Last summer, columnist and author Katie Pavlich live-tweeted a fantastic conversation with an Italian immigrant cab driver. The driver, passionately pro-American, was terribly concerned about the direction our country had taken. Today, Pavlich once again found herself in the company of that driver, and she kindly shared his wisdom with her followers:

Indeed. We’d love to meet this guy. This country needs more men like him.

  • Eric Johnson

    I bet he was waving his hands like crazy too! LOL… He’s so spot on!

  • mickeyco

    Just fascinating that an Italian-born cab driver makes more sense than anyone in D.C. these days.

    • carla5731

      He actually works for a living which gives him a more educated perspective.

      • mickeyco


  • SpinMeNot

    Well, you know, the guy is from a country with a socialist democracy, corrupt politicians, millions on the dole, what could he possibly know … oh wait … probably a lot.

    I can wait to see what the liberal progressive pukes have to say about an actual informed opinion … somebody that left their homeland to get away from the agenda being implemented here …