As Twitchy reported, Speaker John Boehner appears to be purging House committees of fiscal conservatives in advance of further fiscal cliff negotiations. Yesterday, Reps. Tim Huelskamp and Justin Amash were abruptly booted from the Budget Committee without the courtesy of a warning (Huelskamp was also kicked off the Agriculture Committee). The two men addressed the ouster at today’s Heritage Foundation Bloggers Briefing:

Congressman Huelskamp revealed that while he was essentially blindsided by the committee change:

He had suspected that it would only be a matter of time before he got the boot:

And it’s certainly not a recipe for earning conservatives’ trust.

Rep. Amash echoed Huelskamp’s sentiments:

What a joke.

Grassroots conservatives are growing increasingly frustrated with the GOP leadership’s apparent disregard for conservative principles. The House purge is only further convincing them that Boehner and the GOP establishment are out of touch with their constituents:

Activists marched on Boehner’s office today to voice their disgust with the purges.

Lord knows that the GOP doesn’t have a future if conservative voices are silenced.

  • digitalPimple

    Instead of owning their mistakes the consultant class, to save their incomes, blames conservs. Typical.

  • ShelleyMG

    Amash is one of the REALLY good guys; I’m in Michigan in a nearby district but hope he’s considering a state-wide contest in the near future. He actually *reads* the bills, posts his vote and the reasons as to why he voted that way. This is an absolute OUTRAGE!!

    • Lord Foggybottom

      R.I.P. GOP

  • excaliburn

    What’s that sound I’m hearing? Why it’s Obama laughing!

  • Steve_J

    Was Boehner crying while this was going on?

  • MaddMedic
  • Scott

    Was Boehner hoping more nekkid people would show up at his office? He certainly cant be thinking this is good for the party

  • Vennoye

    What was it that the speaker said when they came back………”there is no tea party caucus here”……….. Apparently, there are no fiscal conservatives either!! The Beltway Bubble strikes again!!!

  • Joel A. Edge

    We need another party.

    • bleuze

      The Republicans should be finished if they cave to tax increases. I will go along with increase under the condition that ObamaCare is repealed! REMEMBER BENGHAZI (please share by posting before Obama & media coverup the deaths – only 52% ever heard of Benghazia on election day!)

    • R.C.


    • StandSomeMore

      Conservatives need to walk out. Hell, the whole GOP should walk out.

      • Barb

        Agree, since Obama just rejected the latest offer

    • Barb

      No, we need all members of the GOP to keep their problems in house!! All of this ranting and raving doesn’t do any good for the party. If Amash is so insulted, take if up with the GOP directly, not publicly! Obama isn’t going to agree to any plan, but at least the GOP tried to appear to compromise! Well played, Speaker Boehner.

  • SpinMeNot

    Boehner is a kleptocrat — he will sell us down the river. Nothing the man does surprises me anymore. We don’t need a third party — we seem to only have one party, The Kleptocrats — Uncle Scrooge can be their mascot. Then we need a second party, rallied around the Constitution.

  • dennylee60

    So can someone remind me why was Boehner put back as the Speaker?

  • EOD

    Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Communists/Democrats will not vote for a Republican, no matter who the Republican is.

    All the Left looks at is the Party that the person is in.

    Conservatives will not vote for a RINO, that was just made clear in the November Elections this year.

    Conservatives will also not vote for any Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, or Communists, whcih pretty much covers the Democrat Party,

    Looks like the TEA Party needs to step in and fill the void.

    The TEA Party needs to take over the current Republican Party, or the TEA Party needs to hasten its demise.

    Current RINOs can join the Democrats.

  • StandSomeMore

    Just watched the “Activists marched on Boehner’s office today” video. Really? Thanks for stopping by? W. T. H. Webster’s definition of transparency should now include a special caveat for the politics: see opaque.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    You know what? you’ve waited too long.

    This move means that Progressives, both type “R” and “D” have everything in place and no longer need to hide it.

    I see the time & energy wasting “Time to take back the Republican Party” drivil is popping up all over— probably a preemptive strike or covering fire to cause Conservatives to keep their head down.

    What ever happened to the the attitude expressed by those quoting ‘insanity is repeating an action but expect a different outcome‘?

    Yet, here we are again.

    Well, everyone’s been trying to “take back the Republican Party” since 1996. It hasn’t made much headway in 16yrs, has it?

    A political party has never been reclaimed. Not even the political star power of Teddy R., the Rough Rider could do it.

    Do we have a Teddy R? Do we have anyone comparable to act as a focus? No and No.

    Therefore, logically, based on the items I touched on above, we are forced to consider that the “Take Back The Republican Party” project is an exercise in futility!

    Furthermore, I’ll go a step farther.
    I submit that the “Take Back The Party” project is a false flag – it is a misdirection started to waste the physical and emotional resources.

    Additionally, I submit that is all it has done. Until the T.E.A.Party movement, it was dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead. Not sleeping, not slumbering fitfully, not resting, not waking-up, nor yawning nor cranky asking for breakfast — dead.

    And the times when conservatives have gotten fed up and seriously considered starting a 3rd party to keep the other two honest, the emotional motivation each time has been drained away by party agents.

    Geo. Washington was a brilliant man. We need to listen to his advice.

    Having another party also follows Free Market Principles. Right now the Republicans and Democrats together constitute a monopoly!

    The exact same illnesses that sicken monopolistic economies sicken our political parties. Competition would fix this.

    Look. Conservatives are the base
    of the Republican party b/c without our work and wealth they’re an empty shell. They abuse us b/c we let them!

    And just as with any abuser they’ll tell us we don’t matter.

    If that were true, why work so hard to keep us on the plantation?

    We easily see the mote in our Democrat Brother’s eye— it is time we took the Republican Beam from our own!

  • john j

    Conservatives let’s leave the Republicans. Without us they are finished. We will make the new party the Tea Party! I am done with them.

    • GaryTheBrave

      Yeah, but what if after the Conservatives leave the GOP how do they make sure the RINO’s don’t invade the new party? They gotta go somewhere once the Republican Party dies.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        We know who they are. We don’t accept excuses.

        Any new Senator or House Rep gets one chance. We track their votes, require them to teach conservative principles.

        As they teach conservative people, immortality needs to be untaught. There was a our enemies attacked our morality!

        The Constitution assumes a moral people! As written by the Founders it is insufficient to govern any other.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    ……This just in…..Speaker Boehner rolls over to get his tummy scratched. Film at ten.

  • $23629333

    After what we saw at the Republican Convention* – just a few months ago – why is this a surprise? That convention represented a very public rejection of the Tea Party and its GOP representatives. That convention represented a very public moving to the center. There was nothing “severely conservative” about that convention, or the campaign that followed.

    Let’s call a shovel a shovel. The RINOs are as liberal as the Dummiecrats, and are determined that the reins shall remain in the hands of liberals like themselves, who – despite the news from across the Atlantic – are determined to implement European-style governance in America.

    (* and – more importantly – who we didn’t see or hear from)

  • Joe W.

    Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin should launch a new third party and refer to it simply as the “Conservative” Party. It should maintain traditional, conservative American principles both fiscally AND socially. And the American people need to work tirelessly towards eliminating the Electoral College, that gives liberal bastions like California and New York an unhealthy share of votes in our Presidential elections. There are more registered Republicans in California than in 13 smaller, red states combined. And their vote does NOT count.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      @Joe W.:
      No, we don’t need to remove the Electoral College. The Electoral College is an important safe guard that was circumvented.

      Since it will take an amendment to eliminate the Electoral College, better utilization of resources would be to put the Senate back under control of the states.

      As you’re aware, the Senate was the tension balancing the power and well-being of the States against the Federal Creature.

      Not much of the Liberty-Stealing regulations would become embedded into law if the Senate could do its original job of safeguarding the interests of the States. This would allow power to devolve back to the States because State politics would begin to matter sgain. That would rejuvenate State politics. Once State politics becomes meaningful again you’ll see normally “low-participation” voters begin to becone involved.

      They’ll become involved because the solutions won’t seem so far removed from their control.

      One of the biggest problems we have is to the “regular Joe” it seems as if all the decisions are made so far removed from them that they don’t care.

      So much damage was done by such a seemingly small thing.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      It needs to be the Conservative Constitutionalist party.

      • Marcy Cook

        I like the sound of that. Or maybe just the Constitutional Party

  • Mike Rogers

    At all levels and locations.
    Just as with Crist-Rubio, the national apparatus does not support senate candidates who are conservative unless forced.
    In NH, the state GOP congratulated itself on a job well done saying that candidates who had “worked with them” did OK. NHGOP lost the presidency, the governorship, the exec council, the house, and left the senate in Dem-RINO control.
    So, time for a new state chair? State and national GOP pulled an Obama, disqualifying and bullying all candidates except their own puppet. #WAR
    Tea party response, a blog storm, and a new conservative activist candidate with proven connections and fundraising ability.
    This is our last chance to take over the GOP, otherwise we must destroy and replace now, before 2014 is upon us.
    This needs to become a national campaign.

  • PistolsForPandas

    Am I the only one thinking this may be a part of a Boehner deal with Obama?

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      If you’ll remember the “budget ceiling fight” it went the same way.

      1.Sneaker Bone-Ya did loud noise.
      2.Sneaker Bone-Ya & Dingleberry had public back&forth
      3.Dingleberry rejected the proposal
      4.Sneaker & Dingleberry had 2nd back&forth
      5. Sneaker met in secret w/Der Fuhrer
      6.Amid thunderous din of heel-clicking and arm-raising, Der Sneaker gave Der Fuhrer everything he commanded and more.

      This he did, all the while waving used bathroom tissue on which were written the vaporous suggestions promises made by Prez!Stinky— and while furiously patting his own head— exclaiming “We got the best deal we could! We got the best deal we could! This is a FAIR DEAL! Really!”

      And. The “conservative” media, for the most part fell into line and at worst said the agreement was “somewhat one-sided”. The sane “conservative” media that– until The Sneaker started waving his used promises around– had been urging him to stand firm and promised support.

      So, yes. It’s re-run season—— didn’t you know?

  • $24698634

    Cantor is up Boehner’s arse for the leadership. He cares not for the conservatives, only his job.