Yeah, we’ve seen the president’s plan. It’s not that great.

But let him be clear: Taking action won’t necessarily prevent future Newtowns.

Then what exactly are you doing, Mr. President?

  • Gallatin

    Nope, I”m going with my initial instinct and not support obowmao.

  • Marcy Cook

    Oooh look it’s Jim Messina….can we start writing in our hands again? Please! Please!

  • Canadian in USA

    Sigh…I keep hearing this “We’ve got to do SOMETHING…”, and I’m tired of it. How about realizing there will always be evil people in the world, and we can take EVERYTHING away form them and they’ll STILL commit evil. “Ooh…let’s ban guns…” as if an inanimate object by itself is the cause of all of this. We end up being forced/shamed/guilted/etc. into supporting some
    half-baked legislation that will do nothing but infringe on law-abiding
    citizens with no chance to rationally talk about it. We lose any chance to find REAL solutions. I swear the inmates are running the asylum.

    • Catchance

      Well said.