With President Obama’s Inaugural Ball just around the corner, many on the right side of the aisle are feeling a little left out. Thankfully, Glenn Beck has a solution. Earlier today, Glenn Beck announced that he’s organizing a black-tie “Misfits Ball” in Dallas for those not welcome at the inaugural festivities.

Beck fans are offering up suggestions for the guest list:


And others are hoping they’ll score an invite:

Something tells us that the folks who missed out on Inaugural Ball tickets aren’t nearly as eager to party with Beck’s merry band of misfits. Their loss!

  • bnotestine

    Jesus Christ is the answer. Guess I qualify.

  • LightSabre

    Don’t forget Clint Eastwood. And his S&W .44 Magnum!

  • Joseph Phillips

    Anyone who voted against Obama. No reaching across the aisle or anything…

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    This makes me want to buy a Gibson T-bird bass (heck, I want one anyway–the new short scale since I’m a shortie).

  • mdtljt

    Back in the day I scored a VIP pass to Clinton’s 2nd Inaugural Ball – the Blue Jean Ball at the Willard. Got to hang out with Little Feat and spent a good bit of time with June Lockhart….had a blast even tho I didn’t vote for him. I’d much rather go to this party in Dallas, it’s going to be awesome!!! Way to go, Glenn!!!! Have a SPECTACULAR time!!!

  • Sue

    Love this!! No doubt Chuck Norris, Melisa Joan Hart, and Stacy Dash should get invites. I wish that I would get one … people keep unfriending me, so I must really be getting to them :-)

  • detroit19


  • essence428

    Don’t forget Ted Nugent…He can help with the music. :-)

  • calitexi

    So funny but so great!

  • walterc

    Any one that built a small business without government assistance. Oh and Mia Love.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    GLENN- Invite James Trafficant (Ohio) and “B-1 BOB” Dornan! And Newt! And Denny Hastert! Jawamax 8<{D} And me too?

  • Bob Khan

    G.W. Bush, Ted Cruz, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Alice Cooper, Bruce Willis and Dave Mustaine ought to be invited too.

  • Jen Edmund

    Love the idea!