As Twitchy has reported, Pig-Maher-in-training Jason Biggs has been sending out vicious, vomitous tweets about Paul and Janna Ryan, Ann Romney, and Christians. And it’s looking more and more like Biggs, most famous for screwing a pastry, may have finally screwed himself.

The actor currently has a gig voicing Leonardo in Nickelodeon’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot, which is set to premiere at the end of September. But a growing number of concerned parents and outraged citizens are attempting to stop Biggs in his tracks by calling on Nickelodeon to fire him for his disgusting tweets.

In our opinion, Nickelodeon would be wise to heed these people’s advice. Is Biggs, a misogynist and religious bigot, really the kind of person the children’s network wants to associate itself with?

Biggs’ wife professes to take issue with women being degraded:

Yet she doesn’t seem to have a problem with it when she and her husband are the ones doing the degrading:

Mollen spits on those of you who are angry with Biggs for his nasty tweets:

Let’s show her we’re a force to be reckoned with.

If you’d like to contact Nickelodeon, you can do so via Twitter here or here or by calling 212-258-7500 (ask for viewer services). You can also contact its parent company Viacom here, via Twitter, and at (212) 258-6000.


Pig Biggs deleted his disgusting tweets. Unfortunately for Biggs, Twitchy is forever and his weaselly deletion is unlikely to appease parents of Nickelodeon viewers.


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  • Wag_a_muffin

    I think parents need to write to sponsors of NickTV, too.

  • Tyketto

    Quite the wife he has there… they’re made for each other. Dumb and Dumber.

    • Gail Sweeney

      I just hope they don’t multiply.

  • Owen007

    Odd, I always took Leonardo for honorable and skilled, not vile and full of hatred. “What the Hell” casting, indeed.

    Now, normally I oppose calls to fire anyone simply for speaking their mind – no matter how profanely and such, but the rules are quite different when your big project is directed at children. Biggs crossed an obvious line, and he’s an arrogant, intolerant prick to boot, so Nick should fire the bum. Maybe it’ll teach the little wiener a lesson about adult behavior. Okay, probably not, but it’d still be fun to watch.

    And as for Mollen? Wow, who knew Biggs actually downgraded after that pie?

    • WhoMeToo

      “downgraded after that pie” So Funny!!!!

  • AniMatsuri

    Considering liberals totally rule the TV/Movies business from top to bottom, if they are aware of this, most likely a reward is planned for him after the blow back dies down. Besides, most of the voice acting is probably done by now anyway so it would be a lot of trouble to re-record everything and make the Sept. 29th debut.

  • $12942371

    I’ve never seen such a low class couple, nothing but white trash.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Obama supporters, thru and thru.

    • Lakerfanalways

      usually slime do end up marrying slime so it does make sense. They are both perfect for each other, scum and scummier

    • TugboatPhil

      White trash is demanding an apology. Even they are sickened by him….well a few anyway.

      • $12942371

        I’d certainly like to apologize if I offended white trash, it was wrong of me to use them as an attempt to show my feelings about this idiotic couple.

        • Sandy Pfaff

          Wouldn’t the term white trash be considered a racist term…I thought Liberals were so against racist slurs…guess it’s okay as long as it isn’t directed at someone they care about….What agitators!!! Or should I say “community organizers!!!”

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Biggs and his trophy wife- White trash.

    • Michelle

      Have you read her Twitter page? She’s no trophy and you insult Trophy Wives everywhere by calling her one. She’s an ignorant, foul-mouthed sow…nothing more.

    • Judy Hines

      insulting to white trashh

  • lgaston83

    What spews from one’s mouth, shows TRUE character and also one’s intelligence!

  • Telmo Bermeo

    Nickelodeon, you are no longer allowed in my house, You have no morals for hiring Jason Biggs. Good bye

  • Dave Sund
    • Michelle

      That’s hilarious.

    • Neil Leininger

      Screen-capped for posterity.

  • Matt

    Wait, I thought liberals were against rape. Now they’re for rape, if its a republican? Its hard to get to the root of the problem while wading through all the tolerance.

    • Garth Haycock

      A simple way to understand the mind of a liberal is this:

      It’s only wrong if a conservative does it.
      It’s only wrong if a conservative says it.
      It’s only bad if it happens to a liberal.
      It’s always good if it happens to a conservative.

      • Kierstin Bible

        Brilliant – and sadly, true.

      • TugboatPhil

        You nailed it, Garth!

      • Lee Mc Donald


        • Jim Nazium

          More like DOUCHE’!!

          • Hello Jerry (D)

            Back at you!

  • BigNanaUSA

    I frequently have my grandchildren with me…they both love Nick….but I will be explaining to them that they cannot watch Nick at nana’s house anymore because the Network employs a man who has profound hate for women, and likes the idea of hurting women….a sick and horrible thing. They WILL understand and agree with Nana.

    • Sandy Pfaff

      Thats what I will have to tell my grand children and I’ll make sure my daughters, and sons who feel the same about love for everyone understand. I’m sure they will all be on board…i think I’ll bring it up at church, the day care center when I pick the kids up, and just about everywhere i go that has children it their care…..Nickelodeon used to be a safe place.

    • Jer

      You should have been thinking twice about letting them watch Nick already. Have you seen the way they disrespect the elderly and treat the Greatest Generation as nothing more than jokes? I have, and I won’t have my children learning from that example.

  • pococolo

    This is so sad. These people are so far down the rabbit hole politically that they feel it’s perfectly acceptable for them to tweet these horrible, misogynistic and bigoted comments because they can’t even see that’s what they are. They feel entitled to insult people who don’t agree with them politically or religiously because they feel like the people who disagree with them philosophically aren’t just wrong, they’re evil and, therefore, deserve to be mistreated and abused. Biggs and his wife are engaging in the same type of thinking that gave us concentration camps and purges. Yet, they are so deceived and deranged by their own hatred, intolerance and bigotry that they think they are the good guys. Sick. Very, very sick.

    • Joe Robinson

      nice to know that in your world we don’t have freedom of speech. only when it suits your political beliefs.

      • Gman

        Right?!?!?! Michele ought to be ashamed of herself.

        • Ted Rush

          You ought to be ashamed of your inability to understand that with freedom comes responsibility.

          • Sandy Pfaff

            Whatever the case my grand children will NOT be watching Nickelodeon until he is gone….what if he should say something unscripted about women…no it’s too much of a risk…do not like that attitude.

      • ASingleRose

        Yeah, kind of reminds you of those organized boycotts to companies who advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s show, don’t it????

        • BH206L3

          Yea, and Rush told the ones that wanted to come back, have a nice day. Rush apologized for the poor choice of words, Biggs can say anything he wants, I don’t have to listen or buy what he is selling. It works both ways. The problem the left has is that they really get hurt in the pocket book and most all of the time this junk comes from them. They just don’t like being called on it.

          • ASingleRose


      • James McLarey

        Joe, everyone has freedom of speech. No one is stopping Biggs from spewing his crap, but so do we have freedom of speech and we are using it to inform Nickelodeon and Viacom that we don’t like what he is saying. We are also exercising our right not to support Biggs or anyone who would hire this misogynist.

      • Ted Rush

        Like all stupid liberals you fail to understand the difference between freedom of speech and freedom from responsibility for said speech. He’s free, legally (as in: he won’t be jailed) to say whatever he wants. That does not mean he’s free from the rest of us exercising same freedom to point out he’s a pathetic loser. Logic evades you… try moving out from the shadow of ignorance.

        • Erica Beam

          Yeah, kind of like Chick-fil-a!

        • dsturbd

          Was it the “stupid liberals” clamoring when ESPN dropped your good ‘ol boy Hank? Back then all I heard was free speech this and free speech that. I will say with absolute certainty that in both instances, free speech was used and supported. Also in both instances the speaker can rightfully be terminated by the network. It’s their choice and consequences have absolutely nothing to do with free speech.

      • Lee Mc Donald

        Like liberals don’t scream for a firing when Rush Limbaugh or someone “on the right” says something they don’t like? I’m a Centrist. I disagree with things Rush says. I think Bill O’Reilly is a little full of himself sometimes. What I don’t hear “from the right” are foaming at the mouth vitriol like I hear from Ed Schultz or Lawrence O’Donnell, or the misogynistic rants like Mr. Biggs, or the name calling that Bill Maher is famous for. If “lefties” can try and pressure companies because a “rightie” says something they don’t like (Chick-fil-A for an example), then “righties” can return the favor. No ones “Freedom of Speech” is being violated, despite how you think.

        • James McCarthy

          Lee, You just implied Rush says misogynist things about women, Sandra Fluke, and the right has done little to squash him and the much larger soapbox he is on. That was the original point Joe Robinson was making. What we all can agree on is all sides of the political spectrum do say insulting things. ALL of us need to check ourselves.

          • Story

            Sandra Fluke insulted her self. Limbaugh simply called her out for her own claims. What woman with any self respect would go before congress and claim she is so sexually active she can’t afford her own contraceptives? It’s my understanding that colleges pretty much hand out free condoms now. If you go before the world and brag about being a slut, you shouldn’t be surprised when the world refers to you as one.

          • Story

            Sandra Fluke insulted her self. Limbaugh simply called her out for her own claims. What woman with any self respect would go before congress and claim she is so sexually active she can’t afford her own contraceptives? It’s my understanding that colleges pretty much hand out free condoms now. If you go before the world and brag about being a slut, you shouldn’t be surprised when the world refers to you as one.

      • jay5775

        Hey jerkweed, like you nitwits wouldn’t get your little pink (as in pinko) panties all gunched up if the situation were reversed. Stuff it you stupid libtard.

        • James McCarthy

          Like yours are now…Settle down and think about what was said.

      • Hanne Brunlinge

        These morons in Hollywood need to understand that – yes, they can say whatever they want, but … their speech has ‘commercial’ consequences to their brand. Cuz they did just insult 50%+ of America and all.

      • politicaljules

        The right to freedom of speech, is like the right to bear arms. Abuse the right and pay the price. The price of making yourself look like a foolish jerk, especially when you rely on public support, is a heavy price sometimes. You or Jason Biggs have every right to free speech to say whatever vile BS you want. He’s going to pay a heavier price than you tho.

  • Kirisu

    In the last American Pie movie, he shows his full frontal close-up. I would of thought that would of been enough to keep him away from being considered for children’s programming…
    Also, apparently, the fact that his last name is Biggs is considered irony…

  • Botzilla

    If I were Ryan i would be heading to Biggs’s house to give him a P90X beat down

    • Lee Mc Donald

      I’m pretty sure Ryan won’t because he doesn’t play with fecal material. He was raised better.

      • conservativechick

        HAHAHA This guy is a piece of THAT for sure. Sad.

  • Laurie Baisdon

    I’m not one for boycotting or calling for his firing, (though we personally won’t patronize any Nick shows or their advertisers if there’s no action taken against Mr. Biggs), but I believe a public apology is in order. Perhaps it will teach him a ‘grown-up’ lesson. Further, it really shows how stupid he is – I mean, he does realize that a huge proportion of his “customers” are mostly women (they probably make the programming decisions for their kids) & most likely Christians, since 94% of Americans identify themselves as such. How utterly ignorant!

  • WhoMeToo

    Mrs. Biggs can’t say she didn’t know what she was getting into when she married this degenerate…. Can’t wait to see how she is treated when they divorce… and you know they will……..

  • Conservablogger

    You know all of these calls for @JasonBiggs to be fired is falling on deaf ears, right? From “[Viacom’s] MTV Networks operates approximately 170 channels and multiplatform properties, which include MTV, VH1, CMT, PalladiaHD, Logo, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Nick Jr, TeenNick, Nicktoons, Neopets, COMEDY CENTRAL, Spike TV, TV Land, and Atom”. So the same company that employs Jon Stewart is going to fire @JasonBiggs? It’ll be a cold day in Hades when that happens.

  • BeeKaaay

    Nickelodeon is run by Marxists. They won’t do anything.

    That’s one reason I refuse to pay for cable TV. I’m not willingly going to pay money that will go to Marxists like hm.

    • Walker Bennett

      Yep, the only way to stop this kind of behavior is to just stop paying for it. It seems like people don’t understand that comments like this are rewarded, not punished. It amazes me that we still have people in this country that can’t see the agenda that they are supporting with their hard earned money. The only way you get fired in the entertainment industry is by telling the truth.

  • James McCarthy

    Yet nearly ever poster here, and Michelle Malikin, will have no trouble listening and parroting every word out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth. Like what he called Sandra Fluke. Check yourselves before casting stones.

    • Patricia Taylor

      Listen up James! Rush called Sandra Fluke, a prostitute. Why? Because she wants to get paid for having sex. Our money for her birth control. Pretty simple. And that’s the best example you have? Plus, Rush apologized, sincerely and whole-heartedly but of course it was not accepted. And I would not have apologized. He was completely right, though he regrets what he said, I do not. I would have called her the same thing and I did. What the Dems do to Conservative women is way worse and no one ever calls them on it. I believe it was Bill Maher who called Sarah Palin the C word, never apologized and he made some disgusting remarks about her underage daughter. That’s not even the worst of it. So you check yourself before you defend scum!

      • Jimmie Robinson

        Rush called her a slut….

      • LaSantaHermandad

        I think because Rush really wasn’t sorry.

      • James McCarthy

        Then you are no better, if not worse, than Jason Biggs in calling her prostitute and slut, Limbaugh said that too.

        • Ted Lukowski

          Really a stretch here, James. Nice try though.
          The differences between the comments are vast and obvious.

          • James McCarthy


      • James McCarthy

        All who like this comment are just as bad a Biggs too.

    • TugboatPhil

      He didn’t just come out and call her a slut. He described what she was saying and what she wanted and then asked, “So what does that make her? A slut, right?”

      Sometimes the shoe fits. And the lefties are the ones who sponsor Slut Walks around the country. I thought being a slut was to be admired, you know, like wearing vagina costumes in public.

      • James McCarthy

        Wanting birth control, for its many uses, makes one a slut? Wow!…Sometimes the bigot shoe fits…The Slut walk really? Do you even know why it is being done? You are the same one who would blame the victim of a rape. Probably agree with Akin too!

        • TugboatPhil

          Wanting birth control for 3 sex sessions a day, every day of the year, paid for by an institution that does not condone pre-marital sex. Pick a better word.

          I am the one who bought my daughter a .357 magnum and took her to training for a concealed carry permit. I don’t want her to be a victim.

          You are most likely one (since you determined I am a victim-blamer, I get to judge you) who is against easy access of handguns for women and would deny them the right to carry for personal protection, even on a college campus.

          You teach your daughter about the moral superiority of sluthood and I’ll keep teaching mine about being ready to take out scumbags that prey upon women, most of whom probably vote Democrat.

          • James McCarthy

            Read the literature, BC is used to prevent cancer for many women and, yes girls. I hope your daughter never has go on accutane for cystic acne, the only way to go on it is to be co-prescribed and USE the birth control pill.

            Tell her martial arts more effective. I hope is never a victim of rape or violence, and I hope that concealed .357, a bit large for concealment but your call, never gets used against her if she is jumped on a campus. Why MA is more effective. Neither will be effective against date rape, that “illegitimate rape” so teach her street smarts. If she ever uses it, I hope she can shoot straight in a stress filled situation and not hit an innocent bystander or two and end up in jail herself.

            No daughters. No guns on campus either.

          • $21590057

            I’d really like a link about BC being prescribed for treating cancer. I’ve read that it actually increases the risk of breast cancer. I still don’t want to pay for someone else’s birth control. Why should I or the government have anything to do with another person’s private sex life?

            I have two daughters, and I see nothing wrong with concealed carry on campus. If you had daughters and knew the dangers they might face, you might feel differently than you do.

          • James McCarthy

            Breast yes, endogenous estrogen reduces ovarian and/or endometrial cancer can be reduced, see a link below and check pubmed at your leisure. The point is, let the patient and doctor decide what is best and apply the proper treatment and not take away an effective medication. Taxpayer money will go to men to by erectile dysfunction medications so men can do what again in private? Oh yeah, have sex.

            I am fully aware of the dangers women face, women in the military are assaulted by their own fellow troops, even when they are armed. Teach your daughters self-defense techniques, they will be much more effective.


  • digitalPimple

    I’m no babe in the woods but I got to say that’s pretty vile.

  • ns4853

    To send a complaint to Nick network, go to – at bottom of page, click on “report a concern”

  • Alan M

    While I respect anyone’s right of freedom of speech, do not wish ill on anyone, and do not like to see anyone lose their livelihood, I think it would be an appropriate gesture for Nickelodeon’s parent company, Viacom/CBS, to, at the very least, demand that Mr. Biggs publicly apologize for his comments about Ann Romney, Janna Ryan, and Christians as a condition of his continued employment with Nickelodeon. I do not feel this was a heat-of-the-moment outburst, but a calculated attempt to intimidate people who adhere to a minority party or religion. Perhaps Mr. Biggs could ask himself: how would you feel if someone made such comments about his wife? or his faith? or a cause passionate to him?

  • Kim Korzenecki

    You can call them…. the number is 212-258-7500! Make the complaint and let your voice be heard… I did!

  • PistolsForPandas

    Folks, do yourselves and your kids a favor and just buy the DVDs of the original TMNT series. It was on for almost ten years, and has a certain corny charm and sincerity that Biggs’ series no doubt lacks.

    • Danny DeMent

      I’d actually recommend the 2003 animated series. The old one from ’87 was more or less nothing at all like its source.

  • wanda

    I’m embarrassed for Nickelodean. And you can bet your sweet biffy my family won’t be watching that channel. What a hateful and no class actor you have there! @jasonbiggs
    I wish I could say I’m shocked. People who behave like this are a waste of twitter space!

    • TugboatPhil

      wanda, I totally agree with you, but as an old fart I can’t let this opportunity pass. The correct phrase is “bet your sweet bippy.” I understand that one word is as stupid as the other, but I just wanted you to know the correct usage.

  • disqus_R24N7It8df

    My grandchildren will NOT be watching this jerk!!

  • VirginiaCreeper

    Notice Nickelodeon hasn’t not commented. They’re waiting until after the holiday weekend (offices close) hoping it’ll all die down and be forgotten by Tuesday.

  • James Rose

    done, done, and DONE! soon he’s gonna be DONE as well

  • Hashtag_David

    Just donated $5 to Mitt Romney in @jennyandteets name

  • Hashtag_David

    just donated $5 to mitt Romney in @jasonbiggs name

  • jennaz

    Blocking Nickelodian on both TVs right now.

  • Johnny Blade

    after getting a look at Jenny there I’m beginning to understand Jason’s infatuation with the anus.. apparently he married one..

  • Deny

    I will not be allowing my grandkids to watch Nikolodian at my house and I am sure my daughters feel the same

  • Dave Leffingwell

    Fire Jason Biggs or my kids will never again watch Nickelodeon.

  • Patricia Rhudy Cook

    I’m trying to think of something more low class than these two, but I’m not doing too well.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Wondering why FNC hasn’t picked this up? C’mon MM, pull those strings!

  • RegaFin

    I wrote to Nick, Viacom and several sponsors. Take the time to do this everyone. It will make a difference.

  • Diane Stephan

    These liberal are becoming UNHINGED!

  • Brenda Cibelli

    Biggs is suffering from assholism—– and he has one scrotum

  • Steve Ostermeier

    Maybe it’s also time to put some pressure on those that advertise with Nicklelodeon. Try the Liberal policy of attacking their revenue stream from their advertisers..

  • angiemath

    I am done with NIck ! Freedom of speech is one thing but disrespecting people, woman that you don’t even know crossing a line. What if those vile comments were made about Mrs. Obama or Mrs. Biden ? Respect, show some respect Jason Biggs, you are a vile and sick human being. You need help !

  • Gman

    WHOA! I don’t like his garbage one bit and I would keep my kids from watching his turtles reboot to not support him. But isn’t calling for him to fired a little draconian> I mean, we DO live n a free speech society, don’t we? I don’t like the things Samuel L. jackson says either, so i refuse to watch his movies or buy products he endorses. But I stop short on calling on his being fired. Free Speech means you are free to not listen to it.

    • kheldar

      Yes, we live in a free speech society, but just because someone has freedom of speech doesn’t mean we have to or want to listen.
      And we have the freedom to speak out about his vile tweets.
      And a channel who’s entire market is children shouldn’t be associated with a person who does stuff like this.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    I am calling my local cable company to protest. This punk needs to learn some manners. My children won’t be watching Nick any more because of this filthy, foul-mouthed little wanker.

  • AlmaAlma

    Well Twitter really has taught me something about Hollywood, that’s for sure. Not quite as shiny.

  • Richard

    This guy is married to Jenny Mollen @jennyandteets I truly feel sorry for this woman being married to @jasonbiggs I’m sure she is very proud of hm.

  • DavidRita Edelman

    We will no longer watching or supporting Nickelodeon, due to the vile,bigoted, degrading comments “be that as may “free speech” of Jason Biggs and will be canceling our satellite subsription to Direct TV explaining why, due to this individual. This service has basically become a waste of money and time, and teaches bigotry, and the “acceptable” degrading and harming of women.

  • unklbrad

    It’s a shame my 4 year old won’t be allowed to watch NICKJR until this idiot is fired. I will just have to explain the truth to her. FIRE “PIGGS” NOW!!!

  • Trevor Sanchez

    I have now had to block Nickelodeon from my dish network account. I do not want my children and grandchildren exposed to the kind of hatred Jason Biggs is spewing on twitter.

  • TJCrane_NCC1701

    TMNT Leo ? For real ?
    Ah, the days of yore…when Leo was a bada$$ instead of a dumba$$.

  • Buck Hinton

    Do the right thing and fire him now!!!

  • Jim Nazium

    How many of you hypocrites called for Todd Akin’s job? Celebrities are by and large stupid. Elected officials aren’t supposed to be. MORONS!!

  • me
  • Not

    After I see 2016, I am DONE with anything that puts a dollar in any Hollywood corporation or company and buy from “out of the closet” conservative production companies DVD’s.

    IF a few million of my fellow countrymen would join in this Anti-Evil endeavor, it would change the World for the good.

    The porn industry is now so rampant with physical diseases, it has stop almost all productions and eliminating itself from existence.

    The Moral deficiency and great destroyer of civilizations of the entire liberal bastion of cesspool grade filth can only be cured by removing what it thrives, preys and loves the most…$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$

    • James McCarthy

      You do realize that Hollywood is where Clint Eastwood, Fred Thompson, and, wait for it, RONALD REAGAN came from. Don’t you? Or are you all three of the monkeys?

  • ed jones

    Re: Biggs. What did you expect from a Pillar of the Leftist community, Class?

  • Hanne Brunlinge

    Why do all the ‘has-beens’ and ‘past their expiration dates’ (Barkin’) waste our time with their hate speech. They were better off living in their past.

  • P-G Matuszak

    Since Mrs. Biggs AKA Ms. Mollen decided to make her comment about my “saving the world”, I decided to write a little OpEd about her statement and those of her followers: Sorry Mrs. Biggs, Manners Do Not Infringe Upon Free Speech

  • Jer

    Sorry, but if parents are just now scrutinizing Nickelodeon because of the disgusting Jason Biggs, they’re a bit slow on the draw. Nickelodeon is already banned from our house because of the way their shows iCarly and Victorious disrespect the elderly and reduce them to fodder for jokes. The last straw was a Victorious episode that cheered on the gang as they continued their annual tradition of fabricating a fake table tennis team in order to embezzle school funds to use on an expensive dinner. I don’t care what they do about Jason Biggs, they’ve already lost my family.


    The guy is a pervert! He should be banned from Nickelodeon from now on! It’s sad that a person can descend so far into the depths of filth, bigotry and hatred. He is reprehensible and he knows it. Needs psychiatric help!

  • Victoria Minton Yochum

    I will no longer be supporting Nickelodeon. I have grandchild we’ll move on to something else.

  • disqus_Mz7zyQPHC9

    This is a kids station..
    No longer trust content..
    I am for freedom of speech.. BUT NOT WHEN IT IS ABOUT MY KIDS

  • Joanne Headland

    Unfortunately, Biggs is in danger of being raped. It is something that angry sick people do; so Bigg will understand if it happens to him.