This evening, Whoopi Goldberg sat down for a heart-to-heart with Mitt Romney. Romney wasn’t actually present for the conversation, but that was of little importance. Goldberg clearly had enough passion for the two of them — she just couldn’t let Twitter’s 140-character tweet limit get in her way! — and she expressed her disappointment to the GOP presidential candidate. In her eyes, Romney just hasn’t measured up. Let’s take a look at the many ways in which Romney has let her down:

In other words, Mitt Romney has built his campaign platform on conservative principles. Romney has taken plenty of heat from conservatives for his implementation of Romneycare in Massachusetts. He’s taken steps to distance himself from that chapter of his governmental career and has made overturning the invasive healthcare law a key part of his presidential agenda. That puts him in line with American conservatives, who value accountability and are depending on him to stick to conservative guns. Sorry, Whoopi. She also seems to take issue with Romney’s pro-life stance. To her, it’s terribly anti-women. And if there’s one thing Goldberg understands, it’s the needs of women.

Thank you for your input, Whoopi. Don’t forget to share your concerns when Romney appears on “The View” next month. We’re sure he’ll take it all under advisement. *Snicker*

G’night, Whoopi.

  • Randal Redder

    Whoopi: it’s Twitter. Not a place to write New York Times columns.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    hey at least she is not insulting. I respect that and I still like you Whoopi

    oh crap, my bad!
    Internet just loaded the first 2 tweets and then sent me to the comments.

    • Johnny Banco

      “not insulting”? So, you respect Whoopi, a blind, hypocritical Obama partisan, who said, “thought you might be an interesting.I thought you were more like ur dad & then u opened ur mouth & I realized u were nothing like him”, and, “Well Mr Romney the man I was talking about turned into a man who flushed his ideals down the drain”, taking such statements as COMPLIMENTS, eh? Thanks for the laugh! :)

      • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

        oh crap, my bad!
        Internet just loaded the first 2 tweets and then sent me to the comments.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Not insulting? Let’s hear some of the flattering and non-insulting things it ever said about President George W. Bush.

  • CalCon10

    Yeah, like Whoopi the Genius was gonna vote for him.

  • kch50428

    Mitt pizzing off Whoopi means he’s doing something right in my book :)

    • gvnn688

      Too bad you don’t run in his circle to tell him so.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        He’ll tell him with his vote?

      • Maria

        He runs around in circles?!?!

    • ArmyMom46259

      Exactly!!! :)

  • grais

    Is she imagining that Mitt checks her twitter feed for messages to him?

  • TugboatPhil

    Whoopi, do you respect Obama more because he is ok with infanticide? I mean, I’m sure you could justify that as “birth control.” Did you respect Teddy Kennedy because of the woman he abandoned and let suffocate in a submerged car?

    Just trying to judge the depths of your priorities for a candidates with “standards.”

    • gvnn688

      It sure as heck is not Mitt.

      • TugboatPhil

        Probably not. Mitt would never allow a live baby that had survived an abortion by one “doctor” to be killed by a different “doctor” like the President has legislated.

        I’m pretty sure no woman is dead because of Mitt’s leaving the scene of an accident either. And even though he’s taken his dog on the car roof for trips, he’s never eaten one.

      • Maria

        That’s a good thing.
        Good post, TugboatPhil!

    • Richard Jefferies

      Always remember that abortion is the sacrament of liberalism’s eschatology. Whoopi cares not for Obama’s stance on infanticide, she probably applauds its progressiveness.

  • halcrawford

    I’m just impressed that she’s posting literate, thoughtful points to Romney, compared to the garbage posted by that cretin Ellen Barkin.

    • Maria

      Her spelling and grammar leave much to be desired, however. “..your a man who sheds ideas..” Really?

  • Garth Haycock

    She should be used to disappointment, as that’s what she sees each time she looks in a mirror.

  • conservativechick

    WHO CARES. I have been VERY disappointed in Whoopi many times over the years.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i’m so sick of these egomaniacs that think that some how their fame makes them know everything about everything. i am supposed to care whoopi thinks about anything? personally, i think mitt’s aversion to going on letterman or the view says a lot more about them than it does him.

    they think he is afraid of them. maybe, like a lot of people, he is just afraid that being within arm length of joy behar will cause him to involuntarily punch her in the throat.

  • Penmar

    Nothing wrong with Romney instituting ‘statewide’ healthcare, it’s well within a ‘state’s’ rights to do so according to the U.S. Constitution (remember that pesky little thing?) It is not listed in the enumerated powers of the Federal Gov’t’s rights to do so. And the only reason it stood was because their lawyers argued it was a tax (even though they said it was not a tax when they passed it) in front of the Supreme Court. And taxation is in the 10 enumerated powers of the Federal Gov’t.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Who in the world does she think she is fooling?? She never had ANY intention of voting for him. That was nothing more than a self-serving light rant.

  • strat77

    Doesn’t “get” time zones but wants to lecture on politics? Uh, OK …

  • strat77

    Doesn’t “get” time zones but wants to lecture on politics? Uh, OK …

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Of all the adjectives that might go under THAT face, “sad” is about the last one I would get to.

  • Streetiebird

    In right-wing world, “He’s taken steps to distance himself from that chapter of his governmental career” is not flip-flopping, it’s being brave. When in reality Romney has etch-a-sketched every stance he’s ever taken, some in less than 24 hours..

    • Maria

      We know Obama has.

      • Streetiebird

        Anything to back that up? I can give you a laundry list of things Romney has “etch-a-sketched” on if you’d like.

      • Streetiebird

        Anything to back that up? I can give you a laundry list of things Romney has “etch-a-sketched” on if you’d like.

  • Sung Wi

    sounds like the Xanax and wine were flowing free.

  • Kevin Miller

    Hate to hold a grudge, but I never got over her support for Roman Polanski, calling a 13 year old girl being drugged and violated against her will not RAPE rape. Her opinion means less than nothing as far as I’m concerned.

  • Bigconservative

    Woopi thinks that it is our responsibility to pay for her birth conrol, abortions, and STD treatments. Why do these braindeads even try to voice a political opinion?

  • J.N. Ashby

    I am so sick of the expression “the right to healthcare.” Of course you have “the right” to get it. You just don’t have “the right” to make other people pay for it under government mandate!

  • Joey Juarez

    Wow, she might have just went ahead and said “I need to help Obama out”…in so many words…lol…

  • Adela Wagner

    Could not stand her before, but after she made that commercial where she had to tell us that she constantly pizzes on herself…well I don’t think she needs to worry about BC, abortion or STD treatment. oh, and stop trying to be all like “yeah, I’m so hopping on the Repub train…see I’m not a bigot”…yeah right even when you were dating Sam Malone (WTF?) you had him in black face….

  • Maria

    I wish she was more like her character on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”–intelligent, clever, logical, sage-like..
    Romney’s version of health care that anyone could get would be just that–health care that anyone could get, but would not be REQUIRED to get or face a tax! It would just be an option, a choice. Plain and simple. I like that a lot better than being forced one way or the other.

  • Rick Bowser

    Who is Goldberg trying to kid? She is an Obamba P1$$ bucket carrier. Her “disappointment” in Mitt Romney, is nothing more than another attempt to blow smoke up everyone’s tailpipe!

  • lillymckim

    Whoopi who do you think you’re kidding?