Moving and inspirational? Hardly. Hacktastic “filmmaker” Michael Moore teamed up with the lefty goons at to produce a disgusting and exploitative video that turns senior citizens into foul-mouthed Obama shills threatening Mitt Romney with bodily harm. This must be seen to be believed (warning: vile language):

Twitterers are disgusted by this degrading piece of garbage:

Absolutely sick. But if there’s a silver lining in all this, it’s that the Left can no longer hide its desperation. Even the Greatest Generation, who deserves to be honored, is now fair game for progressive manipulation. With a week until Election Day, lefties are feverishly flinging their B.S. against anything and everything, hoping it sticks. Now, it’s more important than ever that their true nature be exposed.



Sarah Silverman releases profanity-filled video on ‘voter suppression states’

  • Kent Vig

    The stench of desperation is in the air. Even if Obama is re elected he will face 4 years of investigations.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Moore? No wonder it’s a vulgar, obscene, juvenile, ludicrous piece of shi’ite.

  • Alicia Hake

    What I don’t understand is this… Michael Moore was OH SO QUICK to make a “movie” about Bush and the tragic events of 9/11, but hasn’t spoken out about obozo leaving 4 American citizens to die in Libya. Michael Moore is a joke, an opportunist, a scumbag who makes a living off of tragic events. Nobody even knew who he was before “Bowling for Columbine”.

  • Cocotrini

    Oh my when I thought it just could not get worse it has, this is really disgusting

  • Guest

    If a senior is hurt or killed in the coming days, they’re gonna blame the video that Michael Moore made…

    • Penmar

      No they won’t, when have dems ever taken responsibility for their acts? It will be Bush’s fault.

  • Kacie Brandes

    This video offends me, I want it taken down…
    Can’t have it both ways liberals!!!

  • Stop Lying Dave!

    Why is Moore so upset? I must have missed it when Romney declared war on Burger King & Krispy Kreme.

  • Bill

    My wish is the sleaze merchants would just move on out of this great country. Just a disgusting example of the free speech they do support. They remain free while the man in California still sits in a jail cell.

  • Theresa F Spencer

    Could’ent even finsh watching it. Really! Why all the hate? Bet if someone made video like that about Nobama they would be called a racsist.

  • disappearing moderate

    Losing Your Virginity, Children of the (David) Corn, and now Foul Mouthed Bingo Grannies! Desperate is too mild. This is downright suicidal.

  • lazypadawan

    A campaign that thinks it is winning doesn’t exploit young children or old people. Another shining example of why I absolutely despise the left.

    • fuguewriter

      I know you. : ) {writerspleasure}

  • walterc

    The great thing about America is that you are free to leave anytime you’d like. Michael, I’d suggest that if you are that unhappy living here, feel free to leave.

    • Cheryl Webb Clair

      And while you’re leaving, Michael, may we suggest that you take the rest of the Hollywood crowd that think Obumer is wonderful with you? Please. And don’t forget Cher.

      • lainer51

        or Peeve Me Langoria, Baldwin, Silverman, Sarandon, Penn, Hanks, Damon, Streisand, Letterman, just to name a few!~

    • CalCon10

      …and don’t let the door hit you–we wouldn’t want to damage the door.

  • Silenttype78

    Lib-progs are the most frightening group of people. I mean that, sincerely.
    They are a racist,sexist,anti-God,anti-freedom,uncivil and hate filled.

    Guard your kids against them and their vile methods of indoctrination.

    • MoxieLouise

      And apparently, guard your parents if they’re in a nursing home. Many elderly are lonely, feeble minded, and easily swayed to do unwise things for the promise of a new “friend”. Despicable.

      • lainer51

        but that is the base the left is looking for – especially the “feeble-minded”

    • Jim Kosty

      Truth well – stated…libs who proclaim themselves as arbiters of freedom and truth are in truth, fascists who do ANYTHING to put down opinions and doctrines that do NOT fit their agendas. They can go to hell! And take Obama with them…and fat – assed slob Michael Moore as well. Who cares what Hollywood or any other scumbag nation thinks of what we do? Time to bring America back to being able to be proud and real again, undivided. Obama has been the most divisive leader we ever have had.

  • spawnio

    This is really digusting , new low for Soros and moore, I have more people in my family from the real greatest generation that in the ad , disgusting .

  • rgallegos

    I guess Moore’s next ad will include the bodies of the four dead from Lybia as props to talk about O’s leadership during the crisis…..

  • afvet4america

    This foul mouthed degradation of our senior’s is appalling ! What will be next from the left? Are they going to use are disabled children and degrade them as well? This ad will likely cause many more Senior’s to vote for Romney-Ryan

  • syvyn11

    God forgive me, but I can’t wait till Moore and the idiots at (who can’t move on from anything) go into the pit.

    • Jim Kosty

      Thank communist George Soros and the “mainstream” media for pushing all these lies and never covering anything that in truth would indict the leftist agenda. Glad people are waking up to the truth about the mentality and agenda of the Left.

  • Guest

    This is how the Democrat party sees you, America.

    Please help us, let’s remove the Democrat party from power. They have abused the sacred privilege we gave them four years ago.

    We must remove them.

    • Ntr

      Why stop at removing them from power with our votes. The stain on the Democratic party’s history and their reason for creation should be enough to push until the antiquated Democratic party itself is dissolved and what remains is made irrelevant to modern politics. There is no place in this nation for a party that was the political party of the KKK. And their racial ‘you’re not black if you don’t vote for us’ campaigns even speaks louder.

      The Democratic party needs to become a few paragraphs in history books.

  • Beth

    Just when I think I’ve seen the left scrape the bottom of the barrel, I watch as they scrape a hole right through the bottom and start digging into the ground. I’ve rarely seen anything as disgusting as what these pukes put out there; and the more they do this, the more they prove my point that there should be all sorts of testing on those who want to vote — psychological, intelligence, emotional quotient, psychological, history, economics, psychological, right-wrong “what-would-you-do” scenarios, and psychological. And did I mention psychological testing?

    The most ironic and disgusting part of this whole thing is the fact — FACT — that every one of these folks will be deemed insignificant by Obmacare and given a pain pill and left to die. It’s like watching people being made to dance at their own hanging. Truly disturbing.

  • WingedBishop

    I hope the Secret Service looks into the one person in the video that directly threatened Romney with sexual assault.

    • yebbid

      The #ss is too busy getting drunk.

  • TocksNedlog

    Hate and fear-mongering — THAT’S how you lift up your fellow Americans!

  • sparxie

    Just… wow. This video is very disturbing.

  • EmptySea

    how dare these old people tell the rest of the country how to vote. what if the rest of the country really want someone other than messiah. take your sleeping pills old folks. there’s a reason why you’re in a home

  • carbo

    Hey Gramps. You won’t be watching those kids having sex from above. You are going to get a crick in your neck looking up. And it will probably be a little warm.

  • Cheryl Webb Clair

    When she says “We’re gonna burn this MF down” is she referring to the nursing home they all live in? That would figure, since they usually burn their own neighborhoods. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. It isn’t even the man who is so foul mouthed, it’s the little old ladies. Michael Moore has sunk to a new low. Puke. And of course if Mitt wins, it will be because he “stole” the election. Pathetic.

  • yebbid

    Michael Moore & those crazy old folks homies don’t realize #barackobama have them at the top of his kill list. He’ll burn down the homes first, under #obamacare rules.

  • Donna Jackson

    I just knew we wouldn’t make it through the election without hearing from him.

  • Laura Jensen

    First, this is one of the most classless things I have EVER seen. Second, how can anyone call Michael Moore a ‘serious film maker’….my 7 year old could make a better ad with his friends a half hour and some crayons. Third, and most important, how is it possible I know grown educated self sufficient adults that actually support this party?

    • Carole Helman

      i so wish to associate myself with your last sentence. i live in Ma and am completely surrounded by grown, educated, self sufficient adults who support the
      democrat party. it’s pretty lonely. their willful ignorance troubles me.

  • lainer51

    If Barry had a mother, she would look like ………………… just sayin’

  • Sheila Daigneault

    Is Michael Moore out of his mind? The only other thing that I got out of this video is that the left is desperate and is planning on losing.

  • Lisa Dean

    I’ve watched the “First Time” video,threw up in my mouth and wanted to shower in bleach. I watched the “Kids for Obama” video and felt sorry for those kids as well as their parents for being so gullible. Now I watch “Foul Mouth Grandparents” and I would just die if my Grandparents or Great Grandparents spoke like that (call me old fashioned). Can’t wait for the next videos to come out, I mean we’ve got seven days to come out with at least 3-5 more….

  • Karl Fleeman

    First Lies, then degradation of women, then exploitation of children, and now the elderly. Free game for the Dems. America and Christianity is getting “Nut-Punched” as we speak. I for one am going to ice down with the Romney/Ryan ticket.

  • papertiguer

    I was just grappling with the c word and the t word – never used ’em – now I’ve got to learn c–punch. its all too much. Apparently with senility these phrases come trippingly of the tongue – in the meantime I begin to see the wisdom in the 15 member death panel for the superannuated

    • TugboatPhil

      I’m with you. In all my years of learning to speak fluent Vulgarity and Profanity, I have never once heard the term “c**k punch.” I think if I ever did hear it, I’d either laugh myself silly or kick the speaker’s arse.

  • Canadian in USA

    Disgusting video aside…notice now the new narrative seems to be starting up: “Republicans stole the election…”. It’s reminiscent of the whole “Republicans will do away with birth control…” issue – it starts off small, then the whole lame-stream media will pick up the meme. After the election, all we’ll hear is how Romeny/GOP/Tea Party/etc. stole the election.

    I do agree with the one senior – to make sure this election is not “stolen” it to make sure it isn’t close. So, make sure to VOTE FOR ROMNEY and let’s bury the Democ-rats!

    PS. it seems the Dems are really falling flat with their ads – first, Big Bird, then the “Lady Parts” vote, then “My First Time”, then this?

    • Penmar

      We can all put up signs in our lawns “Elections have consequences and Romney won.

  • Mark Hoke

    Check out this Twitter “conversation” with LaSanya Rucker:

    @sanacardi You are what is wrong with America. I’m looking forward to you guys getting a big dose of “Shut Up” on Tuesday. #ClasslessScum

    LaSanya Rucker

    @sanacardi You have no clue what America is about. Public statements get public opinions. We’re allowed to disagree in USA. #FreeCountry


    @sanacardi You can't defend that video on facts or decency so you go Klan/Nazi. You have officially lost the argument. #HaveANiceDay

    This is what we're dealing with, kids.

  • Heidi

    Ah look, Lasanya can’t take the heat…

    @[email protected] ME DON’T WANNA PLAY NO MORE….BLOCK

  • Paul J. Citro

    Ah, the libs are in such a panic they forgot to put their MASKS on.

  • SumItUp N. A. Pic

    I’m really sorry but that was really, really funny. If this wasn’t from MM and I would be crying laughing because it would know it was satirical… ok who am I kidding? I’m still crying laughing.

    Seriously who thinks this is effective?

  • Debra Wilkerson

    What are you people afraid of. These seniors have a right to be heard. What are you mad at Michael Moore for? Existence of our elder adults not backing down with freedom of speech. They say vote Democratic not Republican. They have been through what we haven’t yet to imagine. If Mitt Romney Wins. A trouble maker, We all will be in a great danger in America. This video is no worst than what I have seen as disrespectful and disgrace to President Obama and the First lady. Mean, nasty, racist, and cruel in the worst way. Yet you say nothing then but now you want to criticize this. Michael Moore thanks for the video. OBAMA 2012.

    • disappearing moderate

      You don’t think this is candid or something do you? Seniors overwhelmingly support R/R. Under Obamacare, seniors will be the first to feel the redistribution of resources “for the greater good.” Reduced to it’s basics, that means expensive diagnostic tests and lengthy treatments to prolong life will not be wasted on those who are “just going to die anyway”.

    • Beth

      Seriously, Debra, STFU. To call you a window-licking moonbat would be a cut-down to window-licking moonbats everywhere — and on your side of the fence, there are plenty of those.

    • lainer51

      Did you graduate from high school or even middle school? Your sentences lack proper grammar, in fact, they are not really sentences, just starting and stopping and endless rambling… I am sure Michael Moron would be proud though!

    • TugboatPhil

      I’m sure you were protesting the books, plays and movies about assassinating President Bush. Were you outraged about the effigies of Bush and Cheney that were shown around Halloween being hung from nooses?

      Sorry that words hurt President Obama’s fragile feelings. Oh, I forgot that he’s a sociopath and has no feelings.

      • FaraDay

        There was a hanging effigy of Sarah Palin as well.

      • Rich Kent

        You forgot the Dub’s head on a spike in ‘Game of Thrones’.

    • Rich Kent

      Yeah, more 97 year old women threatening arson is JUST what the Democrat Party needs to be taken seriously. This after a tatooed slut babbled about how voting for Obama was the same thing as losing your virginity and a law student claimed she needed to be given birth control taken at gunpoint from the Catholic Church. Be silent, be still, and do us a favor and stay home on Election Night. People don’t like crying adults.

    • Miss Information

      Go spew your twaddle elsewhere, you’re not going to convert a one of us, we are thinking people, not ‘bama-bots

  • Belinda Henry

    I would like to C**t punch Mikey Moore. Thats not so bad is it?

    • Rich Kent

      Striking Michael Moore in the sex organs is a logical impossiblity. Bacteria reproduce by fission.

  • Rich Kent

    My mother was a film maker in the 70s and 80s and hired Michael Moore once. She fired him.

    She took over someone else’s movie a couple of years later, found Michael Moore was on the crew…. fired him again.

    Smart cookie, my mother.

  • jqc1970

    This ad is as vulgar and disgusting as Obama.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    A few years ago, the Dems had Moore, that compost heap wearing a bsaeball cap, sitting next to Jimmy Carter at their convention.

  • rivers

    Be sure to show that piece of trash to any undecided voters from the greatest generation that you might know. I don’t think it will have the effect those morons were looking for.

  • $21367552

    Can’t imagine the cries of racism from the same people who find this funny if a video were made threatening to c*ckpunch Obama if he is re-elected.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    the end is near…

  • Shy Ocampo

    Another shameful ad directed by Michael Moore. That is what the president is about, using age, race, socioeconomic status, etc to divide the country. If my 30 year old self is at risk for getting rationed healthcare, what more these 80 year old’s. If they only knew…

  • G.

    You simply have to accept that there is no “new low” that the desperate and frantic Dem/Socialist Party will not stoop to……..whatever it takes to keep this ruinous excuse for a president in office. Disgusting……………………….

  • rbtpowell

    Next it’ll be excerpts from the Watts riots……….”This is what’ll happen if Obama doesn’t get elected”…..I not sure about this strategy of threats….we are afterall bitter clingers, perhaps ol’ skinny butt and his ilk should take into consideration the fact they haven’t been able to disarm us yet.

  • rant stocks

    This looks like a code warning from george soros, and the leftie libral(extreme) that if Obama lose’s this election this will happen coast to coast (BurnThis Mother…..) well you get it.

  • clyon

    pathetic……….enough said.

  • anjullyn

    To have lived that long and continue to be that ignorant. Sad.

  • Penmar

    Where are the people that were whining and crying about the Voter Fraud Billboards?

  • Brenda Hellwig

    The truly disturbing message of this POS video is the inference that if Romney wins it was due to voter suppression and fraud, which sets it up to be challenged in court ala Bush v Gore in 2000.

  • MarcoAurelius

    Michael Moore did this video because senior citizen centers are the only places he can get action on his casting couch. It also shows that he has a strong Oedipal disorder.