The Maryland representative, who sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has evidently taken a page from Cher’s book of crazy and set his sights on the Texas-based True the Vote campaign. True the Vote’s platform revolves around mind-blowing concepts like election integrity and voter ID laws, and Cummings believes that’s just downright un-American. This past Friday, he sent a letter to True the Vote’s founder and president Catherine Engelbrecht informing her that he would be launching an investigation into her organization. Because nothing’s fishier than a group that combats voter fraud:

Cummings’ letter details how numerous groups affiliated with True the Vote are engaging in a coordinated campaign to challenge legitimate voters across the country, including in Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Maryland, although local and state election officials have repeatedly determined that these challenges are baseless.

As a result, legitimate voters—through no fault of their own—often receive letters from local election officials notifying them that their registrations have been challenged and requiring them to take steps to remedy false accusations against them.

In his letter, Cummings requests that Engelbrecht provide information about the data True the Vote uses to challenge voter registrations, the training provided to volunteers, and how True the Vote determines where to deploy resources in select jurisdictions.

These are the documents Cummings has requested:

(1)    a list of all individual voter registration challenges by state, county, and precinct submitted to governmental election entities, including correspondence and determinations by election officials relating to each challenge;

(2)    copies of all letters sent to states, counties, or other entities alleging non-compliance with the National Voter Registration Act for failing to conduct voter registration list maintenance prior to the November elections;
(3)    a list of voter registration rolls by state, county, and precinct that True the Vote is currently reviewing for potential challenges;

(4)    copies of all training materials used for volunteers, affiliates, or other entities;

(5)    copies of computer programs, research software, and databases used by True the Vote to review voter registration;

(6)    all contracts, agreements, and memoranda of understanding between True the Vote and affiliates or other entities relating to the terms of use of True the Vote research software and databases;

(7)    a list all organizations and volunteer groups that currently have access to True the Vote computer programs, research software, and databases; and

(8)    a list of vendors of voter information, voter registration lists, and other databases used by True the Vote, its volunteers, and its affiliates.

You can read the full text of the letter here. Rep. Darrell Issa, who’s busy investigating things that actually warrant investigation, was cc’d on the letter.

Liberals are cheering Cummings’ efforts, of course:

By the Left’s logic, government resources are best allocated toward rooting out those who expose corruption.

Sounds about right.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Because “super heroes” and democrat politicians wouldn’t be needed if there were never any victims……….and victims wouldn’t be needed if democrats had a viable political platform……..

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    I’d love if it they just wrote back telling him to go ffkk himself.

    • nickshaw

      I agree, ICT!
      It’s amazing that Dims think they have the power to investigate private concerns just based on their say so!
      Mind you, Cummings has Holder on his side.
      They won’t follow through against actual evidence of the New Black Pampers suppressing the vote but, they will come down hard on True The Vote. You’ll see.


      I say the FLEEBAGGER LIBTARDS do the same with all states that don’t have Photo ID laws, all votes casted in those states have to be verified & certified !!!! At least here in Florida where I live, you can’t mess with the voting system here because now they swipe your license like a credit card !!!!! That creates a record of when you voted & where ( not who you voted for ) this also means unlike Ohio, here in Florida you can NOT vote again or in other states that have Photo ID laws !!!!!

      Florida uses the same computer system throughout the state to keep track of who has already voted & who hasn’t !!!! Ohio is prime breeding ground for VOTER FRAUD & their votes should NOT count until we know only people who can leaglly vote are the only ones who voted & there is no double or triple voting from the same person, using [email protected] peoples names, using pets names with owners last name, DON’T LAUGH IT HAS ALREADY STARTED !!!!!! I think that is why Cummings is so angry because he knows President BOBO’s chances would fade to nothing if BOBO can NOT cheat !!!!! Get over it FLEEBAGGER LIBTARD, WE THE PEOPLE will not put up with you trampling on OUR right to make sure our vote in counted over the ones committing VOTER FRAUD !!!!!!

  • Rabiddogg

    apparently Elijah Cummings thinks he is the attorney general. Its a pity his supporters do too. I live in his district and boy are these people anything but intelligent.

  • CalCon10

    This is Orwellian. Somewhere (probably a very, very hot somewhere) Saul Alinsky and Josef Stalin are smiling.

    • Rhonda Omberg

      Wrong. They are incapable of smiling.

  • nickshaw

    The blind faith liberals have in the champions of victimhood is simply astounding!

  • Danny Wheeler

    Hey, Cummings, you wanna be the pot or the kettle?

  • [email protected]

    If Cummings is investigating True the Vote. I am sure he will be looking in to Acorn Right. They get Gov money to sign up daffy duck and mikey mouse to vote, so what is good for True the Vote should be good for Acorn. Just saying

  • 19Robes50

    None if this surprises me. I’m ashamed to admit that Mr. Cummings and I were classmates. I have heard his discourse before… I find it amazing that an elected official is against the purging of unqualified voters. By that I mean voters that have died, or moved and established residency elsewhere (allowing them to vote more than once). I’ve heard the congressman condemn the requirement for voter identification citing that it is a blatant attempt to suppress the voting of the elderly, the infirmed, the poor… He states that these potential voters do not have the ability to obtain identification. Mind you now, the DNC required identification to attend their own convention! Yet proving that you are an eligible voter is un-necessary…

    I believe that Mr. Cummings just wants the ability to pad the votes… Pretty simple, huh?

  • AlmaAlma

    Yeah, I agree Elijah, people who are not American should be able to vote in America’s elections!! Also, I think I should be able to live at your house, it would be unfair of you to put a border around your property and not allow me to make decisions in your household. You are trying to suppress me Elijah.

  • DebEast

    Wish these loony lefties would choose a land area, amass there, and leave the rest of this country to responsible people with values. Then, in about 5 years when the “progressives” have stripped everything of value from their land and probably eaten each other, the survivors might be ready to join society.

    • disqus_BktOMwqkBg

      This land area is called California. For some reason, which is obviously not the fault of the voting citizens, the government of that land area is a catastrophe. Many of the citizens are moving to adjacent states that are not messed up and then working to recreate the situation they just fled, proving that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the outcome to change. /sarc

  • mark thomas

    I don’t trust him

  • ragbjg

    Why is everybody trying to pat Cummings on the back when the Republican Party actually turned this group in for voter fraud. Is he trying to claim that “HE” started this investigation? Typical liberal wanting credit for something others did.

  • lillymckim

    I wonder if the Democrtats will walk the ballots into the jail cells like they did last time but somehow they couldn’t quite get the ballots out to our US Soldiers in time?

  • lillymckim

    and to think WE pay this dunderhead to sit and think up this crap.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    So smear those that are trying to maintain the integrity of our most important franchise….way to go bonehead. YOU are what is wrong with Congress. Proving it EVERY day!

  • Rhonda Omberg

    I would put Cummings on “ignore”. I am close to the organization leadership, and i can tell you the IRS is already up their ass in order to prove they are a 501c3. This is just blowing smoke by this congressman to act like he is doing something.

  • conservativechick

    This is so BAZAAR! Did he ever even go to their website or does he JUST not like the fact that they caught Sheila Jackson Lee cheating like CRAZY???