Since when does the UN’s job include supervising American elections? Since progressive groups decided that conservatives have made it their mission to cruelly prevent people from voting. As Twitchy reported last week, a UN-affiliated group is deploying “observers” from Europe to keep their eyes out for voter suppression. Some of those observers are already on the ground in Ohio:

Election monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), an organization organized under the United Nations Charter, have already begun observing Ohio’s election proceedings. OSCE plans to deploy a total of 44 European observers across America in response to claims from progressive groups that conservative groups seek to disenfranchise minority voters.

True the Vote president Catherine Engelbrecht rightly blasted the UN’s involvement:

“It’s puzzling that these activist groups that have spent literally millions of dollars fighting reasonable policies like voter ID – that most Americans support – would call on a United Nations affiliated organization to monitor American elections! The U.N. itself is hardly a model of governmental integrity,” Engelbrecht said.

“What’s even more baffling is that these activist groups asked international monitors to help stop the purported suppression caused by photo voter ID laws – yet all the monitors are from countries with comprehensive photo voter ID laws,” Engelbrecht added.

It’s more than puzzling, more than baffling; it’s infuriating. And wrong. Ohio residents are livid:

It’s disgusting. We suggest that the UN stick to what it does best: nothing. Leave us alone.


  • Alicia Hake

    I wonder if the New Black Panther Party will be serving cookies and tea in Philly like they did last year 😉

  • Stupid Republic

    So the UN sends a Danish idiot and a British idiot to watch the Ohio elections. Wow, the A-team there, Euros.

    They probably got the idea that the state of Ohio was full of pantywaists simply by watching John Boehner.

    • CalCon10

      Well, that would seem to describe your AG and Governor, too. Why haven’t they arrested these clowns for voter interference?

    • CalCon10

      Well, that would seem to describe your AG and Governor, too. Why haven’t they arrested these clowns for voter interference?

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    Perhaps Darfur is on to something….

  • William J. Miller

    My state is threatening to arrest the U.N. weasels if they come within 100 ft. of a polling place.

    I love being a Texan.

    • K King

      me too

  • Michelle

    Huh. Interesting. Why is the UN more concerned with our voter ID laws than it is with the Syrian government suppressing the citizens’ rights…to live?

    • Rachel Wells

      Because the voter ID laws are in response to supposed widespread polling place and registration fraud. So we get monitors.

  • Joe W.

    Proud to be in Texas…. Our A-G has said he’ll arrest the sumbitches if they get within 100 feet of a polling place. Don’t mess with Texas…..

    • K King

      Hells yeah

    • detroit19

      God bless Texas and all the reasonable people who live there :-)

    • Thread777

      I don’t understand why Americans are not upset about the UN being here – Good for Texas!

      • Rachel Wells

        Plenty of Americans are upset. But so are the citizens of every other country who have their elections monitored.

    • elijahzabmom

      Oh yes sir. When I heard of this I contacted our Gov. immediately.

      Thank you Greg Abott and may the Lord be with you. Obama sued the state of Az. does he know we are a constitutional republic? Does our president know anything about states rights or federalism?

  • chrisc72

    This is another disgrace to America thanks to liberals. This country doesn’t need Europeans from the UN looking over our shoulders when we vote. It’s no secret dead people vote(usually democrat) and that’s no problem to the liberal/dems. But when Republicans want to clean up the vote with ID laws stunts like this are pulled.

    • Rachel Wells

      This has nothing to do with liberals. If we need to ‘clean up the vote’ because of supposed fraud, then we get monitors. It’s pretty simple, actually.

      • chrisc72

        You lack logic. UN monitors aren’t the answer to clean up voting. These monitors are in place to make sure no one is being turned down at voting polls. They have nothing to do with voter fraud. To eliminate voter fraud, registration books need cleaned up and voter ID laws need to be put in place. When only a name is required at a polling place anyone can place more than one vote in the name of a registered voter alive or deceased.

  • rennyangel2

    OH needs to take a page from TX that isn’t allowing the “observer” in TX.

  • Clair Pena

    Texas Atty General says “No” to UN observers. Says no way under his watch.

  • Jack Deth

    The Danes= Hans Brix, Euro Hostages. Shark bait.

    The Brits= Still striving to maintain a fallen, forgotten Empire.

    Get the local and state cops to keep these parasites outside and 100 feet away from the polling areas.

    Better yet. Revoke their passports once they land at the airports.

  • Discontentwliars

    Has this made MSM News or are they hiding the activities?

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Who is allowing this to happen? Don’t the republicans have a say in this? WTF!

    • Jack Deth

      Hi, Cheeto:

      According to the grapevine. Liberals complained to their socialist brethren in ACLU, NAACP and SPLC. Who went on a whiny, crying jag to the UN.

      Which is kind of ironic, considering Jim Moran’s political machine in VA. Earlier and present forms of Democrat owned and operated ACORN, Unions and SEIU and their attachments to voter fraud.

      • Rachel Wells

        This has absolutely nothing to do with political beliefs. What it has to do with is these allegations of widespread voter fraud which necessitate voter ID laws. So if our elections are so riddled with fraud, we need monitoring. If there’s no fraud and we don’t need monitoring, then we don’t need voter ID laws. You can’t have it both ways.

        • Jack Deth

          Our elections ARE riddled with fraud.

          Perpetuated, expanded and refined over close to a century by the Democrat Party.

          Hell, even LBJ registered many names of the deceased in cemeteries throughout his district before his first run as a Congressman from Texas.

          Go back and bury yourself in ‘Mother Jones’. Your cultist blathering is but a minor annoyance here.

    • tomtom1983

      Blame the NAACP, they knowingly presented fraudulent accusations to their socialist allies. That’s right, liberals are trying to suppress the conservative vote and Obama is OK with that.

      Send your outrage to the NAACP, funny they said nothing during black assaults against whites after the Tryvonn Martin case nor when the black panthers threatened harm against white voters in Philly. Not one word.

      • Rachel Wells

        No one is trying to suppress your vote. There’s been a huge to-do in the media about America having this horrible problem with voter fraud, so the UN monitors. Do you have to like it? Absolutely not. But it’s not the result of some plot.

        • Thread777

          Hi Rachel,
          I think it is an affront to the sovereignty of the United States.
          That is my personal belief :)

    • tomtom1983

      Blame the NAACP, they knowingly presented fraudulent accusations to their socialist allies. That’s right, liberals are trying to suppress the conservative vote and Obama is OK with that.

      Send your outrage to the NAACP, funny they said nothing during black assaults against whites after the Tryvonn Martin case nor when the black panthers threatened harm against white voters in Philly. Not one word.

  • Republican Woman

    Just to add insult to injury – guess who’s paying the majority of the freight for the UN? We’re footing the bill for these guys to party and pose at our elections. First thing Romney should do as President is DEFUND the U.N.

    • Rachel Wells

      The US can’t ‘defund’ the UN. All we can do is withdraw from it which won’t eliminate it, we just won’t be a member nation any longer. If it’ll make you feel better, there have been suggestions that we get out of the UN since we joined in 1945.

  • deano

    just tweeted VA governor @bobmcdonnell the same thing…and VA AG @kencuccinelli Gte the facist UN commies out of our polling stations.

  • The Daffodil Times

    It’s good that other countries won’t let the crazy conservatives buy this election

  • Nathaniel Door

    Here’s hoping for UN guys to stumble upon voter fraud, maybe they’ll encourage ID laws. 😉

  • agroulx

    So putting up billboards that simply state that “voter fraud is illegal” is wrong and considered to be voter suppression.. But involving and allowing UN monitors to come in our country and observe our elections is acceptable??? WTF is going on with this government??? That is insane, and it better stop

    • Rachel Wells

      No. Billboards are not voter suppression. Active attempts to stop people from voting or intimidating them at the polls are voter suppression. We’ve had a huge media blitz about this supposed widespread voter fraud in the US, so the UN is going to monitor. Is it silly? Sure. Is it this huge catastrophe? No. It’s just some people in suits. It’ll be fine.

  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    Not supposed to be here. I say kick their asses back to whatever dirt hole they came from!

  • crearl

    Arrest them for interfering with our elections. They are aliens after all.

    • Rachel Wells

      We are a UN member nation. They’re not interfering, they’re monitoring. We all certainly have the right not to like it, but they’re not doing anything to violate your rights or stop you from voting.

  • CutlerBayTraveler

    The UN Observers are going to monitor our elections,and report back to the NAACP et al that things are reasonably honest, yada yada. Having finished up their project, any and all groups, preferably progressives, will feel free to call upon UN inspectors, investigators, or moderators to advocate on their behalf.
    I hope you are all intelligent enough to see where this is going; Monitor us, investigate us, report on us, then dominate us. That is the real purpose of this excercise, that is soften us up for increasingly greater UN involvment in the affairs of the United States.
    Simply stated, forget the slogans and posters, we need to have a government that has the inclination to tell the UN to leave us alone, get out of the US (building and all, go to France..) Unless of course you want to be a UN serf.

  • tomtom1983

    It was the hypocrites on the left who actually committ voter suppression that invited them. The racist liberal organizations like the NAACP.

    Funny, where were they when black panthers threatened white voters in Philly? Probably threatening white voters elsewhere.

    These hypocrites have the nerve to lecture us on voter integrity? Where were you in Venezuela, Iran and the former, now New USSR? HMM? UN?

    Liberals know that they can’t steal the election this year that’s why they’ve instructed their international counterparts to give them hand. They’ll steal the election and use the UN to lend credibility and create a guise that they didn’t. Its not difficult to see their plans and allies, liberals aren’t deep when it comes to intelligence.

    All evidence in voter suppression is liberal backed and from liberal sources, they are committing voter suppression and Obama supports it. And he has made no mention of them or why they need to be here. He has no problem with American sovereignty being subverted. None.

    So be outraged and take your complaints to the NAACP and ACLU, it is those hypocrites, all liberal vehicles for fraud and suppression, that have trampled all over our US Constitution. It is they that knowingly presented fraudulent information to their liberal/socialist allies for the sole purpose of suppressing the conservative vote, if not, then why label Romney and conservatives as the perpetrators when all evidence points to liberals as the suppressor?

    Americans should be furious by this outrage. The NAACP needs to hear that outrage and loudly at that.

    Libs you are horrible hypocrites. Absolutely the worse.

    • Rachel Wells

      It’s beyond the scope of a comment form to go into any depth here, but the UN monitoring is the result of the idea that we have to have voter ID laws to combat widespread pervasive voter registration and polling place fraud. It’s been rather prominent in the news. Look, I’m certainly not cheering the UN, but I promise you this really isn’t a big deal.

  • CalCon10

    Kasich has no stones. I’d arrest them, throw them in jail, and if they claimed diplomatic immunity, I’d ship them to D.C. on a plane with two big, beefy State Policemen for each.

  • CalCon10

    Kasich has no stones. I’d arrest them, throw them in jail, and if they claimed diplomatic immunity, I’d ship them to D.C. on a plane with two big, beefy State Policemen for each.

  • vino veritas

    This is just more thought policing from the global gov progs in action, however, they have no authority to do anything at all aside from observe and report, that’s it. So let them come but the likely result will turn out to be that they will ignore the actual voter fraud that is documented and happening now, instead opting to assist the dems in their false propaganda campaign against conservatives by conjuring up false incidents of voter suppression and then try to label it as a conspiracy by conservatives and republicans. I, like may others, would also like to know where the hell Kasich is on this?

  • dwsmokin

    Just curious if the UN sent these monitors into Venezuela to monitor the Chavez election. Can’t imagine there would have been any voter suppression or intimidation to see, just wondering…

    • Rachel Wells

      Yes, I believe there were UN monitors there. They weren’t any happier about it than we are right now.

  • dwsmokin

    Thank goodness for the Lone Star State! The left has California-broke, corrupt, and dirty. The right has Texas. 1 guess who got the best of that deal.

  • Marcy Cook

    Hey U.N. pay your damn parking tickets and then get the hell out of New York. You are taking up (stealing) prime real estate. If we turn that building into condos we can get the big real estate taxes that will help those voters you are so worried about. Get the F out of New York!

  • Pat

    May Ohio voters should be addressing their concersn to their AG, Mike DeWine. On Twitter he is @OhioAG
    Actually, the list on Pat Dollard’s site today doesn’t mention anyone from UN in Ohio.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Has any U.N. monitored election ever turned out to have been an honest election when all the facts came out?

    [NB: Other than the ones where it was just the U.S. wearing blue helmets. And of course Mr.Peanut. Jimmy Carter’s has yet to meet a tyrant he didn’t immediately slobber all over. And double the drool if they still allowed slavery to be openly practiced, such as the M.E.]

    I don’t remember one… and I remember The League of Nations.

    I do remember Mr. Peanut vouched for an election— in most glowing terms, actually — that later turned out to have been so obviously phony that even Progressives couldn’t believe Carter hadn’t OD-ed on his little pills…

    Oh! Don’t misunderstand: they liked the result– the tyrant won, so in their minds The Natural Order Of The Universe™ was upheld; they were offended by Carter’s sloppiness….

    OH residents: flood the governor w/phone calls, email, postcards, etc.

    Tell him that, unless he’s considering retirement from political life— and if at all possible before his current term ends, (if you’ve got recall powers,) he will eject those U.N.Nosey-parkers immediately!

  • Rachel Wells

    This has nothing to do with progressives. This has everything to do with all the talk of systematic voter fraud. Since we’re a UN member nation, they have the right to monitor what people have been saying will be a fraud-riddled election.