Manzano, who for decades portrayed Maria on “Sesame Street,” apparently doesn’t want anyone to tell her how to get to Israel. After last week’s U.N. decision to award Palestine nonmember observer status, Israel vowed to build 3,000 new settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Manzano, taking a hateful page from Hillary Clinton’s playbook, took to Twitter to lash out at Israel for daring to defend its existence:

So, Israel’s choice to defend itself rather than capitulate to the U.N. and Hamas is akin to “tormenting” its enemies? Please.

Manzano has appeared in “Shalom Sesame,” a series in which “Sesame Street” muppets visit Israel and learn about Jewish culture. We assume she’ll be sending back any royalties she’s earned.

(Hat tip: @Rendal49)

  • DANEgerus

    OMG Jewish homes are getting in the way of Hamas Rockets! Damn those Jews!

  • alanwillingham

    I notice the word “Hispanic” prominently portrayed behind her in that picture. The fact that the Spanish killed, abused, raped and pillaged their country and civilization for so long seems to be a point of pride with her

  • tredglx

    Yes, those Jewish bullies. How dare they defend themselves in ’48, ’67, and ’73 against attacks from the arabs that would push Israel into the sea (or worse), and strike back at the ‘palestinians’ after repeated rocket and suicide bomb attacks.
    Bad Jews, bad, bad Jews.

  • medicinewomantwo

    I feel due to her obvious support pack her bags and send her to Palestine……..nothing like a front row seat !

  • Lisa Dean

    I guess the Israeli Olympians who were taken hostage and killed in Munich ’72 by Palestinians are guilty of participating in the Olympics. Why can’t Maria (Sonia Manzano) and Morgan Freeman (Electric Company) quit screwing with my childhood memories?

  • LoriGirl

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Steve_J

    Go protest Morsi in Tahrir Square and find out just who the bulies and tormentors are.

  • scubaski00

    So glad my children are past the Sesame Street age and I no longer have to subject myself to watching these liberal PUPPETS. And I’m NOT talking about the feathered or furry ones!!!

  • Heather Laurin

    This woman is obviously beyond ignorant.

  • scalzo

    The Jews are the natives to that land. Haha someone educate her.

    • $11298322

      Can’t educate an ignorant jew-hating Nazi like Manzano. Why does she still have a job?

  • TocksNedlog

    ALL she hears is “oppressed minority”.
    Ride on the meme train!

  • betty mccarney

    @ sonia manzano The state of israel does not have to recognze the ‘insane terrorist invaders and followers of the ‘pedophile prophet’ mohammed!!! ISRAEL is the homeland of ‘GOD’S’ chosen people and peace will come when all the invaders are burning in ‘hell ‘with their ‘evil prophet’ and all the ‘left wing assholes ‘like sonia manzano join them!!Sesame Street should fire your ugly/skanky ass as soon as possible
    so you can no longer endanger ‘young children’ !!!

  • Bruce W

    What a stupid bitch. Is she dumb or just a moron.

  • SwTk

    It was also the Spanish who came to this continent to rape and torture the poor indigenous population first. Just because you have the power of speech, doesn’t mean you should exorcise it, Sonia. Get to know some history before showing your ignorance.

  • moonsbreath

    Why does Sonia Manzano support the drug cartel in Mexico?
    Just using her logic…

    • Maria

      She probably is perfectly okay with Obama’s Fast & Furious.

  • Wolftech

    I don’t trust any sort of concept or recognition from this woman. She failed to recognize a pedophile on her own kids show.

  • Maria

    Another anti-Semite Liberal who doesn’t really know what’s going on and takes the side of the offenders.

    God Bless Israel!

  • dissidentX

    She’s right. Nobody denies that Israels keeps bulldozing down others’ property to build new settlements just like they’ve done for decades.

    And it’s got nothing to do with semitism like so many comments say. Palestinians are semitic too. A bunch of Al Sharpton, race baiting copy cats…

    • $1665196

      The Israeli’s bulldoze the property of known terrorists…would you prefer they be dragged through the streets behind motorcycles???

  • ModdKenwood

    spoken like a true Obama supporter

  • $1665196

    Oh Sonia oh Sonia…spoken like the uneducated “Sesame” you are!!!
    When the 911 arab crowd are blowing up your family in a cafe then you can express your views…until then I suggest you put a sock in it!!!

  • $1665196

    …also worry about the pooooor mexicans….leave what you don’t know about to others!!!