Boortz, an Atlanta radio fixture for more than 40 years, officially retired today from his nationally syndicated show. Fans across the country are paying tribute and wishing him well:

Boortz plans to see the world with his wife, Donna. Best wishes to them both!

  • radjahshelduck

    His finest moment may have come on TV. He was one of the panelists several years ago when ESPN televised a townhall meeting here in Atlanta in the wake of the Michael Vick scandal. There were a bunch of apologist morons in the audience–all decked out in Vick jerseys, of course–and they jeered when the Humane Society representative began to speak about the evil of dog fighting. Boortz called the pro Vick vermin out for their behavior.

    • Rulz

      ESPN has become like the MTV for sports.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Neal Boortz was more than just Neal. His entire crew was involved in the convo. I think he started the trend the nearly every other talk host employs (except for Mark Levin). The last time I heard Neal was on Hannity’s radio show last week. It’s hard to believe he has been at it for 42 years. That means he started in ’70 or ’71.

  • salvagesalvage


    Wingnuts really live in their own world.

    • Carter_Burger67

      Yea, since you never hear that term applied to a liberal talk show host.

      • salvagesalvage

        No, you never hear of Neal Boortz outside of wingnut circles. It’s like how you guys believed that Romney was not only winning but was going to get a landslide?

        • Sfc Mac

          Well sweetpea, you got what you voted for: More debt, more taxes, a destroyed health care system, a SCOAMF who lies about his failures, (Benghazi, Fast and Furious), violates the Constitution, abuses executive orders, and who is totally unfit to lead a democratic republic.
          Welcome to four more years of socialist train wrecks.

          • salvagesalvage

            Ha! Ha! Yes! America health care is destroyed and more taxes means more debt!

            Oh and I can’t believe how Obama said that the embassies and diplomatic outposts in Libya were never going to be attacked and how he could have used his super porter the good guys to safety and kill all the bad guys power in Benghazi. IMPEEEEACCCCH!

            Fast and Furious was of course his plan and he used his Muslim mind control powers to make the Bush administration start it. I know, I know, when Bush sent guns to Mexico it was a brilliant plan. Who knew it was secretly to get Mexicans to shoot each other so that Obama would be able to take away American guns?!?!

            By abuses executive orders you means he does them while not being the guy you voted for? I have the feelings you would have cheered every executive order from President Romney calling them brave and decisive (or whatever Fox told you to say about them).

            And yes! America has been a train wreck for the last four years and it’s all Obama’s fault, it was in great shape when he took the job on.

            Wingnuts and facts and reality, the threesome that never happens.

    • TugboatPhil

      Yeah, too bad he couldn’t have left a woman to suffocate in a submerged car, swim to shore, get a good night’s sleep, consult his political team and THEN call the police to report the accident.

      THAT’S what a “real” legend does, right?

      • salvagesalvage

        Is that better or worse than lying about WMD and getting hundreds of thousands of people killed? See wingnut if you want to play that game I and anyone with a basic grasp of recent history and fact will win every time.

        • Sfc Mac

          Your proctologist called. He found your head. We did indeed find Saddam’s WMDs. READ:
          Leftwingnuts like you should be forced to take an IQ test before you’re allowed to vote…or breed.

          • salvagesalvage

            Really? They did?!?! Well dang, someone should tell President Bush:

            Former US President George W Bush still has “a sickening feeling” about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, US media report.


  • bonnieblue2A

    Neil Boortz, Thanks for keeping it real in a country full of empty microphones. You were the first and the your genre. Have a great rest of your life. God bless and long live the Republic.

  • Travis County GOP

    Going out with a bang. Never a whimper. God Speed in your next ‘venture.