Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, currently doing his utmost to see his country through violence and turmoil, sent out this tweet thanking President Obama for his support of Israel:

And then deleted it shortly thereafter:

Did Netanyahu make a mistake, or was he making a deliberate statement by deleting the tweet?

This Twitterer has a theory:

One thing’s for sure: thus far, President Obama has not shown himself to be a friend or ally to Israel.

  • Kevin Krom

    Netanyahu trolling Obama on Twitter.

    I believe that wins Netanyahu the Internet.

  • ricci

    now now we all know its not as important the actions of a liberal as it is the words they say

  • BeauRyker

    Gotta be sarcasm. And pretty good sarcasm at that. Go to hell, Obama!

  • Marcy Cook

    I hope that was sarcasm.

    • Lady 12

      It must have been. Why would he be grateful to someone who ignored him when he visited the country?

  • TonyMontana3

    Obama has always been a friend and an ally of Israel. Israeli leaders know that.

    • Maria

      LoL Not. PM Netanyahu has even alluded to his displeasure.
      Muslim Brotherhood is all Barackie wants!

    • Grumpa Grumpus


      I know I’m just an old fart— so all this technology stuff is difficult to understand— but being in a hurry to get your comment in the top dozen doesn’t excuse leaving off the “/sarc” tag!

      Even when it’s obvious!

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    while people die, Obama, once again does nothing. it’s not that he’s stupid, it’s that he just don’t care. I hope someone up in the WH can help but I don’t see it coming.

  • Tom Ellis

    Imagine for just a second that we had a leader like Bibi….. wow,, ok now back to obamacare and wondering who are generals slept with and making kids eat veggie burgers at school while our fearless leader plays golf and his wife chows down on pizza

    • Maria

      I want PM Netanyahu or someone like him as the leader here!

  • Steve O

    anyone else getting on twitter? I can’t even get on

    • MotherGoos3

      I just got on, but it’s been an hour since you asked.

  • People Corporation

    In his defense, he’s busy not resting until he makes it into the PGA.

  • walterc

    .@IDFSpokesperson remember when @BarackObama said “U.S. will stand with Israel if attacked”?

    I also remember that he wrote in one of his books that if it came to war he would stand with the muslims. I suspect Bibi remembers that too.

  • Lotte Lenya

    Sounds like not-at-all-veiled dripping sarcasm. As well he should let President Revenge have it squarely on the chin.

    • bogie7129

      …and a well-placed foot in his ass!

  • nc

    Keep ’em guessing…

  • Lidsamy

    oh you KNOW that was no accident. I think I weep as much for Israel as I do for the US that the takers overtook the makers in this election.

  • Maria

    PM Netanyahu is just plain awesome. Not that he wasn’t already. Obama hasn’t done sh!@ for Israel or PM Netanyahu.

    Remember when Obama called what PM Netanyahu’s worries about Iran “noise” and kept putting off meeting with him in person, then finally decided reluctantly to have a phone conference when Netanyahu was in the U.S. but met with Iran’s leader in person? Yeah, me too.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Rather than delete, Bibi should have ended the tweet with “…NOT!”

  • Blackie

    I ALMOST find it strange that as I watched ABC News last night I heard all about the deaths in Gaza and not one word about the deaths in Isreal.