University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis landed himself in very hot water after retweeting a call to murder and demanding NRA chief Wayne LaPierre’s “head on a stick.” Loomis has since deleted his Twitter account, but unfortunately for him, the internet is forever. And from the looks of things, his mind is even sicker than we thought.

Last month, Loomis retweeted this piece of garbage:


While retweets do not necessarily equal endorsements, his other violent tweets suggest he was a-OK with this sentiment.

Clearly this man is in need of serious mental help. He does not belong in a college lecture hall; he belongs in a hospital.


(Editor’s note: The title has been changed to clarify that Loomis expressed his animosity toward Morris via retweet.)



Flashback: Erik Loomis criticized Sarah Palin for ‘violent rhetoric’

  • Rosie

    He’s okay with skinning a person like an animal and beheading a person to place their “head on a stick,” yet he called the NRA a terrorist organization. Just add his name to the long list of sick, stupid idiots.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Remarkably stupid. You don’t hunt pigs!

      • Rob Ramcharan
        • $7610427

          Feral hogs…wild pigs. They are nasty animals that cause considerable damage to property and are dangerous. They will charge humans and attack domesticated animals. And, they breed like rabbits. People hunt them, trap them…do whatever they can to get rid of them and they just proliferate. They say the meat is good but no thanks…I’ll pass…

  • Jon Dough

    I’m gonna pray for him.

  • FFlintstone

    The sad part is that he has influence with his students. So many young, impressionable youths don’t realize what dumbasses some of their professors are.

  • Stogie Chomper

    Loomis will get himself fired like other moonbats before him. Remember Ward Churchill? He’s selling used cars now in south Detroit.

  • grais

    And a cannibal to boot!
    Perfectly lovely human being.


  • EOD

    Erik Loomis is a looney and needs to be institutionalized

  • $7610427

    He looks a little “crazed” to me…kinda creepy.

  • BeeKaaay

    Loomis is a bloodthirsty leftwingwacko.

  • Juan Alcalde

    I have friends who possess this type of personallity and tend to be hyperbolic. The fact is that Dick Morris cheated hapless small donors when he pocketed most of the money that was supposed to go to Romney via the Dick Super PAC and Newsmax. Fox News banned Dick. There will likely be no more jobs for cheating Dick.