File under: AWESOME.

Christian Bale, star of “The Dark Knight Rises,” is in Aurora today visiting victims of Friday’s horrific shooting.

From ABC:

Christian Bale arrived in Aurora, Colo. today to visit victims injured during Friday’s shooting at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.” The Batman actor was seen at the Medical Center of Aurora, and hospital personnel were overheard saying he was talking to patients.

Petitions asking the actor to visit Aurora were posted on following Friday’s shooting. Over the weekend, Bale released a statement regarding the massacre, saying “Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.”

Bale himself made the decision to travel to Aurora:

“Mr. Bale is there as himself, not representing Warner Brothers,” said an assistant for Susan Fleishman, executive vice president for Warner Brothers corporate communications.

Twitterers praised Bale for his kindness:

This isn’t the first time Bale has gone above and beyond and reached out to people in need. He also attempted to visit dissident and forced-abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng when he was still in China. Bale was beaten up and kept from seeing Chen, but he offered his solidarity and vowed to raise awareness.

Kudos to Mr. Bale. He really is Batman.

  • LivingRedInABlueState

    It’s really wonderful of him to do this and not politicize it at all is even more admirable, just a good deed from the heart.

    • Alaskan

      Yes, that’s the most telling thing. He didn’t do it to draw attention to himself.

  • Roger Marks

    Good man.

  • Eric Johnson

    That was very classy of Bale to make that trip. I’m sure it lifted the spirits of those hurt, their families, and of the hospital staff.


    Bale rocks for doing that. Hollywood, take note. This guy did the right thing.

  • lillymckim

    Very nice of Christian Bale to show he cares for those who are suffering a very nice gesture indeed!

  • Snarky D

    You’re a class act, Mr. Bale. Bravo, sir.

  • Kellie Cuneio- Brown

    I respect Bale and he made a good choice bowing his head as prayers were read . I saw him say Amen on ET after one was read. I think he did a grand thing by going esp since he was like their movie hero then he shows. This is horrible and I think this joker is playing games in court, jail etc to get attention!!.