Cable news commentator Eltahawy, who vandalized an anti-jihad poster in a New York City subway station this past September, was in court today to face charges of criminal mischief and graffiti. The self-proclaimed “proud savage” took to Twitter to share her experience, tossing in a bit of race-baiting for good measure:

Evidently, being held accountable for your crimes is racist.

Awww … isn’t that special!

Actually, she did.

Eltahawy was offered a deal — two days of community service — if she plead guilty to disorderly conduct.

Eltahawy shot down the plea offer to fight the charges on political grounds.

“I acted out of principle and I believe what I did was right,” Eltahawy said Thursday, adding she “went out of my way to avoid (Hall).”

Attorney Stanley Cohen said his client was acting out of necessity when she tried to erase hateful speech from public view. In fact, Eltahawy and could have potentially “diffused” a negative political reaction, he said.

Ah, so her anti-free-speech vandalism was actually a community service in and of itself?

How charming. And oh-so-professional!

Eltahawy also took the time to mock Pamela Hall, the woman who had been spray-painted while trying to defend the poster:

Very mature.



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  • Rulz

    ‘Attorneys: mostly white. Me and fellow defendants: mostly brown and black. I’m eager to find out if I’ll stand trial or what.”

    Content of character, not colour of skin.

    Get with the program, libs.

    • TugboatPhil

      I checked out her profile pic. She could pass for white.

      Mona, you want to show how brave you are? Go find some moped riders in Gaza and tell them you support Israel. If you make it through the street dragging I’ll stop calling you a savage and grant that you are brave indeed.

  • Ntr

    These left-“liberals”, regardless of color, always go out of their way to foment the ‘culture war’. We need to pull the rug off from under them and not let them unthinkingly guide the conversation.

  • ManhattanMango

    Mona is a hero. She did what she had to do protect her dignity and honor. For what it’s worth, a journalist would be well aware of the legal implications of spraying someone in the face with paint and hence she would have done everything in her power to avoid it. There was no criminal intent in the damage those Gucci frames incurred. Palestinians do not deserve to be rendered “Savages” and “Jihadists” for that matter only because they’re asking for their right to be a free country.

    • Hiraghm

      “destruction of property” is criminal intent. You can’t *intentionally* spray paint a poster and claim you weren’t trying to destroy it. Not and be taken seriously.

    • Finrod Felagund

      Palestinians deserve to be called savages because they bomb civilians, women and children, among other reasons.

    • vino veritas

      You and she are fascists, not heroes. She did nothing to protect her honor or dignity, she actually helped to destroy it along with her credibility. She is too stupid and ignorant to be aware of anything outside of her own hateful insane twisted views and you are nothing more than a sycophant who is guilty of the same. There was, in fact, criminal intent when she purposely attempted to illegally deface legally sanctioned property, you would make a horrible lawyer. Those who commit and aid terrorism, whether they be Palestinian or Israeli, deserve to called and exposed for what they are: “Savages” and “Jihadists”. They also deserve to be relentlessly pursued, routed and brought to justice for their crimes against humanity. Don’t like it? Too damn bad! That will NEVER change as long as good people stand together to fight the evil of terrorism. Either get your head out of from your behind and get with the program or keep arrogantly standing in the way of justice and get your butt mowed down. Your choice.

    • TexSizzle

      They are “jihadists” (crusaders). They are not “only … asking for their right to be a free country”; they are trying to destroy Israel.

    • KALKAM

      They don’t have a free country BECAUSE they ARE savages….they could have had it years ago…but they insist Israel be destroyed.

      Oh…the “occupation” is due to the war not ending…the “palestinians” never signed to end the war like Egypt did (and Egypt got it’s lost land back for it)….the “palestinians” only buy time with “ceasefire”…until they try again…and when they lose they play the role of the victim.

      They don’t care about their own kids…you seem to care more about them than they do….because they are savages. FACT

      And so are all those that defend them….

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    If she doesn’t like our laws, then she should leave. I mean come on. Jihad itself means Holy war against non-believers. Jihad was the only word you could associate with hate on the whole poster.

    • TexSizzle

      I like to translate the word jihad as crusade; after all, the Crusades were “holy wars”, the same way the jihad is a “holy war”. Besides, it really annoys Mohammedans.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Here’s hoping the judge throws the book at her since she turned down a plea agreement and doesn’t even know the meaning of the word remorse.

    • vino veritas

      Second that. I hope Pamela Gellar is in the courtroom and gets to laugh at her when it happens. Also, hope she has to pay for the Gucci’s too, plus pain & suffering.

  • American Infidels

    What trash floats out of Egypt these days

  • Super 88

    In the film, she loudly declares that “non-violent” protesters get arrested in America. In her native Egypt, “non-violent” protesters get raped. I guess that’s why she’s here!


    This video should spark “spontaneous” protests that end violently and she should be placed in prison.

    This is how these filthy progs operate…but wouldn’t they be appalled if it played out that way…

    Screw it…burn a qu’ran

    • medicinewomantwo

      should have flicked a bic and turned the can on the sprayer…singing come on baby light my fire…………

  • scalzo

    Send her back to Egypt!

  • Brian E.

    She may have been protesting non-violently but she was still breaking the law. She was vandalising a poster. Sure it violates NYC’s anti-graffiti ordnances at a minimum. She could have just stood in front of it and spoke out against it. There was plenty she could have done with out breaking the law, but she decided to take the easy route, something she could do and walk away (as she thought she could) and now she has to pay the consequences.

  • K-Bob

    Vandalism and assault are a crime? Next you’re going to tell us it’s illegal to commit acts of terrorism.

  • Bigeddie173

    Who is she? I assume she is, “famous”?

  • Yellowman King

    She somehow seems to believe the law matters less than her opinion.

    The fact: We live under the law not above the law.

    Unfortunately for her this will become quite clear shortly!

  • Sassan

    lol her attorney is an attorney for Hamas and other Islamic terrorists. Just google his name on youtube. I hope Mona does get jail time. She sure deserves it.

  • Sassan

    BTW her attorney is also a 9/11 truther who has said Mossad was behind 9/11 and he is a Nazi revisionist. It is great that Mona has no problems associating herself with such filth (because she is one herself). Why doesn’t she live in Egypt to enjoy her rights dressing up how she likes to as a woman? Absolutely despicable person who doesn’t understand the concept of freedom of expression and civilized society.

  • Stephanie Warren

    Obviously her parents didn’t spank her enough when she was a kid.