Rapper Big Boi is a self-professed libertarian who voted for Gary Johnson last November:

Some of his tweets suggest that he’s not a fan of reckless spending:

That he’s cool with the free market:

And that he’s in favor of gun rights:

He even retweeted an Ayn Rand quote:

Evidently, that’s enough for some conservatives, who are hoping to parlay his possible political sympathies into an appearance at March’s Conservative Political Action Conference:


Big Boi’s even doing well in CPAC News’ Facebook poll:

Big Boi has yet to comment.



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  • https://twitter.com/BlissTabitha Tabitha Bliss

    Right on.
    Every time I see performers exhibit a brain it makes me feel so much better! Truly!
    I know there’s a lot more conservative entertainers out there than we realize but they stay much too quiet about it & are not teaching liberty to the younger generation as the left push their agenda 24 /7.
    And he/ she’s right… We DO need to embrace the culture or the future’s screwed!!

  • Lord Foggybottom

    And while he’s there, get him to perform “The Rooster” with Rand Paul!

  • sqeptiq

    He better be careful. A lot of conservative whites see all young black men as criminals.

    • sybilll

      I guess that is why the DNC spent countless millions to boot out Allen West, keep out Mia Love, and a Tea Party Governor was the one to appoint the ONLY black conservative to the Senate, eh? Scram schmuck.

      • sqeptiq

        White conservatives can deal with blacks they know to be conservatives. However, most white conservatives default to feelings of fear and loathing when they come across unknown young black men. *clutch purse* *lock car doors* *cold sweat*

        • sybilll

          Bullshit, Conservatives, when confronted with a questionable group of young men of ANY color, do not cower, we show them our Glock.

          • sqeptiq

            Most white conservatives find all unknown young black men worse than questionable. Rare is the unknown young white guy white conservatives find questionable. It isn’t race-neutral. Also few young white conservatives tote handguns and fewer still brandish them promiscuously

        • http://www.facebook.com/brett.mcmicken Brett McMicken

          most liberals can deal with pseudo-conservatives they know to be rinos. however, most liberals default to tactics of demonization and hatred when they come across people who do not subscribe to their dogma. *repeat lie enough times until it becomes “truth”* *pat selves on back* *assume sanctimonious air of superiority*

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcy-Cook/1001619613 Marcy Cook

          OH do you mean those “typical white people” that obama is so fond of?

        • Frederick Weaver

          There is nothing more painful for
          me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and
          start to think about robbery and then look around and see it’s somebody white
          and feel relieved.

          — Jesse Jackson

          Just a reminder that “tolerant” liberal Democrats are often the first to stereotype Black people.

      • http://www.facebook.com/brett.mcmicken Brett McMicken

        oh, come on! are you actually going to sit there and deny all those times that you had a cold that you weren’t trying to infect the entire black race when you sneezed?

    • Stone Bryson

      Query: How does it feel to be incapable of reasoning for yourself? What is it like to parrot a party line without the burden of thought? I’ve never experienced this, thus am genuinely curious.

      Go ahead, I’ll wait…

      • sqeptiq

        I can answer many questions, but not that one. I’m sure most Twitchers can answer it just fine, though.

        • Stone Bryson

          Ah, bless your heart – a person in denial. That seems to be the case with many parrots, so I feel for you. Good luck…

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcy-Cook/1001619613 Marcy Cook

          What? Your master didn’t give you the answers this time?

    • bicentennialguy

      Project much, a$$hole?

    • http://twitter.com/d_hershberger Doug Hershberger

      It’s funny that until you brought up race, no one had mentioned it. I clicked on the article because I saw rapper and libertarian. It’s always gotta be about race doesn’t it?

  • http://twitter.com/mamaearth cindy nowicki

    Big Boi is a Libertarian, not a republican. Although, Big Boi is definitely a conservative on fiscal and many social issues. CPAC is a republican organization, which is by no means necessarily conservative.

  • Stone Bryson

    I’m picturing Rick Santorum’s face if Boi showed and decided to break out his song, “She Said OK.” Actually, considering Santorum’s hatred of us libertarians in general Boi just showing up at all would cause the former Senator facial palpitations.

    Yep… I’m definitely getting a smile from that image…

    • Frederick Weaver

      Actually there are social conservatives like Lt. Gov. Ken Cucchinelli (VA) and Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) who are rap fans. So, who knows? Maybe Santorum is an Outkast fan.

      Conversely, there are libertarians who HATE rap music with a passion.

      The bottom line is people don’t fit into neat little boxes.

  • JackBee

    BigBoi is one of the great lyricists of his generation. Incredible talent and if he values individual rights and liberty movement than he could be a powerful force of enlightenment to a whole new group of people who haven’t been exposed to this great message.

  • v1cious

    I’ve gotta laugh at you guys that think Big Boi shares Conservatives values: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4lFK0MAc9U

  • rinodino

    hmmm…I’m calling BS on this, especially with Christie giving you fools the middle finger, BB will probably get to CPAC and say WTF!!??? lol………..But either way, I agree this is what Conservatives need for change, young minorities that are already respected, not Mia Love, Not Hermain Cain or the porn star or some D level actor, but somebody that’s actually relevant in today’s culture, and Big Boi might just be the start

    • Frederick Weaver

      Like McCain before him, Christie is a RINO who will be cast aside by the fawning liberal media when he starts showing conservative tendencies again. Some Republicans still view the media as neutral instead of the Democrats’ attack dogs.

      Otherwise, I agree with your post.