Scott Hagerstrom, director of Americans for Prosperity’s Michigan chapter, led a press conference this afternoon to denounce union goons’ despicable conduct earlier this week.

Maybe he’s an associate of this jackass:

No, tool. This isn’t about justice for a tent; it’s about justice for innocent men and women who were verbally and physically assaulted merely for exercising their right to free speech and assembly. Union thugs may not think much of accountability, but Hagerstrom and AFP are absolutely right to demand it.

Mayor Bernero was so busy gushing over the “beautiful” thugs who descended on downtown Lansing, he forgot to look out for his constituents:

Hagerstrom announced that he has filed a police report and intends to press charges.


Hagerstrom also revealed that numerous 911 calls had been placed while the assaults were taking place, but no calls were returned and there has so far been no follow-up:


Other victims of vicious thuggery stood up to give accounts of what happened to them:

One man even said that a union goon threatened to go to his house.

Is that what civility looks like?

She also called on the media to do its job and report the truth. Fat chance of that, unfortunately.

Clint Tarver, who watched his hot dog stand get destroyed as racial epithets were hurled at him, spoke up as well:

It’s the anti-right-to-work protesters who broke the law. But will they be punished? According to activist Tim Bos, not unless something changes. He described feeling helpless as police looked on while the assaults took place:

It’s certainly becoming more difficult to recognize. Thankfully, pro-freedom advocates like those at AFP are bravely willing to take a stand against tyranny and for our American principles. AFP has done its job when it comes to protecting citizens; it’s time for Mayor Bernero and the city of Lansing to step up and do theirs.

  • LoriGirl

    Thugtards. Inexcusable what they did to AFP. And what these goons did to the hotdog vendor is heartbreaking.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    A lot of those cops are union thugs too.

    As far as I’m concerned unions never had a place in this county. If you didn’t like being abused by your boss back in the 1800’s you had three options:
    1. Quit.
    2. Quit and start your own business where you could abuse the workers.
    3. Shoot the prick and take over the company.

  • markylorenz15

    Violence seems too much already, too sad for those violators.

  • david christoph

    Protecting employees from union thuggery is critical to recovery and prosperity

    The best states for business and careers are Right to Work states

  • FrancisMcManus

    I hope AFP gets their tent deposit back.

    Interestingly, Clint Tarver left the hot dog stand at home that day. I wonder if he knew the place would be trashed. He’s OK though. He lost $500 worth of stuff but got $16,000 from generous donors. Score!

    What if the police find out some of the people loosening straps were conservatives ‘pulling a Breitbart’? I suppose we should consider calling it ‘pulling a Crowder’ now though.