Hurricane Sandy has been hammering New Jersey for days now, and Seaside Heights, where “Jersey Shore” is filmed, has really taken a beating. Floods have ravaged the borough, and Jersey residents are heartbroken:

The New Jersey National Guard shot this aerial footage earlier today:

For many people, the destruction of iconic Seaside Heights symbolizes the loss of a part of their lives:

We extend our continued thoughts and prayers to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Pics: Hurricane #Sandy already taking toll on Atlantic City, Jersey Shore; Updated: Devastating photos

  • Susan

    Those who have made $$$millions from this area, i.e. Jersey Shore, its network, its sponsors, should pay for the complete rehab of this area.

    • Darth_Slacker_

      So what you’re saying is those who spend ALL the money to re-build & re-stock and take all the risk should Keep ALL the Money gained from said Business on the Jersey shore?…. Welcome to Capitalism!

    • dave lewis

      Why? So, any area that is devastated that had a successful entity in it should bear the cost of rebuilding? The Fortune 500 gets handed a bill because lower Manhattan is under water?

    • GTFOBigGovt

      That doesn’t make sense. Until the entire federal tax and spending structure is changed why NJ? What’s a “sponsor”? A “network”?

      Taxpayer dollars and earmarks go towards the infrastructure of the piers, beach erosion etc. including charging beachgoers beach tags to use it.

      Who is making millions “from this area”? Tourism is a multi billion dollar business for NJ not some coupla people making “profit”.

      In Seaside Hgts It’s a little boardwalk with some crap on it. Not the National Museum of History or something. The amusements, attractions and entertainment ON all boardwalks in NJ that bring the tourists from all over are not taxpayer funded they are all PRIVATE international companies.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        Here’s the funding documentation on who pays what for beaches in NJ.

        Project Funding:

        Depending on the purpose and location of the project, funding may be available from several sources. For federal beachfill projects, the federal government contributes 65% of the project cost while the remaining 35% is divided into a cost-share, with the state contributing 75% and the local governments contributing the remaining 25%. Non-federal beachfill projects are funded through a state/local cost-share, with the state contributing 75% and the local governments contributing 25%. All funding is provided through the Shore Protection Fund (N.J.S.A. 13:19-16 et seq.), which ensures the critical funding needed annually to continue the beach nourishment program and protect New Jersey’s coastal communities.

    • Cecilly

      So if I have a store in a strip mall and a natural disaster occurs in my state, then I should pay to renovate the entire area? You must be ten years old. Your logic is silly. Oh, wait, you’re probably a liberal nut job.

  • Darth_Slacker_

    Gov. Chris Christie & his supporters could rebuild that like an erector set in a weekend – NJ is Strong! No whiny wimps standing around waiting for Obama to give them a hammer. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE JERSEY!!

    • Mike Hunt

      Didn’t NJ vote Obama into office???? I think soooooo! Now do the right thing and vote that clown out of office!!!

      • Viva La Jewels

        You’re a moron. You do know that if Mitt Romney was president right now there would not be much money for relief? He already stated that he will cut funds from Fema.

  • DizzyMissL

    No offense, but that pier will be much nicer after the remodel

    • Eric Vieceli

      anything “modern” is basically ugly. If there are no more older artifacts in existence like the amusement pier in Asbury Park (though the area is scary) then there isn’t a story to tell our children of how things used to be. Older things have a personality, a warmth of sorts. Modern things look nice for a few seconds and then blend in with everything else. No feeling, no charm. This pier will never capture the personality that it used to have.

  • afvet4america

    Praying for the best for them. We are still rebuilding Joplin MO, so they can do it too. I am glad to see there are homes still standing. We should realize more true damage as the water recedes. God Bless them.

  • Love of Country

    Has anyone heard if LiLo is trying to walk back this staggeringly short-sighted and insensitive tweet yet or has she gone into hiding?

    Lindsay Lohan


    WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i’m calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace.

  • Love of Country

    Just heard a reporter on TV heckling Mitt Romney. He was shouting out “Why won’t you answer questions on what you had planned to do about FEMA?”

    And I’m thinking …. hey jerk face …. why aren’t/didn’t ANY of you trolls heckle Barack Owebama about his refusal to talk about Benghazi???

    You state run media patsies DISGUST me!!!

    • Jeff Via

      One thing that I don’t get is, Romney ISN’T the President! He has NO control of FEMA, LIMA or any government department! The media is full of idiots, morons and hacks now. It’s disgusting.

    • bigal64

      Also Obamas budget was to CUT FEMA by over $500 million … No one seems to talk about that! Read with your own eyes! Page 94 –

  • GaryTheBrave

    Those photos look like the photos I saw of the Japan tsunami. Devastating. Was Sandy reclassified as a Cat 2 before landfall?

    • Cheryl Clark

      No it was only a Cat 1 storm. But what made it so bad was the cold front from the north.

      • Jeff Via

        What made it so bad was the Chem seeding that took place as it made it’s way up the coast. HAARP is alive and well.

        • Azcat85

          You truly are brain dead!

  • William Oosterman

    From CAnada – we love seaside- hope to see it come back!

  • cburney345

    Things can be replaced. It may not be the same but they will rebuild. Remember when Parkersburg Iowa was devastated by an F% tornado a few years ago? I recently drove through there and I was amazed at the progress that has been made in rebuilding that town. It’s things like this that keeps us from getting too attached to “stuff”.

  • Melissa Schneider

    So sad about the devastation in NJ. Staten Island was also decimated on the east and south shore. Prayers to all affected.

  • Eric Vieceli

    This is horribly devastating to me and I’m sure many others. I grew up there and have since moved to the west coast. Seaside Heights is all I’ve ever considered to be my roots, my childhood and now it’s gone. I can barely stand to look for more surrounding areas like Ortley Beach where the famous Crab’s Claw Inn is (was?) Seaside Heights died along with a large part of my heart. I’ll never forget this special place as long as I live.

  • Mike Hunt

    That’s God punishing that place for the Jersey Shore show!

    • Danny Wheeler

      That’s terrible!

  • Danny Wheeler

    My heart goes out to you.

  • Marcy Cook

    Just getting updated on things now. Seaside Heights was my childhood summer vacation place. Every summer for a month at a time my family spent there. So many memories I can’t even count….I am so sad about this. Things will never be the same.

  • Marcy Cook

    Just getting updated on things now. Seaside Heights was my childhood summer vacation place. Every summer for a month at a time my family spent there. So many memories I can’t even count….I am so sad about this. Things will never be the same.

  • charlierock

    seaside heights will never be gone we will just rebuild it .and make it bigger and better than it was ..we all love seaside and with love all things are possible