As Twitchy reported, Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter became the target of leftist vitriol when he announced that he expects franchise owners to reduce employees’ hours due to crushing Obamacare regulations. Dense liberals, blind to the reality of America under Obama, vowed to boycott Papa John’s restaurants. Evidently, they’re still in denial about what happened when they urged a boycott of Chick-fil-A this past summer.

Well, it looks like they’re about to be disappointed — and shocked — again. After Papa John’s came under fire last week, capitalism-loving citizens decided to organize a National Appreciation Day. The date for National Papa John’s Day has been officially set for this Friday, November 16, and supporters can’t wait to show their love for business owners and the free market. The event currently has over 15,600 participants, and that number’s still climbing.

This is definitely a cause we can get behind!

Wear that label proudly! We support businesses like Papa John’s in their efforts to thwart the obstacles thrown up by the Obama Administration and realize the American dream. Please help to spread the word about this worthwhile cause!

Anyone for pizza?

  • SansMercy

    Pizza + Capitalism = pure love. Ahhh! Can’t wait. Our family will be doubling down on #NationalPapaJohnsDay

    • $24698634

      Great! Your family will need Obamacare to treat for the effects of eating that crap food.

      • shimauma

        Spinach pizza is healthy, you azzhat

      • shimauma

        Spinach pizza is healthy, you azzhat

      • shimauma

        and the tomatos are fresh too, so there!

  • WisconsinPatriot

    I really like papa johns pizza. Guess I get one on friday!

  • iamfirmin


  • orringtonmom (D)

    this cracks me up. to protest the appreciation day for chik-fil-a, homosexuals stood out front and kissed. what are they going to do this time? stand out front and hire people?

    • $22091572

      na the homos are going to give away free cucumbers

  • redheadgrl

    Had mine tonight.

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    I already like Papa Johns so it looks like it will be pizza Friday in our house.

    • $22091572

      pizza is good

  • nc

    Yum, is it Friday yet?

  • Reggie Yount

    1. Liberals are boycotting our businesses to punish them for layoffs. If you are accepting the duel, boycotts are their weapon of choice.
    2. We want to support conservative businesses.
    3. MSM spreads libtard propaganda.
    4. Support the businesses you love and boycott any business that advertises in the main stream media.

    You have no choice but to finance the liberal political machine, but you still have the power of what’s left in your pocketbooks. Advertising is MSM’s lifeblood. Support Papa John’s and conservative news by killing it’s liberal competition. Businesses, once they know you mean business, will follow the money. Rich republicans still have bigger wallets than the liberal’s voters.

    • HappyHarriett

      Reggie –

      YES. Count me in, and while supporting conservative businesses, I’ll NOT be supporting those liberal hate mongers in the media, tv, radio, etc. What I save by not spending any more money on their movies, music, etc., I’ll spend on a known conservative business.

      Glad I recently bought a Food Saver – I can freeze the pizza I’m gonna buy on Friday more easily! :)

  • Merkven

    How about cutting the support to illegal immigrants who gave birth their children here and now demand medical care, dental, housing, food stamps and sit in their homes waiting for the rest of the people to pick up their tabs, as well as some of them work and get paid under the table not paying taxes or declaring the money they get from working not declaring that they work so they can receive assistance it is unfair to cut obs for the people who pay taxes and do their best to survive the economy – all of the money spent on illegal immigrants should be used to help the working families pay for their insurance or get one a very low cost so they can keep their jobs and contribute to the economy

  • HappyHarriett

    I will definitely be online on Friday morning, putting in my order for delivery later!

  • Katielee4211

    Not a big pizza eater, but I might have to but one, and if I recall they had some good cheesy breads.

  • brewerandpatriot

    So eat Papa John’s while listening to the Mark Levin show? If only FOX had better programming on Friday nights…

  • GaryTheBrave

    Got the Papa’s app on my phone and will order pizza for lunch. Something tells delivery times are going to be long Friday night.

  • TomJB

    Damn, I hope I remember to log in early. From seeing the gridlock around Chick fil-a earlier this year, Ill have to place my order at noon to have any chance of getting it while its still Friday!


    Eating pizza. What a great way to stick it up Liberals. Yum!

  • Jamie Wilson

    When ordering online, there should be an option just before you pay for scheduling a pick up time. I also think you can schedule a day in advance. It might be worth checking out, and it would certainly be kinder to the Papa to let them know they are getting an onslaught.

  • Seewetoldu

    Ill be grabbing one from Papa Johns Friday too. Great idea…great pizza!

  • shimauma

    My whole office just enjoyed $60 worth of Papa Johns pizza, I know it’s not much, but it’s what I got. #NationalPapaJohnsDay

  • shimauma

    My whole office just enjoyed $60 worth of Papa Johns pizza, I know it’s not much, but it’s what I got. #NationalPapaJohnsDay

  • Louise Mussienko

    Enjoyed a delicious papa johns pizza last night with the bread sticks! YUMMY!!!