Former leftist activist Lee Stranahan has been on the front lines in the fight against stalker and terrorist Brett Kimberlin. He and his family have recently been the victims of nasty threats from Kimberlin supporters and violent leftists, and, no longer feeling safe in their home, they have decided to flee. Blogger Aaron Walker, who has himself dealt with intimidation and lawfare, has more:

I have called and tweeted to him seeking a definitive statement about the cause.  I will let you know if there is any definitive answer, but he would seem to be alluding to the recent threats of rape to himself and his wife by Occupyrebellion who is definitely a member of Team Kimberlin and the Liberal Grouch (see here and here). (Update: read where Patrick quotes LG’s language and see if that sounds like a threat to you)
And of course he has been viciously attacked by Brooks Bayne’s crew for months.

Over the weekend, Stranahan alerted police to one of the people making threats against him:

Leftist and self-described “liberal patriot” Bill Schmalfeldt, aka The Liberal Grouch, has been among the most vocal of those threatening Stranahan. Here’s just a brief sampling of his nastiness:

Scroll through his blog and Twitter feed at your own risk. He’s truly vile.

Schmalfeldt insists he never made any threats:

As Patterico documented, Schmalfeldt’s denial is patently false. Schmalfeldt insists that his threat was as innocuous as saying “good morning.” Not remotely. Moreover, he repeatedly endorses and proclaims his solidarity with Twitterer @OccupyRebellion, another notorious Kimberlin supporter. @OccupyRebellion sent out a tweet clearly threatening Stranahan’s wife:


After receiving repeated threats of this nature, Stranahan feels his only remaining option is to move his family away from their current home. Doing so will require extra financial help. Stranahan took to Twitter to ask his supporters for assistance:

And, naturally, the vilest of the vile used Stranahan’s financial hardships to mock him:

It’s utterly disgraceful. Thankfully, Stranahan is a far bigger man than all of his sick detractors combined, and he’s vowed to keep his head up and fight the good fight:

Indeed. Meanwhile, you can also help Stranahan by remaining vigilant. And if you’d like to donate to the Bloggers Defense Fund, which goes toward aiding victims of Kimberlin-style lawfare, you can do so here.

  • freeinaz

    These leftist boneheads are sick, really sick.

    • blynnd

      Lee-I don’t think anything can be done about the filth and immorality the leftists use. They HATE everything, like, responsibility, faith, people who disagree with them on issues, civility, and most of all, themselves. I mean….who can blame them on the last one? Stay strong.

  • Howard Anderson

    I want to know where this fucking scheamfedlt asshole lives.

  • EastValleyConservative

    If anyone pulled what they do to someone on the left, the so-called msm would be all over it, cops and swat dispatched to protect them, and the entire spectrum of the right would be painted with the brush of terrorism. These guys need to learn what this type of behavior is worthy of—PRISON. Anyone forced to flee their home due to threats from these bullies is one person too much. And the justice system needs to catch up to the loopholes these losers use to employ their tactics with no consequences. They claim they are merely exercising their 1st amendment rights when everyone knows that they have thugs on the ground ready and willing to be deployed and break any and every law in the name of their so-called “freedom”. Occupy has proven to be a perfect army of useful idiots who are often given a pass by the DOJ. In any case, why hasn’t the justice system caught up? We have had the internet HOW LONG now? Oh…I forget. They are too busy trying to snag the right to control the internet rather than pay attention to what happens on it. When they do finally pay attention–it will be because they have control and it will only be used against those who they want to censor.

  • ZoriahShepard

    Only in this wacko’s head and others like him could a threat of bodily harm mean the same as good morning.

  • Guest

    Time to purchase a bevy of weaponry, teach the wife and kids how to use them, and sit and wait. I hope he moves to a state where the gun laws are few and the “castle act” is in effect, like Texas and Louisiana….even the cops don’t play with Kimberlin types in those places…..

    • SDN

      Dude, Lee already lives in TX. He’s in as good a state as he possibly can be for self-defense. However, there are a few places (Austin, Houston, and San Antonio spring to mind) where the inmates have taken over the asylum.

  • CMS


  • John Fowler

    Check out the Occupy guy’s Twitter page. He’s threatening Malkin now.

  • kch50428

    Nice to see Twitter applying the Terms of Use policies appropriately applied. Oh wait, they’re not…

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    Sadly, He (Stranahan) WILL go to jail on false charges. Most judges are Hardcore Progressives now. All these two idiots have to do is hire a friendly lawyer, and Stranahan’s life is over.

    • SDN

      Don’t bet on it. Texas still has a jury system, and we tend to see through idiots. Which is why the old “W is dumb” meme made a lot of us laugh.

      • Harlan Hikaru Fox

        I’d like to believe you, but as long as Eric Holder is still head of the DoJ, I don’t put it beyond him to get his minions involved.

  • s.f.canyon

    Run hell, stand and fight! it is the only proper response to a cowardly bully!

  • Brian Cates

    We got your back, Lee.

  • Taxpayer1234

    Lee is not just over the target and taking flak, he’s hit the target multiple times.

  • gator

    Sounds like loud mouth kids that got beat up in school alot.

  • crosspatch

    This is becoming behavior typical of Democrat partisans as they become more and more desperate. I can’t for the life of me understand how any normal middle American can align themselves with this party anymore and look themselves in the mirror.

  • BeeKaaay

    This is how Nazis act.

  • Brett McMicken

    somehow, i don’t think barkin ellen or jason alexanderlay will be posting any tweets of condemnation against those two

  • AngelaTC

    I’m tempted to start blogging about him. I guarantee you that it will be a cold day in hell before some internet thug forces me out of my home.

  • Serr8d

    My Gawd, but this Bill Schmalfeldt guy is teh pathetic!

    He’s got very little time left and is wasting it by boiling his own brain in vitriol, trying to make others just a miserable as is he.

    Hey, Bill, since you’re a short-timer, whyn’t you try to do pleasant things with your end times? Try to make peace with God? Or do you believe there is no God, therefore you are but an animal who can now get away with acting as an animal?

    Better have yourself cremated. With all the enemies you’re making, your gravesite will need a toilet paper dispenser!

  • DocinPA

    I think it’s high time that Marcus Latrell and some of his friends pay these idiots a visit.

  • CMS

    This is ridiculous. There is no reason that Stranahan should fear for the safety of himself or his family.Whether it is Lee, or someone at twitchy,someone is going to have to be brave enough to come forward and contact me, so we can clear this up as soon as possible.

  • Barb Beasn

    Is there Castle Doctrine/concealed carry, where Lee lives? I wonder how ol’ Bill would like his address put out there.

  • Guest

    These people are truly sick.