The “Clarissa Explains It All” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” star prefaced her “coming out” tweet by asking her followers to explain what it’s like to be a Hollywood Republican. Liberals responded with their characteristic nastiness:

Hart then revealed that she supports the Romney/Ryan ticket:

And, right on cue, lefties spewed their venom:


Conservatives countered the filth by commending Hart for standing up for her principles:

Hear, hear! Kudos to you, Melissa, for having the guts to buck the trend and remain steadfast in what you believe.



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  • kwaker

    Yet more from the “Tolerant ” Left…

    • Audrey Horne

      Nobody should be “tolerant” of a party that represents bigotry and means to set us back 50 years.

      • Abigail

        Exactly! Which is why Romney/Ryan will be voted in. 😀

      • Nutstuyu

        Which is exactly why we won’t let Democrats take us back to the Jim Crow laws that THEY created.

      • Nutstuyu

        Which is exactly why we won’t let Democrats take us back to the Jim Crow laws that THEY created.

      • Dave Lindsey — Clearly, stupid and bigot ring true when you declare yourself to be a Democrap..

        • Randy Hayes

          whatever the case let’s just get this election cycle over with

      • Dave Lindsey — Clearly, stupid and bigot ring true when you declare yourself to be a Democrap..

      • Linda F.

        Says the yahoo who probably voted for Obama simply because of the color of his skin and nothing else. And if you don’t believe in loving and tolerating people who disagree with you and your political views, then you should STOP lecturing people about love and tolerance … you hate-filled, ignorant, intolerant hypocrite.

      • Andy T

        It seems your party is the racist and bigoted one that requires everyone to be an ignorant as their henchmen. Forward? Hardly. You do not understand a Republic or diversity or anything else.

      • Randy Hayes

        that’s not going to happen and only a fool believes it will

      • BidensHairPlug

        Cuz y’all caint read no histry books!

      • Herman LaClair

        the civil rights act of 1964 would never have passed without republicans. your guy filibustered for 84 hours against it. bigotry anyone?

        • Harry

          I know and Honest Abe was a Republican. Malcolm X also criticized those in his Black contingency who were Democrats as political CHUMPS !!

      • Gothguy

        Prove what you have written is true.

        • rubyroo
          • americanscott

            I believe he ended up dead very shortly after this. Makes you wonder, yeah? Granted, he was a hard-core racist, but he got this right.

          • rubyroo

            Yup, killed 2 days later.

          • americanscott

            I believe he ended up dead very shortly after this. Makes you wonder, yeah? Granted, he was a hard-core racist, but he got this right.

        • islndhawk

          In 1964, the Democratic party filibustered the Civil Rights Act. The KKK was affiliated with the early Democratic party. Why do you think the Dems are advocates of welfare and handouts? So they can (a) guarantee votes and (b) keep people of color from succeeding. I am of color. I am a Republican. I believe in hard work, not easy way out.

          • Joe Lovell

            yep – which party says that minorities and women aren’t smart enough to compete on an even footing with white males? Which party doesn’t recognize the concept of “American” but insists on separating us into little cubbyholes and trying to convince each little sub-class that all in it are nothing but helpless victims? Hint – the party name starts with a D.

      • Nick Noneya

        Nobody should be tolerant of a party that fights for the “killing” of the innocent for the convenience of “choice”

      • Harry

        Yeah and Malcolm X called anybody who supported the Democratic Party, political chumps. He realized it back then so what’s your excuse ???

      • beastdogs8

        So emeral if you are referring to the KKK founding, Jim Crow laws writing democrat party, then emeral you would be correct, the liberal democrats through their bigotry have to this day continue to force minorities to sever them on their slave plantations, complete with race hustlers and useful idiots like Jackson to help prevent any minorities from escaping. Well emeral, it is not my fault or any conservatives fault that you willing have made yourself a useful idiot and fool of the left, enjoy the few crumbs the liberals throw you way, as left feast on banquets and laugh at your stupidity, and your slavish willingness to lick their boots clean and drink their kool aid. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results, keep voting democrat emeral then sit there and wounder why nothing has change, wash rinse and repeat. I have no tolerance for liberals, I have no tolerance for their ignorance of reality.

      • Joe Lovell

        Exactly – which makes me wonder just why so many support the Dems.

      • thetreyman

        i’ve been thinking. because lib women apparently are walking vaginas and can think of nothing else, i will no longer address them eye to eye. i will instead address their crotch, seeing as that is where their brain is nowadays.

      • Larry Miller

        Obama has already done that. How long have you been asleep?

    • dr44

      Yep. That’s probably the end of her Hollyweird career, such as it was. Blacklisted by the forces of tolerance.

  • Josephine (D)

    Romney can even get the Witch vote! “Teenage Witches For Romney”?!

    Sorry, I’m a kid of the 1990s/2000s.

  • $30423294

    I remember the Clarence Thomas nomination in which the Democrat party behaved so disrespectfully and disgracefully toward this highly qualified black jurist.

    During his testimony before the kangaroo court, Judge Thomas reminded us that historically, the purpose of a lynching was not so much to insult the dignity of the victim. It was to warn the other “undesirables” to hide, and to mind what they say in public.

    It looks like the Democrat party hasn’t changed. The mean comments directed toward Ms. Joan Hart aren’t so much to admonish her, they are to warn other Hollywood patriots to stay in hiding.

    Let’s be clear about how the Democrat Party operates.

    And let’s thank God that, with the help of your vote, they are going to be removed from power tomorrow.

    • DD

      And the Republican party are just saints…sheeshkabob

      • DD

        Look over to Beyonce earrings…and you’ll see it’s the pot calling the kettle black

        • yahneverknow

          Talking to yourself is the first sign.

        • Concerned

          There is no comparison when it comes to the ugliness. You have to be blind not to see it.

        • Steve_J

          I did take a look and didn’t see anything remotely like the above tweets.

        • Kate

          Checked out those comments. A few called them tacky or stupid, but I did not see one single comment calling Beyonce “stupid,” or urging her to “kill herself.”

          • Concerned

            It is like saying pinching someone and stabbing them are the same thing.

        • yahneverknow

          SHHHHHH!!!! (you said “black”)

        • yahneverknow

          SHHHHHH!!!! (you said “black”)

      • tomtom1983

        Get clue you liberal twit, trying to justify the appalling actions of your mindless hateful brethren. Its called history, do the world a favor and read up on it before you attempt to justify your party’s actions.

        The biggest advocates and perpetrators of racial discrimination and hate filled policy came from your party. Your party created “Jim Crow”, “the black codes”, “Jay Bird” and many more subverted acts to keep blacks bound and subjected to ill treatment.

        FDR (D) was responsible for the barbaric treatment of over 150,000 Japanese Americans during WW2, interning those Japanese Americans into internment camps and seizure of their property and income that which was illegal and unconstitutional.

        Abraham Lincoln (R) was victorious in defeating the South in the Civil War, freeing blacks from the Democratic party’s (Solid South) atrocities and degradation.

        Democrats opposed the civil rights act and attempted to filibuster the process, however Republicans were able to defeat the left and gave rights to minorities oppressed by the left.

        So no, conservatives aren’t saints, but we damn sure aren’t racist, bigots, nor two faced hypocrites.

        So again, do yourself a favor and actually learn some factual history before sounding like a typical hypocritical liberal with no comprehension of actual history.

        Oh, the right splintered from the left specifically to oppose the harsh and inhuman treatment of blacks by your party. We exist because we see minorities as American citizens and not as a voting bloc that requires the government to think for them.

        Question.. Why are the majority of abortion clinics located in minority communities?

        Why has the black family structure been reduced to ruble where 75% of all black families are now single parent homes?

        Why is that under your party’s control has the standard of living for minority communities degraded the longer your party remains in power?

        Why is unemployment higher in black communities then any other ethnicity at 14%?

        Why has the education of black youth been distorted to hide the true form of your party and the atrocities your party inflicted and continues to inflict upon them?

        History is fact and the fact is your party is racist, debilitating and detrimental to the viability of the black community. Learn factual history before you justify the actions of your hideous ideology.

      • Nutstuyu

        -39 and counting. Sounds like you’ve got a winner there.

      • Nutstuyu

        -39 and counting. Sounds like you’ve got a winner there.

      • Harry

        And Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat right?? Malcolm X despised the Democratic Party….

    • Randy Hayes

      never has.never will.neither will the repubs

  • DD

    Wonder why she can’t answer her own question

    • Steve_J

      You don’t understand the difference between a rhetorical question and a question that invites an answer?

      • Emma Brown

        Apparently she doesn’t understand much of anything..

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      That’s really sad. You, I mean, honey.

  • Paul J. Citro

    These are the same people in the WH.

  • Mark Stephens

    I honestly don’t know which is sadder. The fact that MJH would have to ask the question, or the venom that she gets from people who cannot separate the person from the part that they play on a TV show or the songs that they sing. I could probably give you a very long list of people whose movies, TV shows, songs, etc. I very much enjoy, but with whom I disagree with politically. As a veteran (along with my late wife and BOTH sons), I thought that was something for which we stand ready to fight.

    If one of my friends (to borrow a term from VP Biden) from the left would like to correct me on this point, I would be interested to hear what you have to say. However, I would ask that we stick to facts.

  • nin098

    Ahh, the Left, “Progressives”, the party of “tolerance”, it’s kindda like the religion of peace, or Metta World “Peace”….. Democrats, the founder of the KKK….

  • kch50428

    I always knew there was just something about MellyJ…

  • Darth_Slacker_

    Sophia Bush and Eva Langpria – Liberal Bitches Assemble! Lady Parts attack!!

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      My mind works very visually.

      With THAT mental picture I’ll have a month of nightmares!

  • Concerned

    The left says republicans are extreme, yet being a republican automatically means you hate women, hate gays, hate poor people, are racist. Really? No. Idiots we love everybody. You all hate yourselves.

    • Kate

      Wanting women to pay for their own birth control does not equal hating women. Standing for traditional marriage does not equal hating gays. (It just means we don’t want them to get married!) Wanting the poor to raise their standards by looking for work does not mean we only like the wealthy.

      I wish the left would look past that tired rhetoric. Perhaps they wouldn’t be so angry all the time.

      • Concerned

        They are very angry and very frightening.

      • Randy Hayes

        but then they and their wonderful leader would have nothing to work with

    • Audrey Horne

      Republicans “love everybody”? Apparently they’re great comedians too.

      • Nutstuyu

        Love does not equal approval.

        • Byron Shutt

          Well said

          • Randy Hayes


      • Nutstuyu

        Love does not equal approval.

      • Andy T

        A thousand times more love than the Dems who hate decency, hate morality, and hgate anybody who stands up to their mess.

        • Harry

          Even though I’m Buddhist I’ll say Amen !!

      • Dpjk76

        and demobrats love everybody? like the new black panthers love whites, like the latinos or hispanics love the white, like the muslims like the USA, Really you are going to pretend the democrats are a love all party?

      • Jerry Rotten

        Only in liberal dogma are sub-poverty handouts that keep their recipients dependent on the gubmint trough, considered “love.” Get a clue.

      • Harry

        I think you need to see a surgeon immediately… You may have one of those alien chips up your butt..

    • Randy Hayes

      i guess

    • Harry

      The CIA has been conducting mind control in all the Blue states.. Especially Hollywood..

    • Aaron Giddens

      Strong words. Too bad it’s all talking points, and false ones at that.

      • Concerned

        It is not all talking points..and not false. You have to believe it is false or else your whole basis would be crushed.

  • yahneverknow

    What I don’t get… is how anyone that has a brain can read those venomous reactions and not think, even for a tiny, tiny moment, that *maybe* they’re a little overboard. Or even, be curious as to why they are so unaccepting of the idea that someone could have a different opinion, when “differences” are what they scream about defending?

    That’s just not logical.

    My fave is the guy that asks “how can you say that as a woman?”

    • soJa

      Nevermind the fact that some of their positions are simply not based in reality but on campaign lies and media spin. Ignorance.

      • Andy T

        The left is ignorant – they spouted back at school to get A’s and never learned to think critically.

    • Steven Myers

      You walk through a prison and hear the same venom. Just because they are guilt of following someone for “personal interests” does not mean they want what is best for everyone.

    • Timothy Kennedy

      In what way or by what evidence, do you expect them to be logical? A liberal is the disciple of the post-modernist movement, who’s mantra is that “the only absolute truth is that there is no absolute truth”…now, is there anyone out there that can hear that and not see a contradiction? The most intolerant and bigoted people in our society are the ones always screaming about intolerance and bigotry. Thus, given that heir minds are a contradiction of logic…they can’t see the illogical aspects of their own words.

      • yahneverknow

        1. I try not to make assumptions.
        2. I wrote “anyone that has a brain,” not “liberals.”
        3. The word “liberal” has been co-opted by people who need a dictionary.

        • Timothy Kennedy

          I would agree with your basic premiss, except that the “liberal” movement has, as it’s representatives, the qualities described by my “assumptions”. If you hold the ideals of “a true liberal”, the search for the betterment of the society through ‘progressive’ or ‘reform’, you can take exception to my words. However, in what way does the tolerance of radicalism and totalitarianism an option for you? The embracing of totalitarianism is counter to both “progress” and “reform”. My point is that liberalism, in the modern sense and representation, has embraced the post-modernist view of society. This is indoctrinated into young minds through the educational system and permeates the arts, entertainment, and politics of the left.

          • yahneverknow

            So. Your point is this?
            Clifs: Modern Liberals are actually Post-Modernists and don’t know it. They also are taking over the world.

            I think you use more words than you need to.

            I can’t figure out if you’re 15 or 50; in any case, please don’t “fancy-talk” unless you use a dictionary and double-check your grammar and punctuation, too. It’s hard to take it seriously when you open with multiple errors in your first sentence.

          • Timothy Kennedy

            The point is this: Yes, the modern “liberal” movement is post-modernist. As for their knowing it, I’m quite sure that most do. I could ask you to speak to a college professor, but don’t believe that you would make an effort to honestly investigate. As for my grammar, I plead guilty to using poor grammar…not due to a bad education, just bad habits and posting in the late hours. I speak the same way I post, it may seem like “fancy-talk” to you, but it’s how I speak. I’ve tried to show you respect, but I guess that it would have been asking too much to expect the same from you.

          • yahneverknow

            Good lord. College professors are not GODS. I used to talk and write like you… and then I grew up and realized there is enough waste in the world that I don’t need to waste words also.

            You’re the one that injected this yammering about the definition of “liberals” into my statement that I don’t understand some people who don’t use their brains.

            If you step in it, you have to clean it off your own shoe. Don’t expect anyone else to lick it off for you.

  • Edward R. Mikol

    One of Bill Clinton’s MAXIM fantasies goes limp.

  • Concerned

    How can racist people be pro life…when 40% of all abortions are by black women? Why does it mean we hate gays because we do not want our churches to have to go against their religious beliefs and be forced to marry gays? How do we hate women, when selective abortions favor male births? How do we hate women when the Obama administration is paying their women 18% less?

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Dontcha know? Us right-wingers are so stoooopid we don’t know none of that stuff.

    • Andy T

      Reason does not win the day. IN Houston the NAACP took over a polling place and handed out water in the name of Obama and moved their friends to the head of the line while the poll folks did NOTHING. Our election system has been compromised by people like the Dem twits on this thread.

    • Randy Hayes

      If Mitt gets elected he’s not going to change those would be political sucide

      • Michael Rice

        Political suicide for a guy who would be already elected?

  • nin098

    Liberals, whatever happened to “HOPE and CHANGE”?? Liberals exposed, “REVENGE and vitriolic attacks on anyone who disagree with Obama’s agenda.
    Proof that Liberals never had the moral high ground,, they claim to be ‘better’ to begin with. They’re just more “LIBERAL” with their “B.S.”.

  • Jefferson Tea Party

    Gosh, reading these hate-tweets to her would lead one to believe that Hollywood consists of moral, tolerant, upstanding citizens, aside from the horrible, mutant Republicans polluting their world.

  • Bea

    Sad, sick people the left are. They really do deserve to be pitied.

  • Lara (LAIR-A)

    This was NOT her Republican coming out. Melissa tweeted during the 2010 midterms that she was a Republican and really impressed with John Boehner. She’s an Irish Catholic Republican. I’ve chatted with her on FB about it before. She said being an active Catholic Hollywood celeb is common; being Republican is a whole different story. I admire her courage.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Don’t cave in Melissa! Fellow Conservatives have your back!

  • Renny

    Thanks for putting these up, Twitchy. Let’s us know who we can encourage.

  • Conrad2010

    Laugh of the Century.

    lib·er·al / adj.

    a. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.

    b. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.

    • yahneverknow

      Maybe we need to send the DNC some dictionaries with that entry highlighted.

  • Dave Silva

    why i cut people completely out of my life if i find out they are democrats.

  • tomtom1983

    Yes!! Its inspiring that not all Hollywood actors are brainless twits stomping for that fool Obama.

    And who cares what dumb liberals say or tweet, they’re full of crap and don’t posses the necessary comprehension skills to be identified as anything other than a pack of wild animals.

    Pissing on Romney signs, stealing and vandalizing private property that shows support for Romney. Threatening conservatives with acts of harm and civil unrest if they don’t get their elitist way.

    Declaring voter suppression of minorities as the NAACP violates federal laws in Texas. As libs send fraudulent letters claiming to be from local officials threatening incarceration against conservative voters. Attacking laws that mean to protect voter integrity. Requesting UN monitors to over see American elections as they show an obvious bias against conservatives and voter machines switching votes.

    Get bent libs.

  • raycathode

    I see why they call it Twitter.

  • Sam

    I heard MJH was a Republican, read somewhere that she was a big Reagan fan, and it was brave of her to admit she was voting for Romney. Hope the hate doesn’t get her down. I’ve always thought her very pretty, talented, and likable; great mom to her cute little boys too.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    O yay, good for her! LOVE her! She so cuuuute . . .. (blushes, looks at floor.)

  • Maria L B

    I love how they tell a woman how a woman should vote.
    -College female voting R/R

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i imagine being a republican in hollywood is like being the loan brain cell in cher’s skull…

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      I know you meant “…lone brain cell in Cher’s skull…”—
      where "lone" = "singular, only one"

      Obviously the phone’s autocorrect mucked it up.

      But, it’s serendipity!

      To my mind, “…loan brain cell in Cher’s skull…”, where "loan" = "to borrow" works much better!

      I’ve always thought any live brain cells Cher sports are “borrowed” from her victims.

      You see, Cher’s a zombie. A brain eating zombie. Nothing else explains all the facts:
      1) unnaturally long life— she dated Methuselah you know, but he was only interested in girls with cooth and culture.
      2) She’s so dumb even the though Sonny begged them they found writing dialog that made her seem normally smart impossible. The compromise, as the show wore on, was fewer & fewer lines for her.
      People stopped watching anyway: the viewers felt the writers were insulting their intelligence, they couldn’t bring themselves to accept that anyone could possibly be that dumb!
      3) She constantly being photographed in the company of exceptionally virile 20yr old men— who start showing signs of unnaturally rapid ageing. After a year, Cher seems to have gained a slight second wind… but the companion looks older than Cher did when the dating started.
      4) Cher seems obsessed with Brains… nice, live, healthy smart conservative brains!

      Item #4 is understandable, though: the cubboard is bare amonst Progressives, where else could she feed?

      • orringtonmom (D)

        dang. you got me. i wish i could blame auto correct. can i blame two boys playing hot wheels crash-o-rama at my feet while i was trying to type? anyway… you pulled it out of the fire for me. thank you.

        • native son

          Wait! Let me get this straight. Cher wanted someone to loan her a brain cell so she would have a lone brain cell? LMAO!

          • beastdogs8

            I was thinking the same thing, when since did Cher ever get a active brain cell, let alone a entire working brain????

      • Byron Shutt

        To funny…

    • Randy Hayes

      or maybe in yours

      • orringtonmom (D)

        ooooh, that hurt.

  • nin098

    More examples of “The Angry Left”, and were they not supposed to be all about “Peace and Love”, John Lennon style, the same “peaceniks” who were all screaming about Bush’s wars, but look the other way, when it comes to Obama’s wars.
    Liberalism is holding two opposing views at the same time and selectively apply them according to one’s agenda. In other words, “HYPOCRISY”.

  • ChicksLoveRight

    They think killing a baby is not radical, but protecting the helpless is radical! Liberals make me wonder if they really believe in evolution of human race!!

  • Gallatin

    Melissa you have my respect and I will watch for anything you’re in because you will have my dollars as well.

    • yahneverknow

      I was just thinking this. I’m not even a fan of hers, but I’m going to follow her on Twitter now. lol.

      • Danny Marks

        I was already following her. I like her even more now!

  • Chris Chambers

    Cinderella….the strong, quiet one, surrounded by the unkind stepsisters and wicked stepmother. But when the time comes to act…BOOM!

  • Peyton

    Finish this sentence for me… Being a republican in Hollywood is like being… the smartest person in Hollywood.

  • RaggedyAnn46

    Love it! Welcome aboard Melissa! Thanks for being brave enough in Hollywood to speak your mind!

  • matthewrettenmund

    Most of those tweets are hardly “teeth-baring.” Most are disappointed or critical, but…that’s free speech. The left is very tolerant of everyone’s opinions. However, having an opinion doesn’t inoculate you from receiving criticism. As long as it’s not threatening, etc., deal with it and move on.

    • Marie

      Juvenile name-calling is hardly criticism.

  • USAPatriotSC

    Liberals think America is all about hate, racism, intolerance and Socialism but how many of them are willing to give up THEIR money to Obama? They will turn of their great Messiah when he comes after their paychecks and wealth…..morons!!!

  • EastValleyConservative

    She doesn’t toe the liberal line—-and the only thing these parrots can do is spit back false talking points at her. The interesting thing is that if Romney isn’t able to rid of us ObamaCare in time, these complete idiots will say Romney enacted the legislation, watch. But that’s ONLY when they find out what a monster and devil it is.

  • Goo Gwaba

    Good for her, and frak the rest of those clowns.

  • TeslaRawks

    The majority of those commenting should just shoot themselves now.. Im glad they unfriended her… Not all hair and make up people are flamers.

  • TeslaRawks

    The majority of those commenting should just shoot themselves now.. Im glad they unfriended her… Not all hair and make up people are flamers.

  • Byron Shutt

    Can you feel the love and tolerance?

  • Byron Shutt

    Can you feel the love and tolerance?

  • Mom2Ian03

    Always liked her. So glad the left is so damn tolerant. NOT

  • Mom2Ian03

    Always liked her. So glad the left is so damn tolerant. NOT

  • golftilidrop

    Conservatives tell our friends we would die for their right to vote even if we disagree, liberals want to kill you if you vote against them……….next question?

  • golftilidrop

    Conservatives tell our friends we would die for their right to vote even if we disagree, liberals want to kill you if you vote against them……….next question?

  • Liberty

    A couple of my friends have gone unhinged on Twitter over this. But when we complain about Leftist celebs they tell us to get over it because it is no big deal. They are serious UNHINGED over this!

  • Sharon Jones

    ..the dems are an arrogant selfish bunch of closed minded fools that have Afr/Americans convinced that is the party for them, when acually it was the dems who despised Lincoln who was a repub for abolishing slavery!!! Fooled for so long they believe the lies they are told…just like the one Hollywood wants us to believe…are you a sheep…then follow the village idiot who blames everything on someone else and takes credit for things he didn’t do…he has done nothing more than what he set out to do divide and conquer and those who believe his lies are in for a rude awakening….he critisized Bush…but even look at SANDY…HIS BIG PHOTO OP!!!!! VOTE HIM OUT!!! GO MITT!!!

  • Andy T

    The left is so intolerant. They should liove in a country that is already Marxist and ee how they like that. They figure they are in control of the press, the movies, the universities and the White House. However, they are not controlling the minds (yet) of people who actually know how to think. These folks are an indictment of the lousy educational system fomented on the nation by dumb unions filled with incompetents.

  • Billy Diaz

    The Happiness of your life Depends upon the quality or your Thoughts….. Marcus Aurelius…. so stop hatin

  • G.

    And, yet again, the wedge deliberately driven between white/black, rich/poor, and political parties by our community – organizer of a pretend president comes into play. Obama has roiled the waters of class, race, and pettiness to accomplish his goal of the degrading of America as never before seen. This is the only history that should be written as his legacy whether he is re-elected or not.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    You know what the libs are gonna do next……

    BURN SABRINA AT THE STAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #typicalliberal”tolerance”

  • News Reporter

    Thanks for coming to the Republican party, Melissa…. uhhh just one day before elections. *sigh* I do wish Hollywood actors would grow a pair and not wait until their careers are over.

  • SideshowJon36

    Honestly, what is wrong with the Left that no one is EVER allowed to disagree with them on EVERYTHING? How can you live life that way?

  • AZJackalope

    Those without intelligence call people names, curse, are intolerant and can’t write a simple sentence correctly. I really feel bad for them. Oh well… Go Romney!

  • Jerry Rotten

    As a clever cartoon pointed out this morning, you don’t continue to drive on a flat tire for four more years and just hope it gets better…

  • Gothguy

    I will never, ever, understand the vitriol and hatred the leftists spew towards those of whom they disagree. I just don’t get it, because there are a lot of folks I will not agree with politically, but I would never think of saying such hateful words to them.

    • Jerry Rotten

      This is the “zone” in which they operate. It’s called “projection.” When this is the environment in which liberals live, filled with hate, stupidity, racism, bigotry, and sophomoric contempt for any idea that competes with the theories they’ve had implanted over the years, they project their whole range of negative emotions on to those that disagree. They haven’t figured out yet that their ideas have been tried and failed hundreds of years before their “epiphany.” They always want to think they have the better idea, but conservatives who respect and study the lessons of the past, know better. Plain and simple.

  • nc

    “Finish this sentence for me… Being a republican in Hollywood is like being…..???? #election2012.”

    I would finish it like this: “…a homosexual 50 years ago. It’s too risky to come out of the closet.”

    How ironic that Melissa is blasted by gays for “coming out.”

    But she has evidently thought this through, and is ready for the sh!t storm.

  • stu11926

    This is great! I’ve had a huge crush on MJH since way back in the Clarissa days!

  • AcecardZ

    Libtards are hilarious! Of course it’s ok for a guy to suck another guy’s dick but it’s not ok to be a Republican… so hypocritical!!!!

  • AcecardZ

    50% or more of Hollywood is absolutely clueless about political issues. They associate with the dumbocrats because somebody told them it’s “cool’ to do so and lord have mercy if they don’t do what all the other supposed “cool” people are doing.

  • Samuel Robert Dunn

    Some folks get mighty worked up. Where’s the civil public discourse?

  • dawn

    How does her vote for R/R make her a hater of gay people and women?! REALLY?! Are people really that shallow?…ie: “So your money is more important than my equality?” Hello! Go get a job!

  • Richard


  • Alan Williams

    The left says: don’t confuse me with the facts! Melissa Joan Hart is not only beautiful, she is extremely intelligent, unlike her detractors.

  • Robert Santos

    What’s in the Kool Aid that seems to make all those who drink it foam at the mouth? Is it the rage virus from 28 Days Later or something?

  • sunnyblack76

    awwww….i don’t know much about melissa joan hart, but i always thought she was the cutest little thing.

    i don’t understand these lefties HATING mitt romney, paul ryan, and melissa joan hart?? how can you hate a sweet grandpa, a young man who is as wholesome as apple pie, and a high school sweetheart.

    lefties could hate puppies and kittens and unicorns. weird people.

    goes to show you though, the hatred they had for sarah palin wasn’t exceptional in any way. these people have a bilious reservoir of acidic hate deep within them and they can spew it anybody (not just sarah palin).

  • islndhawk

    Gays are so vocal about equal rights and freedom of choice/speech. Why are they so quick to spew vulgarities at anyone who publicly supports Romney? Or do they think freedom of speech only applies to them?

    • beastdogs8

      They are liberals above everything, and liberals only tolerate people as long as they speak liberal speak, any deviation from said liberal script in their eyes makes one a right wing extremist and they must be silenced at all cost, to speak any other words or phrases not approved by the liberal politically correct thought police is hate speech and must be banned and the person who uttered the words must be silenced and imprisoned. Liberals have gotten away with their crap for far too long, they need to be told to shut the HELL up, because there is something called the First Amendment and it applies to all Americans not just them.

  • Dan Thorpe

    I always liked her in the past but she earned my immediate respect as human being for this

  • Larry Miller

    All Obama Socialist voters seem to have a filthy mind, while Americans keep to the high road.
    I’ll tell their Mommy to wash their mouths out with soap a couple of times.

  • Larry Miller

    Pornwood Socialists(aka Dems) position …………is…….flat on their back.

  • Mistertbones

    I’ve been a fan of Melissa’s ever since Clarissa Explains it All! I knew she was very smart!

  • $129448

    It amazes me how Liberals get dumber & dumber as time goes by.

  • Glitter

    What is astounding is the misinformation that comes out in these replies. I feel sorry for these people. They are delusional.

  • Matt

    Morons. Its all about gays and abortion to them, nothing else. Sorry, I’m to the point where I’m quite intolerant of their intolerance.

  • Erin Elizabeth

    Wow. There’re Obama’s tolerant supporters. Scary. I love the idiot comments about the Binder of Women! LMAO

  • RightThinking1

    “Left bares its teeth”, revealing rotted gums, and producing a cloud of hypocrisy tainted, foul, hot air.


    Vote like your stranded in Benghazi and Obama is your lifeline….

  • jovan1984

    The right wingers in the South are NO different. So, don’t act all superior. I get vile venom for being liberal in the South.