The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the erstwhile George W. Bush fan has cast his lot with Barack Obama. Not only will the rapper win Obama’s thanks, but he’ll also successfully avoid a backlash like the one faced by Nicki Minaj. That’s a win! He’s clearly thought things through very carefully:

“I’m going to vote for Obama,” he said Tuesday. “Some of the things I’ve heard in passing from the Romney side make me want to vote for Obama. A couple pieces of [Romney’s] speeches — they left me out there a little bit, I wasn’t sure which way things would actually go. It’s not one specific thing.”

50 Cent said his strong “judge of character” played a role in his decision to endorse President Obama.

“You’ve got to judge people,” he said. “After a while, you look and judge character. Being a good judge of character will determine how successful you are. If you misjudge your friends — and friendship is the strongest form of relationship — you will pay in a divorce.”

Welp, looks like Romney’s outta luck.

How will Mitt compete?


  • J.N. Ashby

    I judged Obama’s character. He’s a despot, as is nearly every member of the congress.

  • SAndrews

    How appropriate as that’s what a dollar is worth in Obama’s economy.

    • J. Cox


    • Maria


  • RIChris

    Two cents worth from 50 cent. He can do this again 24 times. Sweet.

  • Tyler

    Hmmm.. Well 50, it’s a good thing you got rich during the Bush years or you would die trying under Obama

  • NWFL Conservative

    Well they both espouse the “Thug Life” so I guess dey beez “thugs of a featha, yo mf’er!”

    I really have to laugh. I put 50 cent’s credibility right up there with Paris Hilton, Jeanine Garafalo, Jason Alexander and Charlie Sheen. With the devaluation of the dollar, he’s really only worth about 2 cent and that is on a good day.

  • Maria

    Not surprised, he never sounded very intelligent anyway. Obama has no character, at least not any character I want in the White House.

    • Love of Country

      All he wants in life is a race, class and gender war to destroy this great country ….. if he can create a generational and religious war along the way as well ….. that’s just icing on the cake.
      Barack Owebamao is the most hateful and divisive man ever to step foot in our nation’s capital …. leave it to democrats to try to get him re-elected!

  • Love of Country

    50Cent was shot 9 times ….. must remind Barry of Chicago and what he envisions for the rest of the country.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    well, at least he considered romney instead of just going all ‘he is a white republican that wants your money and he must be racist just because!’

    • ZoriahShepard

      Perhaps he had that going for him…before he said he’s a good judge of character.

      • Elaine

        At least he got his “get out of jail free” card first. Lucky for him CAPITALISM works.

  • brianmouland

    A 50 cent endorsement from a person with a 2 cent brain

  • Bee Man

    No shock there that another millionaire celebrity endorses the millionaire president. Let’s be honest here… .50 is just about the right amount of money most Obama supporters have in their pockets.

  • James McLarey

    I guess the penny’s endorsement puts Bananabama over the top!

  • Johnny Blade

    On what planet is Obama’s character even allowed in the same venue as Romney’s?

  • The Abstract

    I guess “Fitty” wants to get a paycheck again.

  • John (it true me am)

    There is no need to insult 50 over this. I’m not a fan of him and his “music” in the slightest, but he has shown unusual willingness to at least hear out both sides. We need more of that, even if people’s ultimate decision doesn’t come down where we’d like.
    Instead we should be saddened that yet another has fallen prey to Obama’s sociopathy. But then that is the hallmark of a good sociopath, to be able to fool people. And however bad at everything else he may be, I think we can agree he’s one of the best sociopaths out there.

  • wynnsjammer

    Am I really “Surprised” at this, “Not”.

  • BeeKaaay

    He says he’s a good judge of character. Obviously wrong in this case.

  • TonyMontana3

    Obama 2012!!