The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that last Tuesday, 59 of Philadelphia’s 1,687 voting divisions went 100 percent to Obama. Obama received a combined total of 19,605 votes to Romney’s zero. Much of urban Philadelphia was expected to turn out for Obama, but the news that Romney didn’t receive even a single vote in the 59 divisions has some people scratching their heads:

Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia who has studied African American precincts, said he had occasionally seen 100 percent of the vote go for the Democratic candidate. Chicago and Atlanta each had precincts that registered no votes for Republican Sen. John McCain in 2008.

“I’d be surprised if there weren’t a handful of precincts that didn’t cast a vote for Romney,” he said. But the number of zero precincts in Philadelphia deserves examination, Sabato added.

“Not a single vote for Romney or even an error? That’s worth looking into,” he said.

Indeed. The news out of Philadelphia has raised a red flag for many people:

While the goofy numbers strongly indicate that something was amiss in Philadelphia, it’s important to remember that 20,000 votes make up only a small fraction of the ultimate 3 million vote gap between Obama and Romney and that instances of genuine voter fraud should not be confused with rumors. While it’s a bitter pill for conservatives to swallow, we must acknowledge that Obama won the election handily. Nevertheless, Commentary’s John Podhoretz has raised some excellent points about Philadelphia’s fishy voting statistics:

  • reving19

    And this will be proven just like Obama’s birth certificate was proven, right? Even if it is true, you will never win this argument. Move on.

    • Netmilsmom

      No way. We can’t change the last election but we sure can stop this for the next one.

    • yahneverknow

      move on? MOVE ON?
      Sure, in liberals’ favor it’s “Move on, nothing to see here.”
      In the opposite direction it’s “OMG THEY ARE ALL RACISTS!!!!! FRAUD!! KILL!!”


      edited to add: and please don’t whine about my swearing. I rarely use those words and only when appropriate.

      • Grumpa Grumpus



        Apparently “move on” is the new felony investigative standard— put into place with the dropping of charges minutes before the guilty verdict was announced for the NBPP.

        So, I know what will save barrels of money… maybe even enough to buy a loaf of bread!

        Whenever a crime is committed against a Proggie – of either party – we just move on!

        No fuss. No worries. No investigation. No arrests.

        Of course, the old standards of felony investigation would apply to crimes committed by non-Progressives!

        It should well satisfy Progressives— it’s just giving people what they desire.

    • Maria

      You’d raise hell if it was reversed. So, move on, most uneducated one.

    • Grumpa Grumpus


      And this will be proven just like Obama’s birth certificate was proven, right? Even if it is true, you will never win this argument. Move on.

      So that is what we base our efforts on?

      How many burglaries are solved?
      Studies show that within 3hrs your cherished chattels are scattered to the four winds! Fenced, tossed, plain destroyed— You”l never get your stuff back— why bother with even calling the police? Move on.

  • Netmilsmom

    Districts in Cleveland were the same. 100% for Obama.

    • Peyton

      If this number is wrong, shame on the people that committed fraud. If these numbers are right, well at least there isn’t one smart person who has to live with all these idiots.

  • Liberal Hater


  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Oh no, NEVER any fraud, of course.

  • Marcy Cook

    If we find out, and it will take a while, that the 2-3 million votes were because the voting machines were messed with or there was true double, maybe triple voting….the rest of the country who voted for Romney and were cheated will rise up. This election was fishy and everyone knows it but are afraid to say it because they will be trashed. Or they are so stunned right now and don’t understand, like most of us don’t understand, how this could have possibly happened. There is no way, if people are paying attention, that people voted for more of the same or worse from the dictator.

    • SteveThomas39

      I don’t believe for an instant that a fired up conservative base turned out 3 million fewer voters than the demoralized base for McCain. No way. We’ve been had.

      • yahneverknow

        My concern is more about the 406K votes in those 4 swing states that would have won this for Romney. Average of ~100k per state ain’t much. That doesn’t even take into account the other states where the margin was even less.

        • Grumpa Grumpus

          I could agree w/you…
          except at some point we have to say “enough!” and put our foot down.

          If 1000 stolen votes is ok, why not 10k? If a 1000 stolen isn’t ok, then why is 100?

          NB: I’m not referring to genuine error or even mild incompetence. I understand that anything involving people will be imperfect.

          I’m talking about malice.

          Progressives signaled their intent to steal when they fought to keep barriers to stealing from being implemented!

          They argued those barries were to suppress voting.

          How do we know they were lying?
          Because every person already has some form of government issued ID if they cash a check, buy liquor or attend a DumperCrat Rally!

          Progressive Trolls should read that last item thrice. It shows they are trolls and why I don’t waste time reading them.

          At my age I have too little time to grub around in the manure inhabiting a Progressives’ mind to find a dirty walnut of a plausible point!

          So. There we have it. I’m certain that we’re on our own with this. The Progressive-Repubs certain will do all they can to put the brakes on folliw-up.

          We’ll have to figure out how to make sure any other vote is honest and true… and what level of DumperCrat-fraud is acceptable. I don’t think we’ll ever stop DumperCrats from cheating— it’s more necessary than breathing to them— so we’ll have to find contentment in some minor amount of it and maybe wean them off dishonesty.

          I have a few ideas on how to go about safeguarding the sanctity of the vote, but this really needs to be a brainstorming session.

          Add to that, I’m really feeling my age, so I tire after just a sentence ir two. And voice-typing (what I’m using now) would be clunky to a brainstorming session.

          Any ideas?

        • Renellin

          Did you see on tv where there were bags and bags of shredded voter registrations, apparently all republican shredded by the acorn-like community organizer group?

      • yahneverknow

        My concern is more about the 406K votes in those 4 swing states that would have won this for Romney. Average of ~100k per state ain’t much. That doesn’t even take into account the other states where the margin was even less.

    • Renellin

      They’ll just keep talking about Petreaus until the subject changes and they will laugh all the way through the next election.

  • ricci

    surely these numbers dont surprise anyone, one of the most corrupt politicians ever running for the highest office in the land and you expect them to play by the same rules everyone else does, you must be smoking some good stuff then

  • Peyton

    #FairTax System for the United States of America. #FlatTax #WhitehousePetition

  • golfmax13

    Isn’t there video in at least one of these places? You could count how many ballots were cast vs how many people walked through the door. This stinks to high heaven.

  • c2

    So all the people who have been suspicious of these results don’t need Thorazine after all. Well, well.

    • Lilybelle Brown

      Yes we do. Dear Leader said so.

  • Why r libs so bad at math?

    Sounds racist…if this had gone the other way the lib media would be screaming bloody murder, voter suppression, kkk, bitter white people and a range of other ignorant things. But it happened in philly, and it went for o so nothing to see here. Move along now.

    • Lilybelle Brown

      ^ This.

  • Tom Ellis

    Could it have something to do with Black Panthers at the election site, murals of the o all over the walls in the polling place, precinct officers wearing obama hats and no voter id allowed? We have to stop this now, or we have no chance to get our country back

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    The Proggie-Republicans will reward this theft of people’s franchise with weak protest actions and a lot of loud verbal thrashing around.

    Note what I’m going to say applies with more frequency in races for lower offices.

    Nothing was done about JFK.

    Nothing was done about Johnson.
    The steps necessary to prevent this theft could have been done at that time.

    Nothing was done about Clinton.

    Nothing was done about Gore.
    Don’t tell me Bush fought back. I mean repairing the system instead of making the regularity of Progressive Theft into a “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” National joke!

    Nothing was done during Dingleberry™ I.

    Therefore nothing will be done.

    If you allow some to occur w/o a cost or penalty you will get more of it.

    • Nathaniel Door

      Just evidence of what you are saying applying in lower races: I’m from the big old blue state of Washington, where there was massive fraud in the previous two gubernatorial races. Then we have the latest, where the Dem Jay Inslee beat the GOP Rob McKenna, after even the liberal papers endorsed McKenna and said Inslee had no plan. Inslee’s hometown paper was among the vast majority for McKenna. When even the media is on the side of the conservative candidate, I have to believe our tradition of fraud has continued.

  • Nathaniel Door

    Here’s the thing, this is easy to check. SOMEBODY needs to make calls and find just a handful of people who will admit they voted Romney (or a third party, or a write in). 95% is hard to disprove. 100% is easy. Somebody with the knowledge and resources needs to get on this.

  • TugboatPhil

    I have the complete assurances of voting integrity officials that NO voter fraud occurred. I don’t have a link, but Mr Chavez of Venezuela, Mr Ahmadinejad or Iran and Mr Kim of N Korea have sworn as to the accuracy of the vote count.

    They also wondered why anyone would be suspicious of a 100% vote total for one candidate.

    • RblDiver

      As did the ghost of the “other” Hussein. He had 100% too!

  • Anton Dantes

    What does the Law of Probability have to say about this?

    • yahneverknow

      I’ve attempted to ask Nate Silver, but nothing back from him yet.

  • Back 4 More

    In the first 2 primaries Ron Paul received zero votes in districts in which he was heavily favored. Other than the thousands of people that swore they voted for him and were screaming (although ignored by the media) for a recount, nobody seemed to care about it then. You were given Romney because they couldn’t afford to have Ron Paul debate Obama. His views on our foreign policy and federal reserve (the former barely mentioned, the latter not mentioned at all, in the debates) aren’t very popular with the people that actually select our presidents. Our presidential elections are a sham. Our presidents are puppets, nothing more. You can accuse me of wearing a tin foil hat, or whatever else party loyal sheep accuse people of, but if you really believe you have a say in who our president is then you’re kidding yourself. The last president that okayed the printing of non-interest bearing, non-federal reserve controlled monetary notes was shot in the head a week later. Hasn’t been a real popular topic of discussion amongst poloticians since then. We aren’t even allowed to know what banks make up our privately owned federal reserve. They are not under control of any government agency and can print money at their own whim. They charge American tax payers a fairly hefty interest rate on the money they “loan” to our government. There is only one country in the world that receives interest free (not exactly interest free, America picks up the tab on the interest) loans from our federal reserve. Figure that one out and you’ll know who really selects our presidents. Of course, I’m probably just one of those crazy conspiracy nuts, so feel free to accept the election results as legitimate. I’m sure the most powerful people on the planet are being completely honest with you.

    • my preciousss!!

      i have heard about this albeit vaguely (a long time ago) and it was just in passing. it seems that any president who even dared to propose changing the Fed Reserve, got assasinated. the only 1 who survived was Andrew Jackson. correct me if i’m wrong?

      • Back 4 More

        The Fed was created in the early 20th century and in it’s time only one president (JFK) has tried to go against it. But, yes, any president that suggested we print non-interest bearing notes either met their demise or changed their mind very quickly. Lincoln and Kennedy are the only ones to actually go through with the action of printing non-interest bearing notes. They both lived roughly one week after doing it.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      This is a variation of what I’ve been saying.

      We don’t match on all points, but I’ve been saying that the Progressive-Republicans— who are know as Establishment Republicans, because it’s more palatable— were blindsided by Ronald Reagan and set out to make absolutely certain that a conservative would necer again slip past the “gatekeepers”!

      Look at the timeline on “bipartisan” cooperation for campaign reform &n that wasn’t really reform. And “bipartisan” is in “scare quotes” because both sides were the same political side—— it’s just one side spelled “Progressive” with a “D” after their name and the other an “R“!

      Love, hate, or feel indifferent about Palin. She came the closest to exposing one of the mechanisms of their operation.

      Remember when study groups popped up across the country to see about the laws to get her in the primaries? Suddenly every state’s Republican “rules for primaries” committee were trying to outdo each other to move the application deadline to exclude her.

      Many weren’t even shy or ashamed about why they were doing it! They admitted, on camera, that they wanted “to protect the primary process from the ridicule a Palin campaign would invite…”, the latter half of that quote varied slighty: laughingstock instead of ridicule, etc.

      And the lack of vetting of Emperor Dingleberry™.

      The N.B.C. requirement is spelled.out in the papers surrounding the Constitution. They were meant to be read along with it.

      Natural Born Citizen means that at the time of birth both parents are citizens.

      Emperor Dingleberry™ by his own biography is ineligible!

      Until I get a Constitutional based answer (none of this “optics” stuff!) as to why the Republican Leadership seconded Dingleberry’s™ eligiblity I consider the Republican Leadership as traitorous as the DumperCrats— they are just as much oath breakers!

      And, take heart: even while McCarthy was called crazy & vilified, intercepts decoded of diplomatic messages proved every charge he made!

  • Jamamoba

    I can sum up this election.
    “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as knowledge.” Isaac Asminov

  • yviemarie88

    I have been saying it since that afternoon on Election Day, something wasn’t right. See, if it happened here, it happened over there, and there and there and over there. Add that all up and I am still saying it stinks. We didn’t lose, we were beat at a contest that only one side had the rules. And that’s a whole other ballgame.

  • Citizen0000

    dey got his back yo! Much love Philly! /sarc

  • Frank DiSalle

    I think there should be a National Recount, not to see if somehow Romney won, but to underscore how much cheating there was, and how close the race actually was.
    I think it’s time someone took a stand against the Emperor Obama!

    • yahneverknow

      If you think ballots and flash drives have not already been destroyed or wiped, you are more hopeful than I am.

    • yahneverknow

      If you think ballots and flash drives have not already been destroyed or wiped, you are more hopeful than I am.

  • JamesandLoretta

    The have cheating down to a science. We will never win an election if this continues.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    roseanne barr got almost 50.000 votes and they expext me to believe, that there is not even one person who voted republican. that aint fishy, they have a whale in there!!

    (FYI: yes, i know a whale is not a fish. Just a way to make a comparisson)

  • Reese Walker

    Surely someone in one of those precincts has the guts to stand up and say “Hey wait i minute, I voted for Romney, where is my vote?”

  • Sinjun

    should be easy to verify. you just need one person from the distracts who (tried) to vote for Romney to come forward.. their vote was stolen after all if they did.

    • $1014973

      And get shot by their neighbors? Don’t think that is going to happen.

      • Sinjun

        and if it doesn’t happen they may as well start practicing goose stepping. the more we find out the worse things are becoming. even 1 account of voter fraud is completely and utterly unacceptable.

  • Maxwell

    Even if Romney got zero votes (highly unlikely) they is no way Obama got 100% of the vote. At least one person had to have voted for a third party candidate.

    • $1014973

      I don’t think Malcolm X made the ballot this year.

  • Rachel

    There is something rotten in the state of Denmark!

  • Ghost_of_XXX

    Sounds to me like everybody in those 59 districts knew Romney suks.

    • $1014973

      That would be hard to believe considering most of the people in those 59 Districts couldn’t open a window without directions.

  • GenerationJP2

    Is there anyway to check what kind of voting machine was used in each of these districts? Would be really interesting to see if the same machines were used in all of the suspicious districts.

  • $1014973

    As dumb as this voting block is, you are trying to tell me that not one person voted for Romney by mistake? The chances of that happening are about as remote as one black person in Philly voting for Romney on purpose.

  • DH728

    I might be just one person, but I live in the “city” of Philadelphia and I can assure you Romney got at least 2 votes from my husband and myself. We are in Ward 25, Div 12. Is there a way we can find out which divisions they are saying received zero votes?

    • yahneverknow

      I looked up some of the wards in that article and none that were mentioned matched yours, sorry. Would have to dig more into Philly voter info to know. If I have time tomorrow, I’ll check it out.