Last night on “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno went where the lapdog media have refused to go: #Benghazigate. He smacked President Obama, albeit gently, on his shameful attempt to cover up his role in the deaths of four Americans last month:

Twitterers were impressed by Leno’s willingness to call Obama out — and disgusted that it took a comedian to get #Benghazigate on a major network:

Indeed. The MSM has thus far demonstrated a willingness to engage in all sorts of narrative acrobatics in order to ensure that #Benghazigate is buried. Their mission: protect the president at all costs, even at the expense of their last shred of integrity. But we will not let the story go untold. Obama and his precious lapdogs may not feel any sense of moral obligation to seek justice for the four brave men who lost their lives last months, but we do.

(Hat tip: Strokes of Candor)

  • poppawillis
  • Art Oxner

    We deserve the hard facts re. Benghazi before election day. Who knew what and when. I believe the fog of politics was the reason help wasn’t sent to rescue those four brave Americans.

  • nc

    The Leno audience was overheard murmuring to each other, “Who is this Ben Gazi guy?”

  • Virginia

    Obama let the Ambassador of Benghazi Libya and 3 Seals get Murder by terrorist on 911. Obama had plenty of time to get them help but did nothing to help. There for 4 Americans were killed in the name of The Brotherhood!!! They want their Arabia Spring and Obama has been running guns to the Middle East for The Brotherhood!!! Obama’s Agenda from the start was to destroy America and forward the Middle East cause. People we have a Traitor in the White House!!! There are going to be investigations into this White House there are papers in the Senate right now for Obama’s Impeachment!!! I hope this happens soon!!! We will find out all the dirt on this White House. ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, & CBS have been keeping this horrible and a lot more news from you so Obama could be reelected!!!

  • Doug C DAV

    As Pat Caddell said the Media is now the Enemy of the American people and an Enemy of our Democracy.

  • lillymckim

    Gee sure wish Leno could have asked Obama about the White House cover up of Benghazi when Obama was sitting next to him on his last Hollowwood/Vegas cash and grab tour.. but Leno would have been fired and God knows he needs the money
    at best Leno would have had to endure “Clintonistas” tax audits for the next 10 years.

  • John Hanover

    Jay Leno is more up-to-speed and updated than the MSM on Benghazi.

  • ohiogal65

    nc- who is Ben Gazi? good one. Thank you Jay Leno for at least getting the word “Benghazi” out on your show. Overheard that if “Benghazi” is mentioned on the alphabet networks the subject is quickly changed. This is so very appalling to the American people and I believe more than half of the country does not want a Socialist media run by the WH. The media should be watch dogs for the people, sadly they’ve turned into co-chairs for the Obama campaign and administration. Millions are boycotting sponsors of the liberal media networks and also protesting, more to come. Vote Romney Ryan and we know that choking on a pretzel will get you 24/7 coverage non-stop. Benghazi-0

  • johnnybegoode65

    Jay Leno is a patriot, and is doing what he can in a tough spot.