This afternoon, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie plans to address the scrapped Sandy relief bill. Some conservatives are hoping that Christie will take the opportunity to acknowledge the bill’s thick pork padding:

But they’re right to not hold their breath:

You can read their joint statement here.

We can likely expect more of that at the presser.

Twitchy will continue to monitor this story as it develops.



Outrage: Christie rips House GOP, denies pork in pork-filled Sandy bill

  • Steve_J

    Why doesn’t Christie call his bud Obama? After all Obama promised to cut the red tape when it came to relief.

    • Joe W.

      What??? And interrupt his vacation AGAIN??? The Sasquatch would pitch a hissy fit….

  • Red Fred

    Perhaps if that bill had not been stuffed with funding for AK fisheries and assistance in MI, and solely for Sandy victims, it would have passed. Don’t get your panties in a twist, Christy, I’m sure you will get Sandy aid. Is all the money already gone from the concert aid?

  • slapshwan22

    Chris Christie is a joke, anyone who votes for this clown for President don’t say you weren’t warned. Another “compassionate” conservative with an aversion to shrinking big government.


      I am never voting again. dont care what these idiots do. I hate Washington, DC

  • Joe W.

    You may recall that we here in Texas did not get any assistance with our wild fire disaster from Congress OR Barky. Pay for yourselves, East Coast. We HAVE NO MONEY…..

  • RIChris

    If Christie is any more responsible than the idiots in Congress, he will demand they take out anything that isn’t related to Sandy and pass the damn bill.

  • JimmyNeutron

    Shouldn’t be a surprise if Governor Christie lambastes Republicans. Hammering Republicans AS a Republican is the new black. Christie will make a bombastic statement, people will swoon and Ann Coulter will get moist. I used to think that Christie was a Republican in the same way that Colin “Americans want more government in their lives, not less” Powell was a Republican and was “outside the norm”. Now, after last nights collapse I see that they ARE the norm. Christie did everything short of performing fellatio on Obama days prior to the election, now he will hammer the Republicans in Congress – and people will STILL talk about his future as a GOP standard bearer in 2016. THAT is one reason why I’m over the cliff and no longer a self-identified Republican. I’d rather lose voting my conscience than win voting for spineless blowhards who are liberal at heart…like most Republicans. Want to effect real change in Washington? Start by blowing up the GOP and replacing it with real conservatives under a different banner. The GOP is as dead to me as the Democrat-Republicans and Whigs of yore – they are obsolete. Look at the Tea Party movement and look at Ross Perot’s success as a third-party candidate (which was prior to the internet – who good would he do today with bloggers and such?) – a viable third-party is not that out of reach.

    • JimmyNeutron

      Although I will say that I kind of dig the Democrat-Republican party. But, two of my favorite Presidents are Andrew Jackson (last man that ever stroked a check and paid the Federal debt in full) and James K. Polk (Democrat, but mostly Democrat-Republican beliefs – an evolution). If you don’t know about Polk you should do a quick scan of his Wiki – you’ll be impressed and if you are a right thinking person he will easily vault into your “top ten Presidents list” or perhaps top five like with me.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Pathetic. He wore that fleece for so long, his head’s now stuffed with wool.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Pathetic. He wore that fleece for so long, his head’s now stuffed with wool.