Wanted for allegedly murdering a neighbor in Belize, McAfee had spent the past several weeks on the run from authorities. Last night, law enforcement caught up with him and detained him in Guatemala City. He was scheduled to be deported back to Belize later today, but this morning, he was rushed to a Guatemalan hospital after complaining of chest pains.

He reportedly suffered two mild heart attacks:

The press is all over him:



McAfee told The Associated Press that he had suffered chest pains overnight but didn’t believe he had suffered a heart attack. A government doctor who examined him agreed, saying McAfee’s heart rhythm and blood pressure were normal, and he appeared to be suffering from high stress.


(Editor’s note: The word “reportedly” has been added to the title to reflect conflicting reports about the reason for McAfee’s hospitalization.)



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  • CodeStud3

    Pulling a Fred sandford

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    No bloodwork used to confirm or disprove a heart attack has occured.

    After a heart attack there is a change in blood chemistry that can be detected for atleast 24 hrs, and perhaps as long as 72hrs.

    Did they not use his blood chem. to exclude heart attack b/c the blood chemistry test wasn’t available?