According to the Daily Caller, RNC Chair Reince Priebus is still deciding whether or not he will seek re-election when his term is up in January. Priebus took the reins from Steele after the 2010 elections:

Priebus was elected to the post in 2011 by defeating Chairman Michael Steele amid criticism of Steele’s leadership and spending practices at the committee.

“He inherited a mess at the RNC,” Barbour said of Priebus. “The donors were upset. We were broke. We were in about a $25 million hole. And he was able to turn all of that around and go out and really establish himself as a strong spokesman for our party.”

But it seems that Steele won’t be among those pushing for Priebus to stick around.

Some people weren’t too keen on Steele’s swipe:

But others, frustrated at the GOP’s losses on Tuesday, stood behind him:

Some Democrats even lined up behind him:

And a few are encouraging him to switch teams:

Priebus has yet to return fire.

  • TheAmishDude

    You have to give this to him, he has a point!

    But I think this illustrates the main problem with Michael Steele. He doesn’t know when to use his inside voice. He may be 100% right but doing it this way is counterproductive and makes him look small.

    When he was supposed to cheerlead for the Republican party he couldn’t do it.

    • kate_middleton

      I agree with you. You really can’t argue the validity of his statement – it’s true. GOP won huge under him. Not saying it was because of him, but results are what ultimately matters.

      • Hiraghm

        Then, dang it, in 2016… RUN HILLARY CLINTON. I’m sick and tired of Republicans saying what’s important is getting the brand name in the White House. It ain’t. It’s getting CONSERVATIVES in the White House and Congress that matters! Who cares what their party brand is?

        • kate_middleton

          That doesn’t compute. What is your beef with Steele? Are the people elected in 2010 not sufficiently conservative to you? The whole group was pretty conservative, according to all accounts.
          My personal opinion is that you can have a strict conservatives only policy and be the minority party forever. Or you can have the big tent and follow the Buckley rule (choose the most conservative person who can WIN that particular seat), and actually be the majority.

          • Hiraghm

            Why is NO one playing the video clip of Steele gloating after the election? His racist “I told you so” on one of the networks?

          • Hiraghm

            PI is 3.14159. Whether I am a minority of ONE, or a majority of a trillion, PI will remain 3.14159. The truth is the truth and facts are facts, popular or not.
            I don’t CARE if “Republican” is in the White House, or “Whig” or “Tory” or “Democrat”. What I do care about is the PRINCIPLES, VALUES and AGENDA of those in the White House.

            Conservatism is right; it is sensible; it is just; it is the path the nation once followed and should follow now. It does me no good whatsoever to have “my” party in the White House if they’re PROGRESSIVES, no matter how large the word “REPUBLICAN” may be tattooed to their foreheads.

            Do you get it yet? This is not a football game where I want my team to win. This is the future of the nation where I want CONSERVATISM OR DEATH. There is no compromise with the evil that is progressivism aka socialism, communism, fascism.

  • D.j.

    Funny that the dems want him on their team now. Weren’t they the same people throwing Oreo cookies at him when he mean for senate?

  • sqeptiq

    The Republicans won with Steele as chairman and dumped him. There’s gratitude.

    • rinodino

      You are correct Steele spoke up about the righties expanding the base and the righties told him to go screw himself turns out dude was right

      • Hiraghm

        And I repeat that he can screw himself. He wants to expand the base by making the Republican party even MORE like the Democrat party. What’s the point?

        • $4077546

          Enjoy losing, Jim.

  • Andrew

    Steele was all too happy during his service to smile and nod when people on the left accused the GOP of being racist or like a Nazi rally. We don’t need his kind of leadership. 2010 wins were in despite of him.

  • Randal Redder

    Give me a break. Michael Steele was responsible for the 2010 landslide? Obamacare, stimulus, and the fact it was a midterm was the reason the GOP swept the country. The RNC chair is responsible for raising and allocating money. He wasn’t even able to allocate as much funds to states as 2006. Steele left the RNC a mess for 2012, so much so that you had Paul Ryan out raising money in 2011 before endorsing Romney, warning everyone what miserable financial shape the party was in.

  • David Mick

    We didn’t win elections because of Steele, he is of the old guard. The 2010 Elections were won because of the Tea Party and the Candidates. If it was left to him the Republican Party would still be trying to sell Big Government to the People. Reince, thanked the Tea Party for all of its work in Wisconsin; I don’t remember Steele thanking the Tea Party for the 2010 Election. Progressive “Conservatives” want to take the Party for them selfs and I say no. What about You?

    • $4077546

      You must be from Wisconsin…

  • Slam1263

    Mikey, I’s bot d plane, with yerz money, Steele.
    Or, Reince, lather and repeat, Priebus?
    I don’t think either did a stellar job.
    I am not a member of the TEA party, but I am wondering why the GOP has froze them out.
    Losing primaries to them should have been a wake up call, that the base was unhappy with their choices of candidates.
    McCain and Romney are nice gentlemen, but neither are presidential.
    I am tired of having to vote against the competition, and not for my party.

  • Justin Whitney

    The Romney campaign had a very positive message, and I think Reince had something to do with that. Kind of sad it didn’t work.

    • $4077546

      It is foolish to think that being nice wins elections. This is the kind of idiocy that leads to a Romney (or a Priebus).

  • Steve_J

    The Republicans won in 2010 becuase of the Tea Pary attitude adopted by so many people. The RNC and GOP had llittle to nothing to do with the 2010 results.

  • JamesInStowOhio

    Michael Steele is just being what he’s always been: a self-serving egotist who is loyal to nothing except Michael Steele.

  • NCRelite

    The tea party won us seats because the folks that follow politics usually only vote in the midterms. All the dunderheads come out for the presidential elections

  • tomtom1983

    The election was stolen, Steele, the black panthers, the NAACP, UN monitors and libs denying GOP officials observance.

    Obama is an illegitimate occupant of the White House so stop blaming each other and place the blame where it belongs, on the left.

    • $4077546

      You are an example of the nuts we need to purge from the Republican party. Develop a cogent argument sometime. Pathetic.

  • michael s

    Good for Mr Michael Steele. I’m glad he put down Priebus. Steele was a great fundraiser and helped deliver the 60+ majority in 2010. All you conservatives were gloating then which didn’t bother me. Now with priebus Dems gaines 29 seats in the house. 3 in the senate. And Pres Obama keeps the presidency. Now the Romney team has conceded Florida. So Pres Obama may top his 08 election popular vote results. Like valerie Jarrett said Payback time.

    • Hiraghm

      Yes… a glorious defeat… using the moderate type of candidate Steele wants us to use instead of a conservative.

      • $4077546

        Perfect is the enemy of the good. Your thinking got us Obama care…I would rather have some wins than nothing due to rigid principals like abortion that only religious nuts care about.

  • michael s

    Good for Mr Michael Steele. I’m glad he put down Priebus. Steele was a great fundraiser and helped deliver the 60+ majority in 2010. All you conservatives were gloating then which didn’t bother me. Now with priebus Dems gaines 29 seats in the house. 3 in the senate. And Pres Obama keeps the presidency. Now the Romney team has conceded Florida. So Pres Obama may top his 08 election popular vote results. Like valerie Jarrett said Payback time.

  • Karl H

    2010 was not won by the GOP. TEA partiers and libertarians won that election for the GOP. However the ungracious attitude of the establishment GOP towards libertarians and TEA partiers during the candidate selection process announced to the world that the GOP was still the same GOP.

    Let me spell it out very simple for the establishment GOP types who seem to not get it.

    The message from Democrats to the GOP is: Go sit in the corner and shut the hell up. Do exactly what we tell you and we will call it working together.

    The message from the GOP to TEA partiers and libertarians is : Go sit in the corner and shut the hell up. Do exactly what we tell you and we will call it working together.

    And please Boehner is the man to lead Republicans in the house? He came out in 2010 bragging about the cuts the GOP forced on the Dems…and within hours the MSM was able to do the math that Boehner could not and show he sold the family house for $1 and some magic beans.

    Now we have to count on him again…Not much hope in that. The only reason Bill Clinton was brought to heal was not the threat of a Government shut down, but an actual shut down…several of them. Does Boehner have the stones to do what Gingrich did? I highly doubt it, and if a single democrat offers him a glass of Hennessy the deal is done.

    One must remember when dealing with Democrats you can not play chicken, they do not blink because they really are that f-ing crazy. Democrats do not understand math, those that do generally hate America and capitalism so they are no less suicidal than their numbers challenged cohorts.

    As for Candidate Romney. Just like Candidate McCain I could not be supportive of him. Not until he gave me a VP that I could support. I did not vote for McCain, I voted for Palin, I did not vote for Romney I voted for Ryan. McCain and Romney are establishment RINO’s just like 99.999% of Republican leadership.

    The GOP needs to learn they are not conservative in any sense of the word. The current batch of knuckleheads would treat Ronald Reagan much the same as they treated Ron Paul. Hell even with the TEA party gains of 2010 the Republican party in the house was less than 1% more conservative in how they voted than they were previously. And the Newly minted republican representatives were only a few percentage points higher than the establishment RINO’S on their votes.

    Consider this, even the most blue dog conservative Democrat is willing to fall on their sword to advance the liberal socialist agenda. Very few Republicans are willing to endure even a paper cut for the cause of conservatism.

    If you can find the old news reels on youtube go look at video of Paul Ryan facing off against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Reince Priebus doing the same. In the case of Ryan he never backs down and runs her ragged in the case of Priebus, it looks like he just might offer her a foot rub.

  • Hiraghm

    Seems clear enough to me… the Republican party is inviting conservatives to leave. I strongly suggest we take them up on the invitation.

  • TocksNedlog

    Back-biting, fracturing, completely unhelpful CRAP like this is why many of us conservatives do NOT join the Republican Party. You guys keep right on blaming each other; meanwhile, I and others will continue to focus on promoting conservative principles.

  • WheresPatton

    The same Michael Steele that attached his name to MAILERS in MARYLAND and made robocalls urging people to vote FOR the most corrupt and disgusting political deal in the state’s history (expanded gambling)?

    Yeah, what a goober. GET LOST YA RINO!

  • BorderLine Guy

    Unless the GOP learns their lesson immediately, 2014 will be a bloodbath. I KNOW this isn’t going to be popular here, but the GOP needs to quit pretending that it’s 1950 and everything should be based on the religion loons. Newsflash: Gay people exist. A fair number of them are likely fiscally conservative, but bashing gays and pushing marriage amendments not only alienates them, but their friends and family as well. Ask MN how well that marriage amendment well over: lost the legislature AND lost on Voter ID.

    Newsflash 2: Hispanics like the GOP less each election, even with a more diverse slate of candidates. Stop talking about deportation in primaries in order to appease the old white men that run the party. We all saw how that worked out Tuesday. Come up with a reasonable path to citizenship…soon!

    And, Steele isn’t anything special. Preibus presided over ONE successful election cycle in WI and that was 2010. Neither deserves the job. If you want the GOP to run harder to the right on “principles” then you’d better know that you won’t see the White House for decades and you’ll likely lose the House too.