Amanpour writes about philanthopist Melinda Gates’ efforts to educate women in third-world countries about “family planning”:

Gates is a practicing Catholic; and in spite of contraception being counter to Catholic doctrine, she says she wants to take this mission on as part of her life’s work partly because she is a practicing Catholic. She said that in her travels around the world she has seen women suffer because of a lack of family planning, so she believes that giving women the tools to space their births out and prevent high-risk pregnancies honors those parts of her religion which promote social justice and preventing suffering.

While some may disagree over whether it’s Gates’ place to speak to women about contraception, there’s no doubt that women in other parts of the world face serious issues because they are women.

But Amanpour chose to promote her story on Twitter with an out-of-nowhere jab at men. Those pesky, unfeeling men are responsible for punishing third-world women with babies, and not much else.

Look. It’s one thing to draw attention to issues facing women and mothers in third-world countries. But in busting out the tired and lazy men-just-don’t-understand trope, Amanpour has managed to callously label pregnancy as a problem while trivializing genuine women’s issues.

  • bibdigits

    She’s not calling pregnancy a problem. She’s calling UNINTENDED pregnancy a problem. Big difference there.

    • Cyborg0012

      I was an “unintended” pregnancy. Why don’t you ask my parents how much of a “problem” I am in their lives.

      I love my life and my parents, and they love me. If it wasn’t for me coming along, my mother wouldn’t have been rescued from a nightmare of a home-life.

      So to recap, why don’t you stop promoting baby murder and start promoting personal responsibility? My dad stepped up to the plate, as did my mother did. They didn’t regret it. What’s so wrong with raising children when you’ve done the act to create them? I don’t understand.

  • RIChris

    If men could get pregnant we would NOT have this problem…
    Because men do everything better than women?

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    For some reason I don’t think Ms Amanpour will have to worry about pregnancy … unintended or otherwise.

  • rivers

    What tired old drivel. Liberalism is a state of arrested adolescence.

  • AMR1960

    Has Christine ever even been within striking distance of Male Genitalia?

  • disqus_CR25ev2Z1s

    What if the women don’t want to take Miss Gates’s advice, though? What happens to them, then? What if they WANT to have those babies?

    No one asks these questions. They just assume that contraception is the only way to cure child disease and death and don’t focus on any other solutions. If half of the attention in the developing world were paid to food, water, and basic medical care for these women, we would be a lot better off.

    The picture accompanying the article shows Ms. Gates with a newborn baby. How ironic that her only means of helping that child and its mother is to take steps to prevent its conception. How about caring for those already here, Ms. Gates? Or asking those women what they want? Birth control will not solve everything, and it is far from the only problem people in this part of the world face.

    Furthermore, insisting that the only reason that other people don’t see your perspective of the world and your intended solution to all of its problems is because there are men is an astonishingly myopic view of how things work. Again I ask, do these women WANT birth control and even if they do, is it #1 on their list of priorities? How arrogant is Ms. Amanpour to insist that the entire female population agrees with everything that she says?

  • marine37

    We get it Christiane. Your mother had one big problem! If woman would close their legs we wouldn’t have this problem either. Are you going to be coming out of the closet too?

  • mhojai

    I wonder if she realizes that many of those places where she has such concern are being surrounded and subsumed by Sharia Law–which removes ALL choice from women, and the Muslim Brotherhood, the butt-buddies of her favorite administration-you know, the religious fanatics that are “largely secular” in the eyes of Obama and his minions.
    A true and genuine danger is overlooked by these idots while being concerned that a woman might actually WANT to have a child, and might even consdier that LIFE is something important…the sanctimony, the hypocrisy and the sheer idiocy is beyond comprehension!
    People have GOT to get some common sense sometime, and stop taking these propagandists seriously!