) Check for better locations to live

    4) Take care of my family

    Here’s another curious observation: why do we need a public inauguration for a reelected president? Why do either political party need to engage in this nonsense? I mean, we’re basically living in a Depression right now, there are no jobs and more debt but hey, let’s party our asses off because there’s nothing like showing how clueless leftists and the Beltway Buffoons are to the misery pervading this country.

    But, hey… I’m just a bitter clinger, what do I know?

  • Lantern

    Not wanting to celebrate with these people–the crowd that spitefully booed Rep. Paul Ryan the minute his image came on the jumbotron–seems like a wise decision to me.

  • Garth Haycock

    No, Mr. Steel, you’re wrong. The correct answer is kudos to those Republicans who refused to bow down and worship Dear Leader.

  • Alexander Ivan

    Republicans didn’t show up beause it would be hypocriical to celebrate an incompetent bumbling buffoon.

  • notenoughtime

    Please, have we not heard enough madness from Steele and his ilk. They certainly have been leading the charge that has led to a weak GOP! Our family blissfully ignored the pageantry in DC yesterday because we live daily the destruction of another 4 years! No reason to put yourself out there to hear boos from the love, peace and togetherness crowd.