America’s first woman in space has succumbed to pancreatic cancer after a long, courageous battle.

From Business Wire:

Sally was a physicist, the first American woman to fly in space, a science writer, and the President and CEO of Sally Ride Science. She had the rare ability to understand the essence of things and to inspire those around her to join her pursuits.

Sally’s historic flight into space captured the nation’s imagination and made her a household name. She became a symbol of the ability of women to break barriers and a hero to generations of adventurous young girls. After retiring from NASA, Sally used her high profile to champion a cause she believed in passionately–inspiring young people, especially girls, to stick with their interest in science, to become scientifically literate, and to consider pursuing careers in science and engineering.

Admirers took to Twitter to pay their respects to the trailblazer:

Indeed. She will be greatly missed.




Politicians paid tribute to Ride as well:

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to pay their respects respectfully. Salon’s Glenn Greenwald just couldn’t resist politicizing her death, using the fact that she was homosexual to make a jab at Mitt Romney:

Sally Ride deserved so much better than that. Greenwald should be ashamed.

  • SuperstionQueen

    The person that said she was the first gay person in space should be ashamed too. An accomplishment is just that no matter your sexuality.

    • James Atkins

      Agreed, it’s usually the liberal that look at people according to their “otherness” (ie, black, gay, etc.).

      RIP Sally Ride, you were an inspiration to us all.

    •!/wdelpilartcot William Del Pilar

      It is an accomplishment for @BarackObama – to be the first gay and woman to enter space! 😉 … just cldn’t resist!

  • WJGBalderama

    @ggreenwald You’re a friggin’ embarrassment. It’s not about her sexual orientation or lifestyle. This about her passing, you sorry [email protected]

    • clarknt67

      The embarrassment is that disenfranchising Sally Ride’s widow is a defining plank of the Republican platform.

  • clarknt67

    Glenn Greenwald and every LGBT American’s ENTIRE LIVES are politicized EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because of DOMA Greenwald can’t live in America with his own gay partner who is Brazilian.

    How awful that Greenwald drew attention to the fact the Romney is 100% in support of denying Sally Ride’s partner Federal benefits she’d be eligible for if she were are man!

    This is a platform of the Romney campaign. Romney campaigns on the promise of deny gay people Federal benefits, people like Sally Ride.

    I get it. You heterosexuals get to tell gays how to live every single day. And you even get to tell us how to respond to the death of a GAY hero.

    • James Atkins

      Hmm, I believe DOMA was a Bubba Clinton thing? How does DOMA prevent someone from living in the US? I can agree that DOMA is a silly law. It is a federal law that basically leaves the matter of same sex marriage to the states, which is already guaranteed by states rights. But anyway, who cares is this great woman was gay? Really, who cares? You do obviously.

  • Netmilsmom

    I wonder what gay attention seekers are going to do when they ARE just considered normal? When being gay doesn’t make one “anything special”?
    RIP Sally Ride, you were a great American (and I don’t really care who you slept with)

    • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

      That’s easy, they’ll pretend to be straight.

  • Cloudberry Avain

    I’m so sorry to hear Sally Ride died so young. Amazingly accomplished woman. RIP

  • Lisa Dean

    Sally Ride didn’t retire from NASA, she was only with NASA from 1978 until 1987. In order to retire from a government position you would have had to work for them for 20 years. Therefore, there aren’t any fed benefits for her partner to receive from NASA.