Just when you thought the once-respectable Newark mayor couldn’t possibly sell himself out to Team Obama any more, tonight in his address to the Democratic National Convention, Cory Booker dug his heels even deeper into the muck. Booker proudly proclaimed — or, rather, yelled — that “being asked to pay your fair share isnt class warfare; it’s patriotism!”

The audience of rapt Julias erupted in applause and chants of “USA! USA!” Of course. We’d expect nothing more.

To the Left, class warfare is patriotism, see?

It’s a wonder the convention facilities didn’t flood, what with all the drooling:


The future? Sorry, kiddo. But this is happening now. And it’s downright scary.

Conservatives were not amused:

Disgusting indeed. Attempting to disguise class warfare as patriotism is shameful and pathetic, and it’s a tactic the Left has no qualms about using. Taking that power away is imperative. Remember in November.

  • http://pinterest.com/j0s1395/ Josephine (D)

    Let’s see: the rich pay more taxes, the middle class and the poor save money…but then get promotions, thereby earning more money, and therefore more taxes. So, in reality, they’re promoting just one middle class. And aren’t many of those who make over $250000 are actually small business owners?

  • http://www.gardensandgadgets.com/my_web.html Dave J

    Let’s talk about “Fair Share”. How about this for fair. Everyone pays 10%. You make a buck you pay a dime. NO deductions, NO exceptions. That’s fair. Everybody that wants all to pay a fair share should love this. Right….

    • Romans 8:39

      I’m all for the fair tax.

  • MikeR

    how about the 40+% who pay 0 federal income taxes?

  • Pete Futz

    Who gets to decide what is “fair”?……oh yeah

    • John Fowler

      Sorry, Pete–I just read the article and started spouting off, and it looks like I pretty much copied your post you’d already written. Well, you know what they say about great minds.

  • latdog43

    Hey Booker, I can pay higher taxes or I can make a payroll. Which would you rather have me do? Because I’m not doing both. I’ll come out cheaper paying the higher taxes, which suits me fine. The people I layoff will be your problem, not mine.

    • Orangeone

      Be sure to tell your former employees that when you let them go. Start with: “Elections have consequences. Nancy Pelosi says that unemployment will revitalize the economy and Al Sharpton says that food stamps help local grocers so here’s your pink slip as part of my effort to help the economy since O’Bambi says the private sector is doing fine and we need to hire more cops.”

  • Love of Country

    Paying higher taxes is patriotic?
    Well the flip side of that has to be that living off of the taxpayer is unpatriotic?

    Beyond that, we all know liberals know nothing of patriotism or honoring God but they all act like experts whenever it suits their purposes.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AL5OYIQYDHTLLPCJRC7Q3KZWLQ Robert

      Cory Booker doesn’t know who he is. He knows his city gets tons of tax revenue from venture capitalists in New jersey so he agrees with Romney. Then he rambles on about being patriotic means paying higher taxes. He and his party are like deer in the headlights. Mitt Romney 45th president of the U.S.A

  • J.N. Ashby

    Ironic that they call themselves “liberals” when there’s nothing in the tenets of Classical Liberalism that says “taxes are super awesome!” In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s considered liberal to abhor taxes…

  • Pushbroom

    WTF is fair share? Defined, fair is equal. Last I checked there are 50% of Americans who pay nothing. Uh, not a fair share.

    • Andrew

      Fair share to the left is 100% your income until you are as poor as the poorest person in the world.

  • Kevin Miller

    I aspire to be really successful. I’ll mortgage everything I own and work my butt off to start a business. If it fails I’m screwed. If I do really well and work really hard, I can give most of it to the government? I guess someone has to pay for all the free stuff they’re giving away!

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      Well said, Kevin!

    • EastValleyConservative

      Well Kevin–what the idiots falling for the Dem platform fail to realize is that you will not continue to be successful if it means you will be punished by having it looted to hand over to those who refuse to make it on their own.

  • Romans 8:39

    “Being asked to pay your fair share isn’t class warfare, it’s patriotism.”

    Does this mean the DNC is going after the 47% that don’t pay taxes?

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      No. But it does mean the 47% are unAmerican.

    • Orangeone

      So when is Booker going to start paying taxes? Someone told me he receives tax credits for all of those children he fathered out of wedlock that he doesn’t support.

  • http://twitter.com/MoueLaMoue Moue La Moue (D)

    Pay your fair share! Right. I’d REALLY like for a Dem to PLEASE, pretty please, with a wickedly delicious cherry on top tell me HOW MUCH is fair? Since the 1% of American’s do pay between 37-42% of Taxes in this country. So yeah, could they get back to me? I’ll include cream on top if they’re quick about it!

  • carla5731

    What if I don’t think the government is spending money responsibly? Should I still consider paying taxes patriotic…or is it idiotic?

    • BeeKaaay

      Under leftwingwackoism, idiocy is required.

  • darkknight91

    If paying taxes is patriotic, what does that make all the freeloading leeches in this country?

    • carla5731

      Not to mention all of the wealthy government “servants” who use their influence to enrich themselves by squeezing more money out of the public after they leave office?

  • BeeKaaay

    People should demand him to be very patriotic by paying 100% of his money to the government.


    • Orangeone

      Let’s start with demanding all of the liberal lawyers fork over 100% of their earnings to the gov’t and see how long this position lasts.

      • BeeKaaay

        And Hollywood, and those in the MSM, and the union bigwigs.

        • Orangeone

          And all members of Congress, Congressional staff, and non-military federal employees.

  • http://twitter.com/mnfe2 Lisa

    I’d like to see his tax returns…

  • billeeblue

    Corey Booker You golden patriot

  • grais

    I believe he stole that idea from…Joe Biden…JOE…BIDEN, fercrissakes!

  • billeeblue

    Cory Booker, you golden patriot from the far far left, PAY ALL THE TAXES YOU WANT>
    MAYBE LIKE FRANCE AND THEIR COMMIE GOVERNMENT, WHY NOT PAY 75% OF YOU INCOME….. BUT A real patroit believes in less spending less government and lower taxes. SCREW YOU YOU COMMIE BASTARD!
    posted by: Bill Watson
    US ARMY _ Vietnam 1965-1966
    Hay Patriot Booker did you serve in the military?

  • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Gee, I thought dissent was the highest form of patriotism. That’s what they told me during 8 years of President George W. Bush.

    (Hee hee, I like writing it out in full because I know it sends the leftards into froth just seeing it.)

    President George W. Bush.
    President George W. Bush.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      I saw a car with that bumper sticker recently. It also had a few of the others, Impeach Now, Try the President for War Crimes….

      I waited a couple of minutes and saw the owner coming to get into it. I made sure he saw me reading the stickers and I said, “You’re right! We should impeach Obama and try him for war crimes! Thanks, fellow patriot!

      I could tell by his long-term, pot induced stare that he didn’t really get what I’d just done, but it was satisfying nonetheless.

      • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Haha, well played, sir!

  • Wishsong

    Well of course they erupt into cheers. It’s not like anyone in that audience pays taxes anyway.

  • billeeblue

    I am totally sick and tired, to think that our government and The White House is filled with commies!
    What a disgrace to the men and women who fought and died in Vietnam. 54,000 brave souls who died so we could worship our GOD the way we choose without persecution and live in a country protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Wake up OBAMA, Biden, Pelosi, Reid….. This is THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
    You’re in the wrong country, WE don’t belong to the Government, THE GOVERNMENT BELONGS TO US. Maybe you should move to France or Russia!!!
    Bill Watson,
    US ARMY Vietnam, 1965-1966

    • $21367552

      have you considered a day at the spa or at least a nice box of chocolates or cookies? You sound rather angry.

      • J. Cox

        WOW..sexism much?Women are to sit and eat bonbons,watch oprah at the spa?Oh..I forgot I was responding to a prog with dbl standards..my bad.

  • John Fowler

    Who defines what “fair” is, the party that buys votes through their policies? They shouldn’t discuss money until they actually learn the value of it.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Oh… so THIS is the kind of ‘patriotism’ that maybe Terry McMillan won’t get sick over? I see. She’s probably giggling hysterically in her bubbly about now.

  • Orangeone

    This Booker guy is another scary Marxist. He chants like Rev. Wright. No wonder O’Bambi has him speaking for him.

  • Itype2slow

    nine, nine, nine, everyone pays the same tax rate. That is fair.
    How about everyone sends the government a thousand dollars. Everyone pays the exact same amount that is fairest of all.
    What the Democrats are asking is not “fair”
    Kiss my assets Mr. Booker )(

  • Neil Leininger

    So does that mean that those that pay nothing are traitors?

  • EastValleyConservative

    Dem Dictionary: Fair Share=punish success by taking more of an already outrageously balanced PROGRESSIVE income tax that punishes the wealthy already. Investment= TAX the middle class and pay off your cronies. Patriotism=”punishing your enemies” as Obama told hispanics once. What’s hilarious about this is not that the politicians and pundits are pushing this nonsense, it’s the morons who actually buy into it. Guess they either are too stupid to ever succeed at anything or they just are too lazy, so they would rather have the government loot on their behalf. The saddest part of their ignorance and/or laziness? They have no clue how fast the well will run dry.

  • Itype2slow

    Mr. Booker, be a patriot and pay off your share of of the 16 tril. that our govt is in the hole

  • Paul C.

    Who’s paying Booker.

  • Andrew

    Distributing wealth without the consent of it’s creator is not compassion, its theft.

  • tjp77

    Just keep playing the clip of him talking about how the Bain attacks are ridiculous, over and over again.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QH3QGSQUBEDVZNZZFTQVZJEWH4 Jan

    “Not class warfare but Patriotism when asked to pay your fair share!”

    Uh,that’s patronism,actually.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QH3QGSQUBEDVZNZZFTQVZJEWH4 Jan

    “Not class warfare but Patriotism when asked to pay your fair share!”

    Uh,that’s patronism,actually.