No, no. Seriously. He really said that. See for yourself (starts around the 4:50 mark and continues here).

President Obama clearly needs to get out more.

Call us crazy, but based on what we’ve witnessed over the last four years, a clump of dryer lint would make a better vice president than Joe Biden.

Twitterers couldn’t help but be amazed that President Obama managed to lavish such praise on Biden while keeping a straight face:


Indeed. Biden’s intelligence must be buried so deeply that even he can’t tap it.

You know, when we think about it, now that President Obama’s confessed to Leno that he has his own issues putting two and two together, perhaps Uncle Joe’s the perfect VP for him after all.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Man, the doofus Biden couldn’t count to twenty without takin’ off his shoes! JABBY-JAB!!!

  • People Corporation

    Yes, he is unbelievably smart. As in, no one believes he’s smart.

  • People Corporation

    Sharp as a ball of lint.

  • Clayton B

    If Biden “wears his heart on his sleeve”, where does he wear his brain? …the bottom of his shoe?

    • Murray

      I’m thinking he left it in his other pants.

    •!/preston.ross.754 BMorgan53

      It’s up someplace where the sun don’t shine.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Well, what everyone so far is overlooking is that perceptions of degree are usually relative.

    And in someone who’s philosophy is based on Relativism, double so…

    In this case it’s Dingleberry’s perceptions of biden.

    That Dingleberry perceives biden as both smart and “caring” (caring about what I wonder…) says more about Dingleberry than about biden.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Concerning Joes’ donations to charity.
    Yes, he only donated 0.02% to charity but he did let you keep 30% of your stuff” How much more charity can somebody be, I ask you!

  • Guest

    ANYONE with that opinion of Biden shouldn’t be anywhere near the launch codes!!!

  • Murray

    So smart that he thinks a 4% success rate on green energy “investments” is good.
    No, Joe. That means that 96% (almost all) have failed. Thats NOT good.

  • afvet4america

    I think our VP Joe well deserves to go home and spend time with family and friends , get back to serving his religious beliefs , be a real true example for his family and try to forget he served with this President.

  • lainer51

    Makes perfect sense. Think about the last 4 years: 57 states, stated he bowls like those in Special Olympics, can’t pronounce Corpsman, thinks the attack in Libya was caused by a video that NO one saw, and is befuddled and bedazzled w/o a teleprompter, heck, by those standards, crazy Uncle Joe is a genius!!

  • SideshowJon36

    I’ve gotta assume Obama was being sarcastic

  • jerkinurgergin

    Joe the original WATERBOY . Didn’t he use to run with the Sandusky gang and accuse little boys of molesting him ?