Apparently private jets are only symbols of wealthy excess when they’re used to get to GOP-centric gigs.

But when a man charters a one-percent-y gas guzzler to fly his daughter to The Lightbringer’s coronation, it’s totes adorbz!

  • Jose_Galvan

    She is the 1% !

  • jacksonjay

    I remember when we started the first four years by condemning those CEO’s that used private jets! Like everything in SurrealObamaWorld, that was then, this is now! Corporate sponsors, deficits, Gitmo, etc…… That was then, this is now!

    • digdeeper

      wish those CEOs back then hadn’t caved. They could have offered deal to give them up when Nanny P drives back and forth to CA

  • FairwoodMom

    Apparently, private jets, when used by 1% Progressives especially if they happen to be African American little girls who want to get to the Almighty One’s Inauguration, there are NO climate-change causing emissions produced from the jet! That rule ONLY applies to wealthy white Republicans. This is my take away from this non-story that CNN was gushing about. I suppose she will qualify as a BAP.

  • Maxwell

    Commercial not good for you? It’s good enough for our armed forces when they go to basic.

    • Brent Guthrie

      I was put on a Greyhound to basic at Fort Jackson, SC from Baltimore MD MEPS. Put on another from Ft Jackson to Fort Belvoir, VA for AIT! No frills, no worries.

  • $852000

    The 1999 civil trial of the MLK assassination found the US govt responsible for his death, guess everyone forgot this too.

  • Love of Country

    Did Dinglebarry give her his pitiful “Well I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth” rant or is that kind of crap speech just meant to insult and impune hard working Republicans?

  • Well Done

    This little story tells all we need to know about the left in general and hard core Dem supporters in particular. Hypocrisy, narcissism, ignorance, and, frankly, stupidity.

  • Howzah123

    Wonder what the carbon footprint is

  • ClarkFL

    Counting the days when this f*cking abomination called Obama will step down from office and hopefully we can get someone in there that isn’t a radical Marxist that is hellbent on destroying this country and transforming it into a POS Communist hellhole.

    Sorry, I needed to vent.

  • tjp77

    Instead of having her do chores or something and teaching her to save up her money to help buy her own ticket to the inauguration like a responsible parent who’s interested in raising a kid with a work ethic and sense of responsibility, her dad just gets her a private jet. Because those are the values we teach young people today.

    If you want something, ask for it, and someone else will give it to you. These are our future leaders.

  • CO2 Producer

    When I was 8, I threw a fit because I wanted to see Ronald Reagan, who I’d just found out was making a presidential campaign stop a few blocks away from where we were at the moment. Instead of going home, my mom reluctantly drove me all the half-mile way out there. Thanks to a kind stranger in the throng who hoisted me onto his shoulders, I managed to get a fleeting glimpse of the man who soon thereafter became our 40th President, which was enough to make it memorable for me to this day. I think he might have even waved at me. I refused all subsequent interview solicitations.

  • rinodino

    Hmm, what’s that phrase you guys say about liberals and Palin? Living rent free in our heads?…. hmmm

    • SpinMeNot

      Really? You are going to deny that the little girl and her family are wealthy, generating a huge carbon footprint (not that I care, but your side seems to worry about stuff like that).

      Keep humping the coconut, your handlers will be by to give you a treat, you are a good little useful idiot.

  • lissa

    1% much?

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    It’s always laughable when it’s the left. I find it fascinating when white, multi-millionaires tell African Americans that white, multi-millionaires are racists, but somehow it doesn’t include them, if they’re on CNN, MSNBC, etc. And the ‘kicker’ is… African Americans believe them. I must also include Hispanics, some Asians and single white woman, but the latter has something to do with birth control, I’ve heard.

  • jlgrounds

    You righties probably want to investigate her to see how she could possibly have afforded this right???? Only white me have this privilege of course –

    • LochGates44

      Sorry but class warfare is your game.