In a horrific attack Sunday night, a 20-year-old woman named Sharmeka Moffitt was brutally burned:

20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt is in critical condition at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport. Her mother, Edna Moffitt, says surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. “Both of her arms, and they are third degree burns, down her chest and legs – one. Basically her arms are real bad.” Edna Moffitt also confirms her daughter was not wearing an Obama t-shirt, as initial rumors on social media had indicated.

At a news conference held just before Noon Monday, authorities confirmed Moffitt called 911 around 8 p.m. Sunday from Civitan Park, telling them she had been attacked and burned by three men in white hoodies. They say she was unable to identify her attackers. Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb confirms that “KKK” was spray-painted on the hood of her car, with a racial slur underneath.

Moffitt reportedly suffered burns on 90 percent of her body and remains in critical condition.

While many people are praying that Moffitt will pull through, others couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to tie the attack to Romney and the Tea Party:

Despite the fact that both the victim’s mother and the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office have confirmed otherwise, many Twitterers continued to claim that she was targeted for wearing an Obama t-shirt:

This man rightly condemned those attempting to politicize a horrible event:

Their behavior is beyond disgusting.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Moffitt and her family.



Following their investigation, the police have concluded that the incident was a hoax and Moffitt’s wounds were self-inflicted.

  • freeinaz

    The Obama supporters keep getting more and more desperate. It doesn’t matter what the facts are they will make up their own and of course blame the Tea Party for all of it. I hope this young lady has a full recovery. Whoever did this does not even come close to the values and principles of the Tea Party and never will.

  • carolyn thomas

    Romney is NOT a member of the tea party OR the KKK. ANd if the lady can not identify attackers how can anyone say they were supporters of Romney? They CAN”T . it is just another load of bull by Obama supporters trying to make Romney look like the bad guy. If KKK is back it is probably in retaliation against the New Black Panther Party that has been threatening to kill all whities and white babies .

    • Carmen

      they never left…white people just pretend like they did blacks know better…compliments of all the stories that dont make the news on a regular basis.

  • LaurieLynnGrammer

    Romney supporters abhor the KKK- an organization begun and supported for decades by DEMOCRATS. Tea party patriots are completely against any racist activity and treasure our black members. STOP MAKING STUFF UP!

    • Discontentwliars

      Agree! Sorry to hear about violence in any part of the country, and who-ever was involved, I hope they’re caught and punished. There is a lot of shit going on now that shouldn’t be. Every neighborhood should stand up and eliminate this violence. There is no reason that any American should live in fear. We can do more working together, then blaming others.

    • BlueGood

      Well’s your October surprise….all those ‘bama Phone will be alight…

      White Hoodies????

      Leftoids love CHAOS….

      Gender Wars

      Class Wars

      Race Wars….

      The riots might very well start…be careful!

      Just imagine how quickly America could get out of the economic mess if these people would learn to start to pull together instead of the above…..

    • Shellie Taylor

      It appears it was self inflicted. Sad that rumors are started and carried out. Shows lack of integrity and intelligence.

    • Rena
    • Rena

      They were “all over the map” on their accusations lol… New story out.. she did it to herself… how far will they go to discredit Romney? This far….

  • Guest

    KKK? I doubt it. Duke La Crosse

  • Amanda St.Thomas

    Oh and all of these people “know” this for a fact? Like the T Party was responsible for Giffords shooting and the Colorado massacre? Please spare me any more drivel from the left nut jobs.

  • Zane Henry

    The KKK has been kept afloat by money from the SPLC, as are most of the ‘newsworthy’ militias, such as Elohim City (of Timothy McVeigh fame). ‘Cause, if there isn’t enough racial tension, they’ll just go out and create it out of whole cloth.

    This is a horrible tragedy to be sure, but I doubt there was a Tea Party member within miles of it.

  • LibertysSon

    It is very sad that this young woman was burned. She will be in my prayers. Let’s not rush to judgement until we find out all the facts. Hopefully the perpetrators will be caught soon and swift justice will prevail. Until then, Let us all pray for this poor woman and ask for the Lords love and help to heal her rapidly.

  • MichaelCaldwell

    Sick Bastards!

  • MichaelCaldwell

    Its sad. But I’m not surprised I had a feeling some crazy shits gonna start happening close to election day. Hold on tight folks. Good luck and stay safe out there!

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i sincerely hope this woman heals well. shameful that this happened to her. the lies are also shameful… man, this day has sucked so much for me, but at least i was not assaulted and burned. my prayers go out to her.

  • nc

    Prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery for Miss Moffitt. What a horrible thing to endure.

    To the twits who try to blame the Tea Party and Romney supporters: Nuts to you!

  • stuckinIL4now

    I wish Ms Moffitt a speedy recovery as well. The son of a Wisconsin state senator was beaten bloody for having a Romney sign. So is this coming from both sides now? Not a good sign for election night.

    • Iacobus

      Read the story. Officials confirm that Moffitt was NOT wearing an Obama t-shirt. It’s too bad our liberal friends on Twitter didn’t get the memo.

      • justlittlolme

        Not to mention it said white HOODIES, not white hoods. Yeah, hoodies are what every stylish Tea Partier wears!

        • TugboatPhil

          Didn’t we just have a Day of Hoodies by Democrat members of Congress? Might want to check those folks out for gasoline on the sleeves.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    I’ll wait to hear the rest of the story. Something stinks here, real bad.

    • Doug W

      I also want to hear the rest of the story. Remember Tawana Brawley?


    May God Be with you Miss Moffitt

  • tomtom1983

    I will pray for her and her family but I strongly believe she wasn’t attacked by the KKK. As it is liberals have proven without a doubt to not be above the use of harm as a means to retain power.

    And those moronic KKK twits have yet to initiate any such violence other then stupidity and offensive rhetoric.

    There is also no mention in this report of race other then the victim but “white hoodies” and written slurs. Like the Martin case, hypocrite liberals jump without fact and spin to their benefit.

    The KKK has a deep connection with the Democratic party. So this atrocity has liberal stank written all over it. So I have faith that this young woman will recover and the truth exposed. May God bless her and her family in this repugnant display of barbaric hate.

  • Mom2Ian03

    Typical Obama supporters, rush to blame the tea party and don’t even read the facts ‘”Moffitt also confirms her daughter was not wearing an Obama t-shirt” And again the KKK belongs to the DEMs not the GOP or Tea Party

    • Carmen

      riiiiiiiiight the kkk are democrats?…who, based on your statement, want the BLACK president to stay in office….cuz that makes so much sense.

      • JoeBob

        kkk was started by and supported by southern democrats. buy a history book. as to who is in the kkk these days, i would say white trash that nobody (especially on the right) wants to claim.

      • JoeBob

        kkk was started by and supported by southern democrats. buy a history book. as to who is in the kkk these days, i would say white trash that nobody (especially on the right) wants to claim.

  • Allan C. Smith

    Gee, if I wanted to commit a crime against someone but throw the police off by directing blame at someone else, let’s say conservative white Romney-supporting KKK members, what would I do? Oh yeah, wear white hoodies and blatantly spray paint KKK on her car! Seriously??? This is so obviously a set-up. Who would commit a crime like that and then do everything short of signing their names and leaving a Romney/Ryan yard sign at the scene? NO ONE, unless they WANTED that to be the impression left in order to commit the crime but blame someone else!

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Does anyone remember the incident that gave cover to the invasion of Poland?

    NAZI SS who were native speakers of Polish dressed as Polish security and burned a German ghetto. The responsible parties were never captured, but records after the war confirmed the occurrence.

    Herr Hilter invaded to provide “safety” to the German Poles.

    Now, though this really is a tragedy, the very fact that w/o evidence – and after a long history of previous false accusations tells me that there is an excellent probability that this is an instigated operation.

    Doubtless Emperor Obama would consider her feath “a bump in the road” to his greater glory.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Reprehensible and abhorrent, and real Republicans and conservatives ought have no hesitation about beating the shi’ite out of the perpetrators. And I hope all on the left will feel the same about this incident:
    “The son of a Republican state senator in Wisconsin was brutally attacked and beaten on Friday morning by two thugs attempting to steal his Romney-Ryan yard sign in Whitewater, Wisconsin. In a statement released on Monday, Sen. Neal Kedzie described his son’s ordeal in horrific terms. Sean Kedzie, the senator’s son, spent Friday night in the hospital suffering from serious injuries to his head. ”

  • sumica kenner

    People stop running with everything that you hear she was npt wearing a Obama shirt her mother specified and she is not dead she is in critical condition its just sad that this type of behavior still happening in 2012 and its clearly a hate crime no doubt my prayers goes out to her family


    She was not wearing an Obama shirt, and the 3 white males were not kkk. people needto understand the FACTS!!

  • cacman93

    The funniest part about this whole thing is the KKK was formed by SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS.

  • rant stocks

    This is such garbage, sounds like some of Sharptons bullshit like 20 years ago on the Brawly case…..these people will sink lower than whale shit to make someone look bad…

    • Raisa Lefe’

      These people?

      • wsorrian

        Nice race baiting. It’s a pronoun. We use them all the time. Get over it.

  • Beverly Knight Mccollum

    Living in Louisiana…we know the KKK is alive…but that was a Democratic institution…..I am soo sorry for this family but Romney had NOTHING to do with this……Please Lord that we can all come together and not see color!!

  • elijahzabmom

    Was this debunked? Was it not related to the shirt?

  • Charles Knott

    KKK is a democratic entity..nice try

    • JoeBob

      it was originally founded and supported by southern democrats to “preserve their way of life.” historical fact. however, today it is just ignorant white trash. also, they hardly represent the ideals of either political party today.

    • JoeBob

      it was originally founded and supported by southern democrats to “preserve their way of life.” historical fact. however, today it is just ignorant white trash. also, they hardly represent the ideals of either political party today.

  • Dustin Treymane

    The KKK are Democrats? What, are you people living in a time warp to the 1960’s? Whether this was a Klan act or not, at least get the facts straight…and move into this decade.

    • Mr. Fever Head

      Robert Byrd is spinning in his grave.

    • JoeBob

      buy a history book. the kkk was founded by southern democrats. i’m not saying i know what kind of people are in it these days other than white trash, but it is a historical fact.

    • JoeBob

      buy a history book. the kkk was founded by southern democrats. i’m not saying i know what kind of people are in it these days other than white trash, but it is a historical fact.

  • Love of Country

    This desperation by Democrats to win at any cost is despicable and mind boggling! For Al, Jessie, Harry and Nancy to dress up in KKK garb to burn a black person alive is a new low in humanity, never mind politics. This is heinous, but in the end, it is a tragic continuation of Democrats who murder 9000 black people each and every year though usually for other reasons than trying to frame Republicans.

    Admittedly, I could possibly be wrong about the forces behind this tragedy, it could have very well been Trumpka and Stern and their legions of racist, white, hateful henchmen aka the Teamsters etc who were behind this tragedy but rest assured it wasn’t Republicans.

  • -Hannibal Lector-

    And this is where Team O incites a race riot prior to the election, we all know if Republicans havent had a single case of racial angst thus far the likely hood of it happening now is slim to none. I call bullshit!!

  • bella131

    Is so sad the ignorance of individuals who think the KKK is a GOP thing. KKK=DEMS, always have.

  • tan lee

    FACT: KKK was spray painted on her car along with other racial slurs. Although this was not tied to the election in any way it was still a horrible act of RACISM period! This is my hometown and I am well aware of the type of things that go on here. FYI she is not deceased so please people get the facts and know what you are talking about before commenting! We want her better and we want JUSTICE! They could be black,white, or blue it was still a HATE crime!

  • Kini

    Question: Was this Black on Black violence? White hoodies have faces yaknow!

  • Isaac McGee

    My heart goes out to the entire Moffitt famil for what they have to endure with their daughter, but I am not going to blame Mitt for this heanous act, I am going to blame the backwards asq, ignorant individuals of Shreveport and the South for that matter. Mitt wants the black vote as well as the white vote, he’s not saying “I’m against African Americans, you can keep your vote.” He wants to win. Alas I can almost garauntee the individauls responsible for this act is no where near Mitt’s tax bracket to be relevant in his eyes. So….. I am sorry once again, but I am asking my fellow African Americans (and creoles as I am bread out of New Orleans) don’t band wagon….. that’s all, I think we should really think about our actions before we express our feelings sometimes.

  • Kenny Hatcher

    Romney, or tea party, or KKK, or whoever. It was still wrong and obviously racist.

  • disqus_eric

    Personally, I hope the police find the shitheads responsible for this act.

    • LLP

      Proven to be self inflicted today.

  • Latonya Milsap

    Let’s. Pray together …

  • Shellie Taylor news release from Franklin parish in louisiana. Self inflicted harm. Wow now whose throwing racial comments. Pathetic excuse for political remarks. Prime example how rumors are started. Get the facts first. So sad the way people act and say such derogatory things.

  • glennmat1

    she has now admitted that she did it to herself

  • Nicki Savage

    Uh, hey. Turns out she did it to herself. Mind updating the news sometime? :/

  • Rena

    Seems she did this to herself.. I thought it a bit odd this happening and she “couldnt tell the race” of the ones who did this… They dont usually spray paint KKK but would use derogatory metaphors instead…

  • Back 4 More

    Well, you gotta give the gal credit. That would have been a pretty powerful propaganda tool if she had been able to pull it off. I guess it still wasn’t bad because even though it turns out that she did it herself most people will never actually hear about that part of it. That’s what I call taking one for the team. The cult like devotion to Obama just boggles the mind.

  • shadwgirl

    She did this to herself. Literally, she caught herself on fire and lied to police. I really hope she gets the help she needs and I hope these idiots on twitter tone down their violent rhetoric.

  • shadwgirl

    She did this to herself. Literally, she caught herself on fire and lied to police. I really hope she gets the help she needs and I hope these idiots on twitter tone down their violent rhetoric.

  • JoeBob

    blame bush!

  • JoeBob

    blame bush!

  • John Beam

    Ends-up that all it was was an Obamabot who thought that she’d sacrifice her own body for the cause, and blame her injuries upon “conservative right-wingers.” It amazes me how they jump knee-jerk-like to the wrong conclusion EVERY SINGLE TIME. There is absolutely NO evidence of racism with conservatism, and yet it’s the first thing that they jump to. Kind of reminds me of the definition of insanity…


    I live near Winnsboro. The dumb woman did it to herself.

    Read it and weep. My local news.

    It’s a shame someone has to set themselves on fire just so Obama looks like the good guy, lol. NO REMORSE ON MY PART!