Poor Piers Morgan. These days, it seems like nobody wants the gun-hating blowhard around. Faced with a petition to deport him from the U.S., and a similar one to keep him out of Britain, Morgan is in need of a new place to hang his hat. Fortunately, Twitterers around the globe are stepping up and offering their countries as potential havens:


Some bighearted folks are even volunteering their homes:

Hanging out in a basement with Piers? What could be better?

Naturally, a few people couldn’t resist the urge to get snarky:




  • Black Ball

    Piers can share a basement at the Ecuodorian Embassy in London with another clown if he wishes. No one will care.

  • Scott

    There is four openings in benghazi for you jacka$$. But I suggest you dont bring up adding amendments about gay marriage to the koran, I hear they are not quite as liberal over their bibles as your fans over here seem to be.

  • sqeptiq

    It’s interesting how many conservatives think that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to Piers Morgan or other non-citizens. It does. A foreign national can’t be deported without having committed a crime, ans Morgan’s opinions about guns are not a crime.

  • Steve_J

    President of what? Certainly not the United Sates since Musket isn’t a naturalized citizen much less a natural born citizen.

  • wwbdinct

    I expect Piers to come out with new and more outrageous statements on a daily basis now. He couldn’t pay to get the publicity that he’s been getting off of 27 innocent murdered humans. What a vile POS this dirtbag Morgan! Enough is enough. He deserves to be shunned.

  • walterc

    I hope he takes the offer to go to South Africa or Australia.

    Don’t really care where you go, Piers, as long as it’s out of here.

    • Black Ball

      Don’t want him here walterc! Got enough Leftist idiots masquerading as journalists.