Well, it’s official: President Obama has nominated Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary.

Consider that part of Barack Obama’s “bipartisan spirit.” Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates and former Secretary of State Colin Powell are certainly feeling the spirit:

And Hagel is just tickled!

Open? Transparent? He does know this the Obama Administration, doesn’t he?

What’s already transparent is many Congressional Republicans’ leeriness when it comes to Hagel:


Media lapdogs, for their part, are totally fine with the nomination:

Hmmm … good question.

Meanwhile, Hagel continues to face sharp criticism for his antagonistic attitude toward Israel. Press Secretary Jay Carney thinks that’s just hogwash:

As does Hagel himself:

The facts would beg to differ:

Indeed. Seems those who doubt his commitment to a firm U.S.-Israel relationship have reason to be skeptical. Conservatives and pro-Israel advocates are taking to Twitter to voice their disgust with Obama’s choice:



They certainly do not.



Ari Fleischer unloads on Chuck Hagel

  • TJ

    Yes he does not like Israel but the real reason why people should oppose is his opposition to gays in the military. Even if weak the low information voters will believe that all republicans even RINO Hagel will bring back DADT as SecDef against the wishes of O. This will get a whole lot more on the left then the Israel statements, his gay statements.

  • http://twitter.com/TeachESL TeachESL

    We are Tweeting like mad! #blockhagel

  • $24698634

    Oh, so now you all LOVE gays in the military. Don’t some of you get whiplash changing your positions with the wind?

    • beebop1952

      Sweetie: It ain’t about OUR hypocrisy, its about HIS. How are his minions going to feel that he wouldn’t go to the wall to defend the pick of a BLACK WOMAN but he is telling both sides to BRING it and will defend a WHITE MALE REPUBLICAN? Can’t wait to hear that spin ….

  • Kate

    Everything this President says and does is controversial. There’s more drama in DC right now than there was in my college sorority house.

  • BorderLine Guy

    If is there are GOP Senators voting against Hagel, they ALL must be voting against Kerry. Right?

  • nc

    BHO slays me. Transparency? Like with Benghazi? Or making a big deal that Hagel would be the “first Vietnam Vet” in this post, like it’s some glass ceiling shattering event. Come on, it’s a generational thing. But the best is the “bipartisan” claim. Sure, we all get that.

  • Tracy Hubbell-Linden

    “”Chuck Hagel is the leader our troops deserve.” —President Obama” Apparently, he doesn’t believe they’re deserving of very much. Acehole.