Yesterday, Washington Times writer Emily Miller kicked off a series about high-profile gun owners with a piece spotlighting avid hunter Paul Ryan. The article revealed that Ryan sometimes hunts deer using a .357 revolver:

[Ryan’s friend and brother-in-law Mark Olcott] said the Wisconsin congressman got him interested in hunting.  “When we met nine years ago, one of Paul’s first questions to me was whether I had a problem with him hunting, since I’m a veterinarian,” he explained  “I said, ‘No, I’d be interested to learn more about it.’ And I’ve been hooked every since.”

The two hunt mostly in Wisconsin and at their wives’ family ranch in Oklahoma. I asked Mr. Wolcott what guns Mr. Ryan owns. He said the Wisconsin Republican usually hunts deer using his Remington Model 700 rifle which is chambered in .30-06. For duck and turkey hunting, Mr. Ryan uses his a 12 gauge shotgun. He owns the Super Black Eagle model made by Benelli, a company owned by Beretta.

Mr. Ryan also likes to challenge himself by shooting with his revolver. “He likes hunting with a handgun,” Mr. Olcott said of his brother-in-law.  “He’ll carry his .357 in the stand — in a holster — and wait for a deer comes in range for a handgun, which is more like bow range, 30 yards or closer,” said Mr. Olcott. “He’s shot a lot of deer with his handgun. He really likes that.”

Conservatives thought it was pretty darn cool:

But liberals saw it as evidence of Ryan’s cold-hearted, animal-hatin’ ways:

The liberal outrage didn’t make much sense to this Twitterer:

Yes, but be that as it may, facts are of little concern to the Left. It’s just so much easier to huff and puff over the Second Amendment, you know?

It’s also interesting to note that while liberals crawl all over themselves to label conservative hunting enthusiasts as cruel and inhumane, they’re generally the ones lobbing the nastiest bullets.

  • Will P.

    So much for the Anti-2nd Amendment argument that you don’t hunt with a handgun.

    • torpedoman2002

      That is what is making them so mad. Another liberal myth was just shot down. (pun intended)

  • freeinaz

    I fail to see any problem with Ryan and his hunting.

  • Avey Owyns

    Liberals HATE whatever the ‘white man’ does… Where is there outrage over Halal meat being sold in our stores, where animals are bled alive, if they’re so concerned with animal cruelty?

    • rbtpowell

      Good point…………

  • Dr Natural

    The 44 magnum, made famous by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, was made primarily for hunting. My cousin owns a 357 magnum he uses for hunting too. I see no big deal here.

  • scalzo

    It’s always the liberals crying if the deers over populate and are invading their houses. They cry about animal welfare then go see what happens to an animal prepared for halal consumption. Bleed out still very much alive. At least us that like to eat meat put the animal down quickly and then clean it out. But I don’t see PETA going after the muslims?

  • Monte Rollette

    I hunt with a handgun, and today I shot paper Turkeys, clay pigeons, and caught a trout that is cooking now for supper.

  • douchie

    Anyone who eats meat should at least once take part in the killing and butchering of an animal. It’s vicious, it’s barbaric and it’s as real as it gets. No meat ever tastes as good as meat that you’ve harvested yourself. Any city dwelling leftist who claims to be a “foodie” and has a problem with legal and ethical hunting methods is a complete fraud.

    I’m always surprised that these supposed intellectuals are so ignorant of and offended by some of the most basic things real Americans do in their daily lives.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Man, the libs don’t know how to shut up, do they?

  • Anyone00

    Did anyone tell the people opposed to Ryan’s hunting: ‘Who are you to judge?’, ‘You can’t force yours views about a non-sapience creature on him [then further mock them when they disagree on that assessment of sapience]’?

  • Jarhead83

    Of course, the tree-hugging libs would rather we have a world with unsustainable populations of game animals starving, spreading disease, etc. These same people pretend to be concerned about animals, but have done nothing for conservation efforts supported by hunters….

  • sako204

    HA! Libs! They should take their 2 IQ points, rub ’em together and start fire to gather around for a whitetail vigil.

  • Garth Haycock

    I have to admit that it bothers me that Ryan hunts with a .357 because a .357 is for home invaders. A rifle is for hunting.

    • Love of Country

      I look at it this way. Not all kills are created equal …. a rifle is more accurate and therefore causes less suffering. As you know, if you miss the heart, the animal may escape the vicinity and die a slow, agonizing death in the bush somewhere. Most can be tracked but limiting suffering was always paramount in my book …. I’m quite the animal lover at heart but I’m certainly no vegetarian, lol. Supposedly, Ryan’s blind was 30 feet from a feeder, “potentially” within pistol range. But I’m with you, do the awesome creature one small favor and kill it in the most humane way possible. Deer are just as delicious as they are beautiful …. just use a rifle if possible.

      If you want to shoot an animal in the heart from 30 feet or more you need to use a rifle, preferably with a scope. I don’t know who these trifling scrubs are who clicked our down button for stating the obvious but any hunter worth his salt will tell you the same thing. BTW – I’ve never heard of a blind being set up within 50 feet of the target …. as you know, deer have excellent sound and scent capabilities so most blinds are 100 feet away or more. Of course anything Ryan does is better than what Joe Biden does on his best day.

      • Garth Haycock

        I agree with you about Ryan possibly being in a blind and using the handgun – and also about humanely harvesting the deer (or elk, which is my preference) – but I was trying to be funny with my home invader comment.

        *sigh* (That’s a Charlie Brown sigh of complete and utter failure)

      • douchie

        I hunt within 5 to 30 yards of natural trails all the time, no feeder, no planted food plot, just between natural feeding and bedding areas. I try to hunt with the wind to my advantage, but I also control my human scent as much as possible. I’m more accurate with my bow or my .44mag revolver (with open sights) at that distance than I am with my scoped rifle at 150 yards.

        So reading your comments I’m not sure I get your logic. It sounds like you need to educate yourself a lot more about the hunting world before posting comments. The majority of the time the most ethical kill shot on a deer is the double lung, “any hunter worth his salt will tell you the same thing.” Some handgun hunters use scopes. Some long gun hunters don’t. It’s all legal (depending of course on the season and area) and a personal choice.

        • Love of Country

          Don’t get my logic? Unbelievable. It’s simple, I used a rifle rather than a pistol when I used to go deer hunting, just like most people …. nothing illogical about that. But if you think pistols are as accurate as rifles at long distances then you have some screws loose.

          Ever heard of a sniper pistol? Me either.

          As far as heart or lungs, both kill quickly though a shot to the heart is faster … aim somewhere just behind the shoulder and you might get both. I’ve hit the lungs before and watched ’em run a bit but every time I’ve blown out their heart they dropped over dead. Now calm down, douchie, you’re not as smart as you think you are and besides, I wasn’t even talking to you.

          • douchie

            You are now on the troll list.

          • Love of Country

            Sometimes you tell someone the truth and they just get all bent out of shape about it …. I think you have some issues.

            BTW – Feel free to Google “kill shots” and “long distance target shooting”. There you will find that a heart shot is the quickest way to stop an animal followed by a lung or even a neck shot in some cases and that rifles are more accurate than pistols at long distances.

            Don’t hate the player, douchie … hate the game, lol. But if I made your goofy little troll list for spouting facts then you are a really small person, douchie ….. really small, indeed.

            But hey …. I’ve got no hard feelings toward you or anyone else who voted against Barack Owebamao … :)

          • douchie

            Keep trolling with your straw-man arguments. I can’t trust a thing you post anymore.
            The double lung is a much larger kill area and thus a more ethical shot (a majority of the time). Find a REAL hunter to disagree with that. Of course the heart is the best possible shot placement, but that shot placement is not always possible or even advisable because of distance, wind, angle, etc.
            Some hunting setups make aiming a long gun difficult and, because of the terrain or proximity to the game, unnecessary The way you speak of hunting, you sound like a novice who has never spent time in the woods except in a heated blind 50yards from a timer activated feeder. I really have no more time for you.

          • Love of Country

            Everything I said was 100% accurate and as a consequence you say you can never believe a word I say?
            Thank you for admitting you had your ass handed to you, drama queen, because I never seen a more gross case of dissembling in all my life. Aren’t you even smart enough to see that you’re just making yourself look even smaller …. digging your hole even deeper? I know what I’m talking about …. I’ve stated facts … and all you do is stammer and dissemble.

            Of course you can’t hit the heart …. you deer hunt with a fricken pistol! Hello …. McFly???

            With my 30.06 I can hit a silver dollar from 150 feet ….. no problem. I almost always got the heart …. if I ever missed the heart I at least hit the lungs. There’s a sweet spot behind the front shoulder and it’s easy to hit with a good scope and rifle. Too bad you’re such a bad shot and a poor sport. You’ve really made a mountain out of a molehill you abundantly willful fool.

            And stop projecting all of this talk of I’m a “novice” BS …. as all your foolish lies on this otherwise fine morning simply point to your desperation as nothing I’ve said indicates I’m some sort of a novice, no argument was a strawman, nothing indicates a lack of hunting knowledge on my part but you desperately made all three ludicrous assertions … it’s really embarrassing for you to have to make up all these lies …. and for what? What are all these baseless and unwarranted attacks for or about? It’s truly unbelievable.

            You cannot refute one thing I have said because everything I have stated is true and accurate, but like some disturbed little child you have tried to turn all these truths that I have stated into something make-believe where you’re this great hunter/warrior (except that you’re a poor shot) and everyone else is just stupid or something. Look in the mirror, douchie…. you’re embarrassing yourself. Clearly I’m better than you, that’s all, lol. And you call ME the troll? ROTFFLMFAO!!!

            BTW – Do you even know what a strawman argument is? Of course you don’t because I never made one but please enlighten everyone with something I said that you think was a strawman argument ….. D’oh!

          • douchie

            Please. You still don’t get it. Not every shot angle and setup allows for a heart shot. Spend more time in the woods and you’ll understand how your generalizations sound silly. I’m very suspicious of you for a lot of reasons. You continually speak of distances in feet. I’ve never heard a hunter (gun or archery) speak of distances in feet. Quite strange…

          • Love of Country

            They don’t sound silly at all …. it’s all sound advice. And then you act like a double lung shot is always available but a heart shot is exclusively subject to a variety of variables and the lung shot isn’t. It’s the same shot give or take an inch or two.

            I need to spend more time in the woods? … LMFAO … what, you got a computer out in the woods right now? Look, you’ve been barking up the wrong tree all morning. If I can’t get my spot behind the shoulders, I don’t shoot ….. I don’t need to take chancy, low percentage shots because I live near a grocery store with food in it.

            Beyond that, every single criticism you’ve made against me has been baseless and unwarranted … give it a rest dude …. there’s something wrong with you.

            As far as you’ve never heard of a hunter speaking in feet before … what kind of trifling, petty desperation are you talking about now? Are you for reals??? LMAO! Well now you have heard it so you can scratch that off your bucket list.

            You know, I ran into a troll like you a few short weeks ago who just went on and on and on about stupid crap just like you’re doing now …. I’m done teaching you how to hunt and how to act like a man … the rest is up to you. Have a nice life, douchie.

          • douchie

            I just want you to come away from my comments understanding that you should not make generalizations (and post them as facts) based on your limited hunting experience.

            No, a heart shot is not the same shot as a double lung shot. A deer can be facing you, quartering towards, quartering away, directly below your treestand… A shot that will pass through both lungs (if even possible) will sometimes be aimed 6-10 inches from the heart. Please understand that not all shots are perfect broadside shots at 50 yards (or 150 feet as you refer to it). I never said a handgun is more accurate than a rifle. I never claimed to be a perfect shot. This entire time I was trying to get you to understand that there are countless situations that you’ve not considered in your personal definition of an ethical shot.

          • Love of Country

            A heart is basically the same shot … a couple inches apart from the lung shot … if you can get one, chances are you can get the other.

            Yes, all my shots are broadside … this is a fact …. no need for your speculation and assertions to the contrary. I’ve been successful at every hunt (bar one) so you can’t argue with my success, and this way I know I won’t injure an animal that gets away to die a slow death somewhere. Only once did I leave a hunt not taking a broadside shot because it was never an option … could have gone for the head but I chose not to …. that’s the good thing about grocery stores ….. you never go hungry so I never have to compromise my very high standards of ethical hunting. And yes, I have considered countless situations of ethical shots …. this isn’t rocket science and I’m 100% certain my IQ surpasses yours …. I’m extremely bright and successful in most every facet of my life …. hunting is no exception. And just because I hold myself to a higher standard of ethics while hunting than those around me does not mean I haven’t considered or pondered other standards. I quit hunting 20 years ago because I lost the desire to personally kill animals and when I did hunt, limiting their suffering was paramount. These days I spend over 300 dollars a month feeding wild animals around here (mostly my raccoon buddies) and my pets. I’m not the average person and I’m not the average hunter but not a single thing I have ever said warrants your constant badgering and hollow bragging.

            And no, you didn’t spend an hour just trying to get me to look at various situations. You said a whole bunch of delusional crap trying to stroke your own goofy ego with lies and baseless put downs …. the rantings of an angry, stubborn child.

            Your baseless allegations and dissembling are born out of your own insecurities and lack of hunting experiences and lack of character. I’m a fine ethical and successful hunter and nothing I ever said laid the groundwork for any of your stupid and tedious dishonest attacks and badgering.

            You know nothing of my hunting experience except that I do it well. You were the one talking about how stupid a heart shot is until I told you to Google it and then you come back with “well of course that’s the best shot, but…”

            You have serious issues …. among them are a lack of integrity, delusions of grandeur and Napoleon complex.

          • douchie

            I never said a heart shot was stupid. I said a double lung was the most ethical shot a majority of the time. Ask any hunting education instructor what they teach their students.
            I also noticed how you had to edit your post after you FINALLY read what I had posted about my own accuracy. Maybe you should re-read the rest of my posts with a clearer head.

          • douchie

            By the way, I’ve never hunted with a handgun. I do plan on trying it someday though.

          • WnD

            The irony is that douchie is being the straw man here.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Just as love disdaineth not the smallest kindness, so does evil not disdain the pettiest quibble.

    • nc

      Ok, that took me awhile, but it was worth it. Where is it from?

  • Steve_J

    They’d probably be even more upset if they ever learn I hunt deer with claymores.

  • tomtom1983

    Point? Obama had drones and assets near Benghazi, Libya and watched live as our people were hunted down and slaughtered like animals.

    Just like a liberal to put greater worth in animal lives then that of humans.

    • WnD

      You can’t have multiple issues with varying degrees of salience in your mind at once?

  • Carl Brown

    There you have it: Glock 9mm for home defense. That’s what I have and that’s what Ryan has. And if YOU we’re smart, you’d get one too.

    • Love of Country

      Smith and Wesson makes a better 9mm as long as you’re recommending firearms …. mine is a Springfield 9mm but Glocks are okay if you want a decent gun but don’t want to spend a lot of money. The Glock made its name in the hands of gangbangers mainly for their affordability …. they’re not bad guns. The reason I ponied up for the extra 125.00 for the Springfield over the Glock was the craftsmanship is slightly better, has tactical rails for my laser sighter, and gave me better piece of mind that it wouldn’t jam or something … not that Glocks are known for jamming. Additionally, they were running a promotion and I got two 19 clip mags for free even though it already came with two ….. a man can’t have too many rounds at his disposal I suppose, lol. The S&W had smaller magazines, was much more expensive, lacked the tactical rails if I recall and was out of stock …. other than that they’re fabulous guns and extremely well made.

      • Carl Brown

        I tested the S&W alongside the Glock and in three tests, the Glock worked better for me.

        • Love of Country

          Fair enough, my friend …. that’s all that matters!

  • Smart Grunt

    Deer are a more of a scourge than zombies, and way more tasty! Save a zombie, shoot deer.

  • Thought Criminal #1

    Oooooh! Double EVIL! In my great state of Arizona, not only do we hunt with handguns, we hunt with handguns with suppressors on them! GASP

  • Peyton

    It doesn’t matter the distance, the close distance actually means the deer most likely die faster. These people are so messed up in the head.

  • Peyton

    I think these people have no idea where meat comes from. At least in hunting they have a sporting chance.

  • disappearing moderate

    Libs always think “feeling” is more important than thinking (hence their propensity to “pity” the poor instead of actually helping them to improve their circumstances). They’d rather see deer (which are more populous than when Europeans arrived) starve to death than be hunted for food. Libs also neglect to realize that hunters and fishermen, with all the licenses and fees they pay, do more to protect wilderness and wetlands than any other group.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    “Up in Arms.” I see what you did there, Twitchy! :-)

  • aegean1

    Meh, I don’t like “hunting.” It’s pointing and clicking. You want to hunt, use your bare hands. Or actually, I’ll even let you have a knife. Track it, pounce, and kill. THEN you can boast about your strength and skill.

    • Love of Country

      That sounds far less humane than the slaughterhouse and Lord knows they don’t have a sterling reputation for kindness to animals.

      Bare hands and knives are some of the most inhumane ways to kill animals that I can imagine. Perhaps you’ve been watching too many old Tarzan movies?

      Personally, I haven’t been hunting in 20 years, but when I used to, I never boasted about anything except how good the meat tasted. You do eat meat, don’t you?

      With the proper kill, the animal falls down dead and doesn’t even so much as flinch but it sounds like you would like some extremely prolonged savage attack with a knife? I mean I don’t want to talk down to you but that sounds like pretty crazy stuff and counter-productive to say the least.

      • John (it true me am)

        Could you imagine the pain and terror an animal would be in if you were forced to beat it to death with your bare hands? Love the liberal logic.

  • tjp77

    Idiots. Hunting with a handgun actually stacks the odds in the deers’ favor considerably. Handguns are generally less accurate and have a shorter range than rifles.

    It’s a very sporting way to hunt, and very difficult. If all you’re looking to do is kill an animal, there are quicker and easier ways to do it.

  • Gingernlw

    Honest question: is that humane? I watched sometime attempt to kill a turkey with a hand gun… Bullet to the head. Didn’t die quickly and suffocated on it’s own blood. Horrible thing to witness. If the dear dies quickly, them I’m fine otherwise i think it’s sick.

  • Jack Deth

    A .357 is a decent pistol to hunt deer with. Depending on its barrel length and its rounds’ load. Better than average range. Not a lot of recoil. Lots of kinetic energy without the massive destruction of bone, sinew and edible meat one would find with a .7mm rifle round.

    I thought the bed wetting liberals were going to have conniptions because Ryan used a .41, .44, .50 or .454 Cassull. Which will punch through an engine block and stop a bus dead in its tracks.