Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett hosted a chat session this afternoon on Twitter. Though she was theoretically going to take questions on a variety of topics, she wound up focusing almost exclusively on AIDS prevention and awareness (tomorrow is World AIDS Day). Too bad, because some Twitterers had some great questions for her:

Oddly enough, Jarrett skipped over that. Just as she skipped over questions about Benghazi:



She couldn’t be troubled with such matters. As quickly as the chat began, Jarrett signed off, having dodged any serious questions about accountability:

Unfortunately, we’ll never know. Hats off to the most transparent administration ever.



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  • Joseph Phillips

    She ended with “Prevent, test and treat HIV” – should have been “Prevent, dodge, and ignore real questions.”

  • Tyler

    Not surprising she has “44” in her twitter handle

  • HARP2

    Valerie…….Are you usually on top or does Obama just watch you and the Mooch ?

    • Penmar

      I didn’t need that picture in my head, really, stay classy would ya.

    • Jazzee

      or maybe there is another person obama likes better hmmmmm???

  • sb36695

    Do you support the muslim brotherhood?

    • Jazzee

      great question

      • sb36695

        The only logical answer is yes. Someone is using our money and our military to spread the muslim brotherhood. And I believe it’s intentional.

  • LibLieExposer

    Valerie “Muslim Brotherhood” Jarrett, here’s an AIDS issue for you, Benghazi: Another Instance of Dead Subjects.

  • TimesTheyAreAChanging

    Why is this woman allowed a Secret Service detail while in the United States, while our embassy staff in Benghazi is left hanging in some third world hell hole.

    • Jazzee

      why don’t the repubs ask that question?????????????????????? and spread the news around????????????why does she have protection????????HELLO anybody home back there in la la land DC???

  • Citizen0000

    did you squirm and twitch having your photo taken with that Colonialist, rascist flag behind you, or did you gloat?

  • Citizen0000

    who’s the bigger Communist, you, Obama or Michelle?