It’s New Year’s Eve, and revelers are pretty excited about it. But one guy is maybe a little more excited than everyone else. As Fox Business’ Lauren Simonetti reported live from Times Square, a man behind her shoved his face at her microphone and extolled the virtues of shock jock Howard Stern’s manhood:

Alrighty then.

Stern fans rejoiced:

Others were not quite as impressed:

Almost as proud as Howard Stern’s mom.

  • TheAmishDude

    What kind of loser are you that you would shout out the name of another man’s penis? You apparently have the opportunity to shout about the junk of any man in the world and you don’t tout your own? Epic fail.

    • BlueGood

      It was actually Nancy Pelosi in drag…she has had a terrible & and not too particular congenital case of “Penis Envy” since before her parents met!….

      Karma’s a biotch man…..

  • EOD

    2 Questions:

    1. Just what is a guy on the street doing with Howard Stern’s junk?

    2. Does Howard Stern know his junk is wandering the streets without him?

  • Joe W.

    We’ve come to this, folks. Pretty sad that our social morality has descended to this level. But, fear not!! Its gonna get waaaaaaay worse….

  • Jay McHue

    More proof that America is populated by adolescent boys in grown up bodies.

  • FreedomFighter

    They picked Fox News over the other networks because they know Fox has a massive audience.

    • Eric

      Yeah because, you KNOW this was premeditated, meticulously planned down to every last detail, and thoroughly staged to garnish maximum impact! I suspect he had others helping him in a microphone screaming terror cell. Perhaps there was a 2nd person yelling on a grassy knoll? Let’s call Sheriff Joe and get a posse up in Times Square QUICK!

  • Randi Starr

    And they wonder why we are the brunt of jokes from so many other countries.

    • Eric

      So the facts that nearly 1/2 of Americans believe in creationism, near 80% believe a man was born from a virgin, walked on water, rose from the dead, etc, etc, 35% are overweight (and rapidly rising), don’t have a properly working health care system, are the highest in gun homicides, we are a warlike nation, and we attempt to be the worlds nanny are things that ENDERE the global community to us?

      • NCRelite

        It’s endear, genius. Oh the irony… Anyway, most medical innovations come from the USA, we have the best schools, best movies, best music –even foreigners sing in American accents, best military, most Olympic medals, we’ve raised the standard of living to an unprecedented level, created the largest middle class, and became the world’s first hyper power. The global community can kiss our bible thumping, free market loving, gun toting asses for all I care.

        • Eric

          Best schools? Who attends our best schools? Facts please (I know your not talking about higher education, remember quality is irrelevant if one can’t afford to attend).

          Best military? By what standards? Power? Size? Arms? Compassion? Effectiveness?

          Most medals? Because sports are such an important cornerstone of a society? How so?

          Best music? By what standards? What is the “best music”? Tell that to a fan of classical and you’d come across absurd.

          Which medical innovations? Big Pharma? Again, quality is irrelevant if one can not afford access. Facts please.

          Largest middle class? Is that REALLY sustainable at this rate?

          Best movies? Again, define “best movies” facts please (I can supply you with a sizable list of excellent foreign movies if you like).

          Raised the standard of living? Facts please.

          …But hey, by all means center your argument around a misspelt word, put your red, white, and blue blinders on, hide behind your book of fiction, and keep up the global comedy act, gotta maintain our “hyper powers” distinction of best entertainment.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    No surprise, most Howard Stern fans haven’t grown up past the age of 13.