As Twitchy reported earlier, this morning, comedian D.L. Hughley used the Aurora shooting as inspiration for a ridiculous rant on the necessity of gun control.

Some conspiracy theorists on the right are taking things to the other extreme, claiming that the shooting will lead to global gun control by the UN:

There’s a time and place to critique the UN for its overreach; these aren’t it. The UN may be guilty of a great deal, but to suggest that it is somehow behind or connected to the Aurora shooting is not only counterproductive, it’s dangerous. And it belittles the real tragedy of what’s happened.

  • MaddMedic
  • Yuri

    Yeah please get accurate information and pass it on please;

    • Ang

      You trust the Liberal media? Snopes is a Liberal based company. Not to mention you obviously don’t know what you are talking about? That is an old treaty btw….maybe you should educate yourself better.

      • Eric Ransom

        The treaty voting is on the 27th…how is that old?

    • topcat1957

      Straw man you knocked down there. No one here said the treaty had already been signed. Also, the Vienna Convention allows that treaties signed are in effect unless either 1-Senate rejects them, or 2- President renounces them. Yes, that is unconstitutional, but the US is signatory to Vienna Convention. This treaty is also unconstitutional on its own. But that matters little or none to this President.

  • Clark Halstead

    He must to have known about the armed person that stoped another massacur by having on so much body. Wonder why no one as said anything about this aspect? armor

    • Debbie Myers

      The theater was a gun free zone

  • Dan Koyotl

    Of course our government would never do something as low as this to promote gun control. But wait…. they did flood Mexican drug cartels with weapons, by “mistake”. You can’t trust this government for squat. I doubt they did this, but it’s their own fault people think they did. This is the most corrupt government we have had in over a hundred years. They make Nixon and Jackson look like alter boys.

    • topcat1957

      We know Obama/Holder care nothing for the lives they ended with Fast&Furious. We know it was intended as rationale for new gun control legislation. Obama has history of fishy crises serving as rationale for his leftist agenda items. A Manchurian Candidate event? Who knows? But we do know he is capable of doing such things, he lacks the moral compass which would prevent him doing such a thing.

  • $17621410

    Oh yeah, how dare anybody think or talk about the possibility of this massacre being staged to gain support for gun control. OMG, I am so so sorry. Where are my manners?

  • George Parigian Jr.

    dangerous how?

  • Ryan Christopher Naymik

    I’m impressed by the authors critical thinking skills…

  • topcat1957

    This leftist occupier is destitute; so how did he acquire $thousands worth restricted military equip? Another “crisis” serving leftist politics/rationalizing leftist lawmaking