Prior to yesterday’s U.N. vote to recognize Palestine as a nonmember observer state, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird gave an impassioned speech against Palestinian statehood.

Canada was one of only nine nations to vote against the resolution. Today, citing the UN’s decision as “an impediment to peace,” Baird is recalling Canadian diplomats from Israel, the West Bank, New York, and Geneva.

“I want to get a sense from the diplomats what they see on the ground, how they see things going, and how we can effectively respond to what could be a new reality,” Baird told CBC News in an interview from New York on Friday.

Baird’s move is drawing the ire of pro-Palestinian Canadians:

But Baird is absolutely right. The U.N. wore out its welcome a long time ago and is nothing but a colossal diplomatic joke. The U.S. would be wise to follow in Canada’s footsteps.

  • Lady 12

    Is it just me, or are the Canadian libs less foul-mouthed than American libs? And by the way, good for Baird.

    • Rulz

      meh, a liberal is a liberal (shrugs).

      • Lady 12

        Haha, good point.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      They’re generally less foul-mouthed, unless they’re on a university campus.

    • KALKAM

      It’s not just you…they are more civil. They have liberals…we have a despicable bunch of radical progressives….

      The commies poured more of their efforts into subverting the USA than anywhere else and now it shows.

  • Scott

    First thing Canada has done in a long time that I can actually agree with. Usually much to liberal for my taste.

    • Rulz

      Well, their conservative leadership, which is now in power, is trying to fix certain things, and I think they are headed in the right direction.

      • KALKAM


        And we are very fortunate to have such a great neighbor to share a border with.

        • Fiona

          The US is much too liberal for my taste. Sure, there are states (like Texas) that are conservative but you re-elected obama for another 4 years! Our PM Harper is Ronald Reagan compared to him.

  • my preciousss!!

    viva oh Canada! “i will bless those who bless thee(Israel), and curse him who curses thee…..” Genesis 12:3

    • GaryTheBrave

      And remember the Dems did deny God three times at their convention.

  • Neil Leininger

    Why pull out our ambassadors when there’s a chance a spontaneous attack might break out over our UN vote?

  • mdtljt

    …let me get this straight in my mind…Canadians are ashamed of their government having the stones to stand AGAINST the validation of a terrorist people?? Cowardly jackholes who gleefully celebrate mass murder of Westerners (don’t think for one single minute they would spare your mealymouthed asses even though you misguidedly support them), use their women and children as human shields, store ordnance in schools and residential areas, think women are chattel…there are so many other things that are contrary to logic and decency in that so-called “society” that to name them here would take me until this time next year…wow…I simply can not warp my brain enough to wrap it around this unbelievably moronic & simplistic school of thought…my apologies to decent morons and simpletons worldwide…

    • Lloyd Snauwaert

      Don’t mistake some Canadians for all Canadians. We currently have a Conservative government that has been picking up the slack for the right/west on the world diplomatic stage. You may want update your assumptions about Canada…

    • Osumashi Kinyobe

      I am not ashamed of my government’s stance even if some clueless twits are. However principled it may, the stance is still a futile measure in the UN. That’s why we should withdraw.

    • pedrobud

      No, it is the leftists and non thinking people

  • walterc

    I’m just not seeing the problem here. With paleostine being a state, we can quit sending them kabillions of “refugee” aid to bused to buy rockets with. And when they attack Israel, Israel can attack a state rather than a bunch of poor misunderstood refugees.

    • Rulz

      Few are opposed a Palestinian state, but the special-interest minded UN General Assembly members have their own interests here as well.

  • TheTweetest

    “Oh Canada” eh?

  • Osumashi Kinyobe

    Yes, America, Canada has stupid people, too.

    We should withdraw from the UN. It serves no purpose other than to drain us dry and prop up dictatorships.

  • medicinewomantwo

    I feel so sorry that Canada has it’s share of liberal BS but that being said, can I offer to fly in about 200 of our very own, except Michael Moore, I’ll have to bus him in.

  • pedrobud

    Go Canada !!! Tell the leftist morons to stick it where the sun don’t shine. Why don’t any Arab countries take in the palestinians. Israel is a friend and do you really think the Muslim brotherhood and are on your side ?? Morons